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Merkur Futur Adjustable Safety Razor with Satin Chrome Finish


German engineering at an affordable price!

(77 customer reviews)

German engineering at an affordable price!

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Made by Merkur in Solingen Germany, one of the worlds finest manufacturers of shaving equipment. The Futur Safety razor has a superb satin lustre, it looks and feels like the superbly manufactured item that it is. The razor can be adjusted to different settings dependent on personal preference or which part you are shaving. The initial outlay will be recouped by durability of the razor and the savings in double edged razor blades. Compare that to your Mach 3! Go on, treat yourself to a great shave!

Comes in a Merkur branded cardboard box with a single Merkur blade.

Important! Before purchasing, please read the Maintenance of Merkur Safety Razors.


77 reviews for Merkur Futur Adjustable Safety Razor with Satin Chrome Finish


    After ten years of shaving with a two blades wilkinson, the TV ads for three, four, five (six next time ???) blades razors were the drop that breaks the camel’s back. I decided to spare my money and to go back to more traditional shaving methods : safety razor and straight razor.
    If the straight razor is the holy grail in shaving, I’m a beginner with it. More,I have to admit that the morning shave before going to work is often too hasty to consider using it. As a result, I looked for a safety razor, and I found a first class one with the Merkur Futur 760. It’a perfect shaving tool, giving me a smoother skin than my old wilkinson. More, after a ten years break of multiblade razor shaving, I managed to get not a single cut using it.
    Finally, its a masterpiece of design, with smooth and pure lines, reminiscent of the Schneider Cup’s seaplanes of the 1930′. To put it in one word : a must.

  2. Shaun Tudor

    After years of unsatisfatory shaving using both electric and Mach 3’s neither of which gave a good shave and the Mach 3 blades were blunt after one shave I decided to buy the Futur 760 with a brush and soap.I went mid range pricewise and liked the fact that the Futur was adjustable.
    I am now into the second week of using the Futur and I am very impressed ,the razor is excellent quality and gives a very good shave although you have to treat it with respect, I have had a few nicks but this is to be expected until I am more experienced at using it.I only have it set at 1 1/2 at the moment.
    So I would recommend it as I have had the best shave that I have had for years and my face is so much smoother – the only thing is my wife thinks that I must be having an affair as I am shaving so much more often as it is a much more rewarding experience !!

  3. D Payton

    Using various Gillette/Wilkinson Sword cartridge-type razors over the years I was sick of forking out a fortune for new blades. Asking for this as a birthday present almost a year to date I have never looked back. I use Feather blades with Proraso pre/post sensitive cream and Mitchell’s wool fat Soup and always chuffed with the result. I would make sure you check to make sure the dial is on 1 for your first shave! Highly recommended!

  4. Graeme Couttie

    Straight from the box this is quite an intimidating razor due to the size and weight you expect it to be quite a handful and it does not disappoint! I have been using it for a week and am now getting braver (but still respectful) with the adjustments and so far, touch wood have had no nicks or cuts. I now know that you need to work with the weight of the razor, pulling as you do with a lighter one does not work and would probably be a bit dangerous until you have been using it for a while. My shaves are getting closer and find my skin is not as irritated as it was with my four bladed quattro. Styling is what attracted me to the Futur, I think it is a true work of art. My only criticism would be the push off blade change which I find a little cumbersome for something that looks so good. All in all I love it and get the feeling that when I learn to use it properly I will love it even more!

  5. Giorgio Lando

    This razor is perfect for my skin. I was using a light DE razor before this, but I have discovered that with an heavier razor such as the Futur it is much easier to avoid any pressure and to keep a consistent angle throughout each pass.
    I am going to get rid of any other razor I own and to bring this beast around also for travels.
    Just be careful with the adjustability, adjust gradually and consider that different blades can require a different setting.

