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Merkur 42C Chrome Plated “1904 Replica”


Go back in time to a great shave!

(29 customer reviews)

Go back in time to a great shave!

This fine, chrome plated Merkur razor is a replica of the original 1904 Gillette, the original double edged razor. The six sided handle is beautifully engraved with a diamond pattern which gives a great grip. A real masterpiece from a bygone era!

Comes in a Merkur branded cardboard box with a single Merkur blade.

Length: 8cm
Weight: 69.5g

Important! Before purchasing, please read the Maintenance of Merkur Safety Razors.


29 reviews for Merkur 42C Chrome Plated “1904 Replica”

  1. Graeme Couttie

    I have just bought one of these. Why? I have a Merkur Futur (which I love!) but I wanted something a little smaller to put in my travel bag and after looking at what was available I chose a 1904. Merkur do make a functional Travel Razor which is more expensive but has the advantage that it reduces to fit into a very small pouch but I didn’t feel I needed to go to that extreme! The 1904 razor has a lovely classic design, small handle and a nice weight which feels just right in the hand. It has great manoeuvrability and is small enough to get at those harder places (under the nose especially a trouble spot for me) easily. This may be at the cheaper end of the market but quality is not sacrificed, it is very well made in three solid, nickel plated parts all with a mirror like shine, and I think it will long outlast me! It gives a close shave but not an aggressive one and even those with sensitive skin should not have any trouble with the dreaded razor burn making it an ideal starter razor. Hard to believe the design is 105 years old! Things have not changed that much, have they? I use mine with Derby Extras and Taylors Shaving Cream, the ideal combination for my face. Buy it here, you will not find it cheaper! Even as a second razor, you will not be disappointed, your main Razor may even get relegated!

  2. Gary Martin

    My first DE razor and i’m very impressed. It looks great and is nicely balanced/weighted so you’re not tempted to apply pressure during the shave; speaking of which i get nice smooth shave without irritation using it with the Israeli blades and have even avoid getting nicks so it’s got to be a pretty good choice for a first timer. It’s also GBP10 cheaper than the Merkur 34C which is nice. Highly recommended for price, quality of shave and the fact it’s a little different from the norm

  3. Grant

    Been DE shaving for a while now with a razor that cost less than GBP4. Decided a change was needed and after a little research decided upon this one. should have got it a long time ago, brilliant razor and a nice weight. Gives a great shave and not aggressive at all. Quality is superb aswell.

  4. Alexander Scott

    I bought this razor as an introduction to de shaving. The first time I used it I was very impressed. Good quality at a bargin price. Also the blades are good value too.

  5. Jon Ruben

    This was my second DE razor after the 34C as I wanted to try an alternative. At first I wasn’t convinced as this is quite light but once I got used to the shiny grip I have come to appreciate what an excellent value this classic design is. Quite compact and easy to clean after each shave – would recommend this as first time DE razor with no frills. It’s easy to see why Merker wanted to reproduce a century old timeless razor. As always these things are personal but I have found the best results with a Derby blade and a dry handle / hand!

  6. Freddie Lynch

    I wanted to get into wet shaving so I came to The Shaving Shack for my products.
    This was the first DE razor that caught my eye, it looked great and i have heard the name ‘Merkur’ before on shaving forums, (mostly positive).
    So for 17 pounds I didn’t think much could go wrong.
    I received the parcel and the razor was in a nice little cardboard box, I wish it would have come in a plastic box as well as the card so I could use it for travelling, but it doesn’t matter. I found that wrapping the razor in a dry wash cloth does the trick.
    The razor isn’t as dark as it looks on the picture, but I prefer the way it looks for real anyway.
    It is a prefect weight and it gave me a great first shave, I experienced a few nicks and cuts but that was down to my lack of skill when it comes to shaving, but they were quickly fixed with my shaving shack styptic pencil, which worked a treat by the way.
    Because I spent over a tenner I received a free gift, I chose feather blades. The free gift really was the icing on the cake.
    Thanks Shaving Shack.

  7. PV

    I got this razor to get started with DE shaving and it’s great! It feels very solid and just right in my hands (although men with big hands may want to consider something bigger). I think that for the price this is the best razor one can buy to get started with cheaply – and as an added bonus, it has a very nice “vintage” look to it!

  8. J13MBR

    Bought as a gift, but liked the look of it so much I decided to keep it.
    It is slightly lighter than my 34C and you have to adjust technique accordingly but gives a very close and satisfying shave with a range of blades. The low price, high quality and classic design combine to make a superb razor. Worth considering as an alternative first razor along with the Edwin Jagger options.

  9. Ryan Norman

    Having been using a Merkur DE safety razor for the last 2 years and loving it in comparison to modern razors. i decided to buy one of these for a friend. In the end i ending up buying one for him and one for myself! A great little razor which is small enough to fit in your travel bag but still comfortable to shave with

  10. Andrew Plant

    I bought this little fella after reaching a state of extreme discontent with the shave I was getting from my Mach3. Half a dozen cuts and a face left more sensitive than a politician’s ego isn’t my idea of a good shave.
    I used to use a DE razor way back when I began shaving at the age of 14, in the 1970s, but hadn’t handled one since then, so I wanted a DE safety razor with similar characteristics and the Merkur 42 fitted the bill perfectly. I fitted a Derby Extra blade, brushed up a lather of Erasmic (a brand which I also used to use in the dim and distant past!) on my multi-grained (hair growing in FIVE different directions) face and set to.
    What a delight! The razor glided over my face even on the first pass on a lazy fortnight-worth of stubble), a second pass and a few “touches” here and there, and I had the smoothest shave I’ve ever been able to get outside of a visit to the barber! Have I been (re)-converted to “traditional” DE safety razor shaving? You betcha, and all for the cost of a couple of months’ worth of Mach3 blades!!

