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Merkur 39C Slant Bar DE Long Handled Safety Razor


A highly rewarding tool for tough beards and sensitive skin!

(19 customer reviews)

A highly rewarding tool for tough beards and sensitive skin!

The Merkur 39C, the the long handled version of the 37C, is a serious bit of kit designed for the more experienced DE shaver for an extremely close shave. The slanted head exposes more of the blade at one end and is very similar to the cutting angle of a straight (cut-throat) razor. This means it is ideal for cutting through heavy beards and tough stubble. It is also highly regarded as one of the best DE razors for sensitive skin sufferers because of the way it shaves. It’s heavy head means that the experienced shaver only has to use light pressure to get the best shave of his life!

The main difference between this and the 37C is the fantastic long handle with barber pole design (3.75 inches).

Comes in a Merkur branded cardboard box with a single Merkur blade.

Please note! We weren’t joking when we said this razor is for the more experienced shaver! Even Tom uses it with caution but knows that he’s going to get a fantastic shave if he treats it with the respect it deserves.

Important! Before purchasing, please read the Maintenance of Merkur Safety Razors.

Please note! This razor is deliberately mis-shapen so before you return it thinking it’s defective, please compare the razor to the pictures above.


19 reviews for Merkur 39C Slant Bar DE Long Handled Safety Razor

  1. Fco. Javier Salamanca

    After a month of using, this machine has become very quickly in my favourite razor.
    It’s not agressive at all, just watch the angle and right pressure and it will give you a very good shave free of irritation.

  2. Mr Daniel Fletcher

    I have sensitive skin and tough stubble and this does the job perfectly. I’m using feather blades with the DE and it gives me an amazingly close shave. This is a big razor to what I’m use to and I often use my smaller Merkur 33c to do right under my nose and around my lips.

  3. David Benedict

    Because of a heart condition I’m on Plavix (blood thinner), which means that any kind of abrasion on my face will result in blood loss.
    But I find that of my 30 vintage Gillettes and modern Merkurs, THIS is the one that consistently gives me blood-free shaves.
    Maybe it’s the weight of the head, meaning it needs no additional pressure, but it’s proved to be a God-send.
    I recommend it used with the Israeli blades.

  4. Robin Hughes

    Definitely not for everyday use this razor has taken off more growth on the first pass than some of my others have on the third. I tend to use it only when I have a lot to take off, really great looking. Very happy with it.

  5. Mark Woodcock

    I have been using the Slant Bar for over a month now and have to say that it is one impressive piece of kit. I get an extremely close shave with less passes and no irritation. I have used it with with several different blades including a 7 O’clock, a Shark and a Feather and all delivered a superb shave in this razor. Well worth investing in one of these.

  6. Ivan Cousins

    My first shave with this razor left me with a bit of burn, but after getting some tips on a well known shavers forum i tried again but this time paid more attention to angle and technique and had a wonderful burn free,irritation free and cut free shave, i think this could quickly become a favourite of mine. If you have been thinking of trying a slant bar then don’t think about it just do it you wont be disappointed.


    I recently purchased this razor from you and with some aprehension , due to the warning in the reviews ,tried it with a feather blade, to my surprise using only the weight of the razor I had the closest shave of my life.
    I would recommend this razor to any DE shaver, not just the experienced shaver as per the reviews,
    This has become my favorite shaving tool.

  8. Luke Crisford

    “experienced shaver” i thought my nearly 20 years of shaving with a DE would stand me in good stead but this along with feather blades is a whole different experience. Effortless and the best shave i have ever had outside a barbers

  9. Oliver McMullen

    This is a lovely razor and now part of my regular rotation. I don’t really understand the fearsome reputation it has – handled with reasonable care it gives some of the best shaves. I have used Feather, Astra, Timor, and Super Platinum blades and have had no serious nicks or cuts whatsoever. This morning’s shave (with Super Platinum blade on its 4th shave) was beautifully smooth with no irritation. The long barberpole handle gives it a nice weight and makes it easy to handle. For comparison the Merkur Futur on 6 is far far more aggressive than this razor. I would highly recommend this razor to anyone, though perhaps not to an absolute beginner. This is an excellent piece of kit and a great step up once you have the technique down.