  6. Atir Akram

    I started using this razor after having used a Merkur 38c for a few years and the difference is significant. The 38c was a good razor (compared to a Mach 3) but it was still a little aggressive in certain situations. The Futur however, with its variable setting allowing for more sensitive skin, solved this problem and all I had to do was dial the setting down to about 1.5 or 2 to make a more comfortable less aggressive shave. The weight and feel of the Futur is perfect – no pressure is required on the skin and it cuts off stubble with ease. Make sure you use a Feather blade if you want the most closest shave possible but you might not have any skin left either if you’re too aggressive!

  7. Giorgio Lamanna

    Good… but careful..
    i was looking for a new engineered razor. i bought this razor and started used…at first impressed by the heavyness.. but then learned that can be the best friend to shave without apply any pressure to the razor. amazing shave, no doubt but… sometimes too close.. it’s somehow aggressive compaired to other razors as merkur hd or progress. anyway after you learn how to use properly, it give to you one of the most close shave ever. the price here is amazing and after several use it looks like the first day. in other words a razor that will resist trough time .

  8. Nicholas Bull

    Bought this as my first DE razor and am delighted with it.
    Shave 1 – one pass, setting 2 – comfortable but not very close at all.
    Shave 2 – two passes, 2 and 2.5 – getting there
    Shave 3 – two passes 2.5 and 3 – pretty much as close as my old cartridge on a good day
    Subsequent shaves – three passes 3/3.5/4 – really nice smooth shave with zero ingrowing hairs, and surprisingly nick/cut free.

    Would recommend to anyone.

  9. Dorian Langlais

    It’s my first DE razor,

    I never liked to shave, but I finish my studies, and I think that the three days’ stubble is not required in enterprise..

    So, I decide to buy a real razor, not an electric or a multiblade.

    It is a very good razor, I bought it with Derby Extra blade, and I can say that it shave very good !!

  10. Grant Mason

    So – my first DE razor arrived this morning and it was put to use straight away. A beautiful-looking and solid piece of engineering, it has a reassuring weight in my large hand and just oozes quality. Without having to apply any pressure as I ran it over my face, it quickly & smoothly dispensed with a week’s worth of growth in single strokes.

    I can honestly say that this is the closest shave I’ve ever had in 25 years. It’s as smooth as my 9yr-old daughter’s face – she’ll be delighted when she doesn’t have to get a ‘scratchy kiss’ goodnight!

    The Azor and the Mach 3 went into the bucket this morning; I’m never going back to the dark side.

  11. Raymond Price

    As everyone has already said this is a great razor. I brought it and use it because every other razor – including electric ones – give me ingrowing hair problems. Using the 2 settling this doesn’t, the trade off being a less closer shave – does everyone really want the closest shave any way? My one real criticism that no one else seems to have is that it is impossible to hold this razor when the handle gets wet, it slides all over the place. So much so that I have made a handle grip out of rubber bands!

  12. Warren Simpson

    This is my 2nd Merkur purchase & although i was totally satisfied with my first razor.I thought i would treat myself
    with the money i have saved from disposables & what a delight shaving is with this quality engineered must have safety razor 10/10

  13. Arunas Norvaisa

    This was my first DE razor and BOY I am happy about it! It is simply *perfect* for newbies, making them able to adjust aggressiveness as they progress from newbie to intermediate to veteran. I have loaded my cheapo Sputnik blade, adjusted Futur to ~1.2 and this by far was the best first wet shave known to mankind! As I progressed, my adjustments grew all the way to the whooping 6 and I was still getting the closest shaves imaginable.
    Verdict: the best for newbie, as well as for intermediate. Some veterans will enjoy it s well, but vets are usually switching to cut-throats. 🙂

  14. Wassim Al-Adel

    I’ve been using a Wilkinson DE razor for the past few years so I’m used to shaving this way. Using the Merkur Futur 760 was a massive improvement and step up, simply in terms of the quality of shave and the added control you get. The balance is perfect and the settings allow you to determine how close a shave you want. I am extremely comfortable with this razor and am very glad I decided to purchase it. Thoroughly recommend this razor.