  11. Roland Carlile

    This little gem came in the post today ,only ordered yesterday.Top quality item fits and screws together perfect,just used it for the first time ,no cuts nicks of marks and for the price its great . will have to try a few different blades now , also great for trimming sides square . well pleased .

  12. Jeremy Williams

    My first DE razor and it’s a welcome change from my Mach 3 Turbo. Beautifully made, the finish appears solid and unlikely to flake, and so small, too. The styling reminds me of the Chrysler Building in NYC – am I alone in this? Fits easily into a travel bag and provides a smooth, comfortable shave.

  13. Pelle Mellin

    Well built razor for a good price!

    This one’s a nice one, good looking too. I’ve up until now only used cartridge razor (more specifically a fake mach3 razor from lidl), so my reference are not safety razors but razors in general. I find shaving easy and smooth with my light bearded face. I do not generally seek a super close shave, rather a soft, pleasant and non-irritated feeling with some stuble left for good measure.

    The razor clearly exceeded my expectations and the price is about the same as gillette fusion (whitout extra cartridges). I cannot do anything but recommend this product.

  14. John Scott

    If I’m honest, for me the whole ‘retro’ thing is a major part of wanting to use a Double Edge safety razor – in fact, I suspect it’s only a matter of time before I grab the bull by the horns and get a straight razor.

    In the meantime, this is great. It’s my first non-cartridge razor, and from what I’ve read on some websites I was expecting a certain amount of pain and blood until I got used to it. Also, from some other website reviews, I was also half-expecting to have problems with this razor’s ‘short’ handle, or find it too slippery to hold…

    But not at all. No blood, no pain, NO problems with the handle (in spite of my huge hands). Just the smoothest, closest shave I’ve had since… well, since EVER, honestly.

    And I really like it that it’s a copy of such an antique razor.

    I really, really like this razor, and recommend it without reservation.

  15. Philip Vaughan

    Have used this razor for the past 3 weeks now after going back to using a double-edge razor after many years absence. Excellent wieght and handling, helps produce a fantastic overall shaving experience.

  16. Charles

    Wonderful looking razor. Lovely weight (1.5g heavier than the Merkur 34C). I have seen reviewers concerned about gripping the handle when wet, but I have had no problems whatsoever in 5 months of use. For the price I don’t think this razor can be beaten for value and utility.

  17. Paul Maynard

    This was my first DE razor and like many others went for a brand most people have heard of. The Merkur 1904 is a fantastic razor which for a first timer i thought gave a fantastic shave, very close, smooth and refreshing. Would definetly recommend for a first timer.

  18. Donna Team

    Bought this razor for my father, he loves it, great shave and brilliant present!

  19. Kevin Lear

    Great razor,lovely weight and balance. Not impressed with the merkur blade though,It seemed to drag and left me with some irritation. The derby is a much better blade,giving a really close smooth shave.

  20. Joseph Simms

    this was my first de razor still use it now
    very well made easy to use and looks great cant go wrong for its price

  21. Carl Johnson

    Smooth shave against the face. Gives a good close shave. Nice weight to hold. Easy to clean, use and change blades. Looks good. I use mine for when I’m short on time so can’t use my cut throat but I’m very happy with the shave it gives. Would definitely recommend. And it saves a lot of money on buying disposable razors/heads.

  22. Nick Carson

    I was previously an electric shaver user but received a Merkur 1904 Gillette replica as a present last February. I was immediately impressed with the quality of the razor and the amazing shave it gave me. I will never go back to dry shaving, and just wish someone had told me about the benefits of DE razors years ago!!!

  23. David McNay

    Bought this razor after using various disposables and cartridge razors. I much prefer the look and feel of this razor, and the shave I get from it is one of the best I’ve had. Consider me a convert!

  24. Douglas Broughton

    A very precise razor with good engineering. The two piece design fits together well, which allows the blade to sit in the correct place every time. square to the guide edge and protruding the same each side. My existing 1 piece razor does not allow this luxury, and yet was not cheap.
    If you have big hands then the long handled version would be a good bet but it looks as if the head is the same.

  25. Mr Andrew Duff

    About four years ago, I bought one of these because it looked just like razors should. Well, after being used fairly intensively over time, my 1904 replica has fully justified its purchase.

    In use the razor feels tiny in comparison to my Merkur 38C barber pole, but none the worse for that. It is light in weight and the non-slip style of the grip is faultless. Just as others have said, the head of the razor is really well machined and holds the Feather blades, which I prefer, perfectly. It is easy to clean and still looks like new.

    If you cannot justify it as your main shaver, this Merkur 42C is a perfect travel razor. Get one!

  26. Mr Kevin Swainsbury

    Brilliant product, a really nice comfortable shave. A very happy customer thank you so much and i will purchase again from this seller – Thank you.

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