  10. Michael Kouloumanou

    Wanted to take up wet shaving after 30 years of using disposables, so took the plunge after getting tired of paying silly prices for proglide blades and ordered this razor after reading rave reviews. What an “AMAZING” razor, used with the feather blades. So glad I changed over. Excellent razor and highly recommended. Wish I had done this years ago.

  11. Flaviano Brandi

    Now I know why they call it “The Sledgehammer”! A terrific razor, maybe the heaviest I have ever tried.
    I have found it perfect with more rigid blades like Astra, Gillette and Rapira. It didn’t work for me with softer blades like Shark or Derby.
    Use it with the respect it deserves and the return is astonishing.

  12. Keith Maton

    The Merkur 39C is often described as a ‘aggressive’ razor but a more accurate term would be ‘efficient’.

    I find it works best with more than two days growth so I generally only use this razor once a week if I skip shaving on a Sunday and it gives fantastic results. There’s no need to be scared of the ‘sledgehammer’, just treat it with respect and you’ll get a good, clean and smooth shave.

    As with any safety razor, blade choice is essential and I tried at least a dozen blades before I found the best one for me in the Merkur 39C. I now use nothing but Personna Med Prep blades in my razor and the results are excellent. Be prepared to work your way through different blades looking for the best performing one.

    The 39C is the same razor head as the 37C except the 39C has a longer and heavier handle. I’ve used both and prefer the extra weight of the 39C. The only thing I dislike about this razor is the two piece construction. I prefer three piece razors as I find them easier to clean.

    Finally, I can recommend this razor to anyone. Be careful (but not cautious) and you’ll get the best shaves of your life out of it.

  13. Jake

    I’ve been using this razor for a couple of months now combined with my trusty Feather blades. I use it on my head as well as my face with great results. Previously I had been using a Merkur 20c which is one of the company’s more conventional closed comb offerings. By comparison I have found that this razor works best with a denser leather than I would have used with the 20c. The 39c really gets a close shave in much less passes. I really find it very smooth and easy to use and not at all intimidating as some would have you believe, it seems to find the perfect angle on its own. The only downside to this razor is that it is a bit difficult to clean being a two piece, I use an old toothbrush but it’s still hard to get to a few bits where the handle meets the head of the razor.

  14. Martin Bates

    I have been shaving with a DE razor for just over a year and recently moved up to a Merkur 39C Slant Bar – being aware of its supposed reputation i treated it with due reverence but have found it really gives a close shave – the weight, length and long engraved handle make it a truely great razor – but i do understand that its not for a newbie.

  15. Matthew Stevens

    I have been using this razor for a year or so now and it is my favourite by far. As with all traditional wet shaving it has taken patience to develop my technique but the rewards have been very much worth the effort.

    I have very tough growth and this razor gives me a consistently close shave with very little irritation. The handle gives superb grip. I highly recommend it to anybody looking for an aggressive razor.

  16. Simon Allen

    I have left it half a dozen shaves before adding this review. I bought this as it is recommended not just for thick growth (which mine is not particularly) but also for sensitive skin. What a lovely shave / great razor!! It actually looks daunting and as if it would take the side of your head off but, with the usual care and attention, it doesn’t.

    I have moved to this from the 34c and would give this the edge. Although I have small hands, I find the longer handle and extra weight are just right and are easier to use than the 34c. The only complaint was a few nicks with the last shave but that was down to me trying to get an extra shave from the blade rather than the fault of the razor. I find Derby blades are great with this razor. Haven’t tried a feather yet!!.

    Highly recommended and excellent quality.

  17. Mr Nick Sorrell

    This is my first DE in 15 years. Thoroughly researched the type of razor I needed for sensitive skin, and concluded that the quality of reported shave of this razor will require less passes, ergo less irritation. My research and respect of the razor paid off, it is superb. Well constructed and with a variety of blades, it performs admirably. I’ve had the best shaves I’ve ever had in the last 15 years due to this razor. Well presented in its box, the weight is perfect, and the handle length spot on for my bigger hands. I might just grab a spare!

  18. Mr Devesh Shah

    Incredible razor, super close shave, nice weight helps clear up even day 3 stubble

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