  15. Ross Unsworth

    I have used the Futur for 2 years now and found it to be excellent tool. I had previously suffered razor burn from cartridge razors and using this made a huge difference. Keep it on the number 1 setting and shave in the direction of growth and voila no razor burn. The razor feels good and weighty in the hand and changing the blade is a doddle. Merkur, Derby and Feather blades fit beautifully.

  16. Harpreet Gohel

    Arrived today and i couldnt wait to give it a try. it was absolutely fantastic, didnt have the confidence to knock it up to 6 straight away, but on 3 it gave me a fantastic, smooth and effortless shave!

    when reading reviews about making shaving pleasurable again, i was dubious, but it really does! great service from shaving shack too, if you’re thinking about buying this then i would recommend taking the plunge and buying – you wont regret it!

  17. Chris Pirson

    My second double edged razor and it’s even better than the first one I had.

    Beautifully made and finished, it’s solid and has a good weight to it. It offers great control and is easily worth the money – you’ll probably never buy another razor.

  18. Alan Hurcumb

    Got the Futur after using a 38C for 6 months, This is a heavy and well made razor that gives a very close shave.It is best to start on the first setting and work your way up as it will bite, overall I would give this razor and the service from The Shave Shack 10/10.

  19. Douglas Fisher

    I previously used mutliple cartridge razor blades, but sometimes these didn’t give the shave I liked and the price of these blades is just far too high. I decided to go for a Merkur Futur DE razor. Having never used a DE razor before, I was slightly apprehensive. The important thing I found was to take my time and carry out proper shaving preparation, lathering with brush, etc. The Merkur Futur DE razor is very well made and the quality of workmanship is clearly evident. It has a very good weight to it and the adjustable settings allow you to suit your own needs / face etc. I did have a couple of nicks and cuts to start with, but that was more down to me rather than the razor itself. I’ve been using it now for over a week and shaving every day with it. It is an excellent product and the initial price I paid for it will easily be recouped within a year, as DE razor blades are a fraction of the cost of those rip off multiple cartridge blades. Highly recommended.

  20. Chris Page

    This product is amazing, After using several disposable type blades I wanted something different. This not only feels heavy and full of quality, there is great adjustment and gives an amazing shave. I have never thought of going back.

  21. Fraser Wilson

    this razor makes any bathroom instantly classy. The look, feel and build quality are exceptional. The fact you can adjust this razor makes it extremely versatile. After a long weekend of not shaving, the monday morning shave on around 4 gives you a babys bum smooth face in no time. The daily weekday shave can be handled no problem at just 1or 2. If the price puts you off simply ask for it as a gift…

  22. Raj Jain

    After good communication over the availability of Merkur DE razors, Dan very kindly pointed out the this Futura as being available so with a late order, first class requested, I got my items after a delay with the post. No problems. Nice turn around time from the Shack.

    To the product – tool more like. Very heavy compared to the Wilkinson Sword DE razor. Hefty is slightly better way to describe it. The top cap teases off, blade drops in and cap snaps back on and you are ready to go.

    Using Merkur blades. I did a first pass at 1.5 then a second pass at 2. Very clean shave all round. In fact, the best I have had after a shavette shave from a barbers in Dublin.

    The razor rinses clean after each stroke and so no bar or blade clog.

    But, be careful if you decide to adjust the blade – it is easy to grip the edge so wrap a towel around it. Also when popping the cap off to change the blade. Common sense really.

    I’m going to get a blade selection pack next in order to find THE blade.

    Overall, as an investment, I’m happy with this. I’m of the ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ thinking and I feel that the Futura is a lifetime partner. It is a quality, well made and engineered tool. It is also supported by a great retailer which is nice to see these days.

  23. John Norman

    I’ve been using the Merkur Futur for some weeks now, long enough to be confident that it’s my all-time favourite.

    The weight is exactly right to cut the bristles without apparent effort, which in turn means a nick-free shave. I haven’t so much as scraped myself yet (that’s tempting fate, I know).

    I read on one review that the Futur is "noisy", and so it is. Maybe it’s because the shape of the head creates an acoustic chamber, or maybe it’s the spring mechanism, but you can clearly hear the razor cutting as it moves across your face. Personally I find that an advantage, since you’re immediately aware if you stray from the optimum cutting angle.

    The satin chrome version certainly isn’t slippery to hold, and the mechanism is perfectly safe to change blade or adjust the cut even with wet hands.

    My only slight criticism is that the bulk of the head makes it slightly awkward to shave under the nose, but it just takes a bit of manipulation.

    A definite 5 stars!

  24. CJ Quest

    I have just recently purchased the Merkur Futur 760 Safety Razor, what a revelation, a superb razor first tiem use no nicks. However, I have found it works better with shaving soap, a badger brush and BIC blades at the moment. Also must thank Shaving Shack for an excellent service.

  25. Mark Mullan

    The king of double edge adjustable razors and it deserves the title. You have such a great variety of options here to go either lightly or up aggressive where it’ll mow down any hair growth. To start, I would stay mild around 1 or 2 and then slowly go up the scale, if required. My own settings are around 3 or 4. Top quality engineering and the very best there is.

  26. Richard Stewart

    The Merkur Futur gives a safe, close, smooth comfortable shave on setting one. Like a decent lobster, it feels weighty and the build quality and tactile satin finish makes every shave an occasion.

  27. Joe Harper

    All I can say is how impressed I am with the quality of the razor and how it performs. Letting the weight of the razor glide across my face gives perfect results. Feeling instantly at ease using this DE razor after years of cartridge razors. I look forward to many years of pleasurable shaving.

  28. Mark Wylie

    Bought this razor just one week ago. I was excited to get home to open it. After paying 52.99 I was expecting merkur to package its items in a little more than a cardboard box, however being said when i removed the packaging, i found a good crafted, heavy razor which really looked the part. First shave wasnt that impressive, however i seemed to find it was because of the merkur blade that came with it. good close shave even on the lowest of settings

  29. Craig Carroll

    Although a capable razor, I would not recommend this as a first razor.

    The Futur was my first DE razor, being attracted by its modern design and adjustability, however, before purchasing, bear these in mind.

    1. It is a heavy razor, which means it gives less feedback.

    2. The head is big and bulky. This makes it quite cumbersome and difficult to manoeuvre.

    3. Blade gap and alignment is inconsistent because of the adjusting mechanism and blade retention method.

    4. Without the necessary skill, this razor can bite, hence why it is not ideal for the inexperienced.

    5. If experienced, the adjustability is useful, because you know what blade gap you need, however, for a newcomer there is the tendency to achieve the biggest gap attainable, and that will only lead to injury.

    Here is my advice, from my own experience. Start off with a decent fixed-head razor, such as Merkur’s 33C or Edwin Jagger’s DB89. Spend a year or so perfecting your technique and familiarity with the feel of the shave, experimenting with different blades, soap and creams. Once you have served your apprentiship, then maybe you will be ready to undertand how to use the Futur, effectively and safely, and actually enjoy it.

  30. D Southern

    Arrived this morning! just had my first shave with this razor and I cant believe
    the difference,a beautifully crafted tool you can see and feel what your
    paying for, my opinion ! buy yourself one!

  31. V Atwal

    Been using this razor for a couple of weeks now and whist it does need some getting used to coming from a mach 3 and new to DE shaving, it does give a really nice shave, shaving is now a joy rather than a chore thanks to this wonderful razor, only problem is the head is a bit bulky and chunky so i still need to use the mach 3 to style my sideburns

  32. SB

    Superb looking and well made razor. You can feel the quality when you pick it up for the first time. It will pay for itself after a few months with the money you save on blades compared to Mach 3 and the like.

  33. T Elliott

    Brilliant peice of craftmanship, has a lovely weight to it so you know your holding something of quality.
    Went from a mach 3 to this and the difference is amazing using the mach 3 id suffer from terrible razor burn and hated shaving but since getting one of these its become a pleasure.

  34. Richard Smith

    The razor looks very nice. The first few shaves are difficult if you have not used this type of razor before, but it is worth persevering because once you have the hang of it the results are good.

  35. O Burnside

    well i have been using this for a while now…and although its nice to shave with and engineered to a very high standard, for me with clumsy fingers i am finding it awkward to change the blades and adjust the settings…awaiting the stocks of 34c as i have heard so much about it too….but all in all a very nice implement….kiss your triple blades goodbye

  36. Daniel Norton

    Solidly built razor, designed to last a lifetime perhaps? Will take a bit of getting used to at first as a totally different technique is required to using a convential cartridge razor. Once you’ve mastered the double-edge razor you’ll never look back. Buy this razor with a quality shaving soap and brush and enjoy a pleasurable shaving experiance.

  37. Russ

    My third week of shaving with this baby, I was an avid Mach 3 user for many years, always dreaded shaving as I have very sensitive skin, shaving with the Merkur razor is a dream come true. its my 5th shave now, and I seem to be getting better each time, and I have had no razor burn at all:O Superb.

  38. Paul Clarke

    Great razor………. this was my first de razor and having read other reviews (after I had already ordered) on badger and blade I was apprehensive as most people describe the Futur as ”agressive” and for ”experienced shavers only”…….never the less I started using it at a slow pace and to date 5/6 weeks later have NO problems….. yes i’ve had the occasional nick but only because my attention wandered and I got sloppy…I have since ordered the Merkur Progress and to be honest haven’t favoured it as much as the Futur…… I guess there’s a certain amount of you stick with what you learnt with !!! All in all a great razor but treat it with respect !!!

  39. Andy Finn

    If you’re reading the reviews of razors because you are looking for a better shave and are fed up of the ridiculously expensive cartridge razors out there ( which to be fair never really leave your face smooth) – Then keep reading.
    I read about the different types and having never ever used a real blade before loved the look of the futur. When you get it in your hand you will feel why it looks so solid. It’s well balanced & from the first equisite rasp along the stubble you realise why making the change is worth it. I took it really easy as it was my first time with it, and set it at level one. The cheek and neck areas i was confident enough to go for it on are totally smooth. There is a learning curve to shaving well with a safety razor and if the futur is anything to go by on its first use then learning is going to be a joy. Changing the blade is fine and i know some people dont like the flip-off top but this is tactile and feels strong so you shouldnt be in any danger of cutting yourself. Its also a great reminder that your using a blade so take care. Its no problem letting the weight of the razor do the work while you check the angle is right. Areas that used to be left still rough are utterly smooth now and i cant wait for the stubble to come back so i can try it again.
    Thats the reason i made the change to the futur. I was sick of paying for fancy adverts for sub-standard products. There is a better shave out there gents and its double edged. Spread the word and even if its not the futur you choose get double edged and you wont look back . I can thouroughly recommend this and the delivery service from the shaving shack.

  40. Philip Parks

    This is my first safety razor and I’m hooked to say the least. Gone are my days of buying ridiculously expensive cartridge razors and hacking away at my face. It does take a little patience to get used to the transition to a double edged razor (Ensuring the angle and pressure are correct) but Combine the Futur with a luxurious soap and half decent brush and you won’t regret it! Oh, as a side note, take things slowly, let the weight of the razor cut and above all enjoy!

  41. Adam Schiller

    Just had my first shave after years of Mach 3. It is certainly a more pleasurable experience to shave with the Futur. I am looking forward to using it with a brush and cream, rather than the gel I used today. Also the financial savings are an incentive. I had no problem adapting to this razor – all I really did was take a little more care. Used setting ‘2’ with fine close results, and will probably experiment a little in a few days time.

  42. Nic Vis

    This Merkur is my first DE safety razor after shaving with Gilette Mach3 Turbo for years. Definitely an improvement. Much smoother shave, less irritation. Still experimenting with the setting of the razor. Together with other items swiftly delivered to my home address in The Netherlands. Even overseas buyers buy from the Shaving Shack!

  43. Christopher Dixon

    First things first, I love my Gillette “Fat boy 1960” & “slim 63” . They look great, hold their value & shave ok. Yet, there is a but & you will only realise why after you have used one of Merkurs exellent razors. Such an example is the Futur. The solid weight, teture & ballance all scream “Quality”. Then of course comes the shave, so close with no nicks or soreness & you are feeling your face all day because it is so smooth. But there is something very special about the Futur that sets it apart from all other razors! It is the design & build. Come the nuclear war, my money is on the Futur being the only thing left standing. It is simply two pieces of machine mettled parts which are indestructable. The top part lifts of & sits back with the sort of satisfying clunk one gets when shutting a Jaguar car door. You know that blade is going nowhere. You get 12 settings which range from mild to Gods blood, you can not be serious setting. Its all so simple, yet shear class. As for my much loved Gillettes, yes i still love them but they adorn my bathroom for their asthetic value, whilst my hand always reaches for the Futur.

  44. A. Heikkinen

    I bought this razor and I was little scared how hard this is shave because I’ve been using Mach 3 before. That was unnecessary, shaving was very easy and comfortable. Razor is very beauty and wellmade. I recommend brush and soap for shaving. I bought Mitchell’s Wool Fat Shaving Soap and I like it. It was very gentle for my skin. After shaving I use moisturazing lotion. Great purchase and I recommend it! 🙂

  45. Walter Chan

    I bought this initially because of its super cool look. Its quite heavy and need some getting use to, for that I prefer my Parker 89R at first, but after 2 months with this heavy-weight, I finally think this as the utilmate razor. It does give me the closest shave as well as looking on the bathroom shelf. Glad I bought it at a great price from Shaving Shack and would recommend it to anyone coming over to wet shaving!

  46. Mr michael archer

    The merkur futur 760 is a superb razor it’s a nice weight so you let the razor do the work start with no 1 setting and turn up the settings until get your optimum setting that suits you but I think someone new to development shaving might spend to much time making adjustments rather then learning a good shaving technique you can get advice at the shaving shack

  47. Mr craig dodds

    Excellent razor used for the first time today. The only thing i had to remember was the weight of the razor and not to press to hard. Would recomend this razor and start on 1 if your new to this. i almost made the mistake of starting higher up

  48. Mr Dennis Bailey

    An experienced wet shaver- but this is my first DE razor. Recommended by Dan at the shaving shack. Outstanding quality, style and weight- start with the adjustability low and work up an increment at the time. 2.5-3 is the sweetspot for me when I am shaving for work.I like length and the satin finish is surprisingly grippy. The head is large but I have no problems under my nose. No pressure is required- let the weight do the work! Highly recommended investment!

  49. Mr Keith Dagnall

    Merkur Futur Satin
    Merkur Futur Satin, my 3rd order from Shaving Shack. Brilliant again. Great comms, well packaged and fast delivery.
    Now for the razor. First shave and I’m very impressed, great weight and super smooth finish. Looks fabulous. Very easy to change the blade too.
    Like I’ve said before a good shaving cream makes all the difference. Also Shaving Shack do a great points award on purchases saving you pounds on your next buy and even better if you combine it with one of the discounts they offer.
    Very pleased.

  50. Mr Michael Reilly

    Can’t stress highly enough the professionalism of the shaving shack,speedy delivery in these testing times well done,the razor itself is truly wonderful,exceptionally well made feels amazing from the first use,no nicks or cuts just a super smooth shave,treat yourself to this i guarantee you won’t be disappointed,oh while your at it a good quality brush,soap or creme,pre/post shave and your away,if your thinking of a new razor look no further youve found it..

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