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Merkur 23C Long Handled Classic


Ideal for larger hands!

(20 customer reviews)

Ideal for larger hands!

Although light, this three piece chrome finish, long handled double edged razor is built to last with the craftmanship that is synonymous with the Merkur name.

Length: 10.5 cm
Weight: 51g

Comes in a Merkur branded cardboard box with a single Merkur blade.

Important! Before purchasing, please read the Maintenance of Merkur Safety Razors.


20 reviews for Merkur 23C Long Handled Classic

  1. Paul Mason

    I’m pleased with this razor. I bought it for similar reasons to many people: because of the cost and environmental impact of multi-blade and disposable plastic razors.

    I tried a cheap Gillette before this, to make sure I was happy to switch to a safety razor. I can’t say the Merkur shaves me any closer, but it’s a great deal more satisfying to own and use. I’m sure it will last far longer too. I don’t think it shaves closer than multi-blade razors, as some reviewers have found, but it about matches them – pretty amazing when it’s one blade v. three.

    So far, the best blades for me have been the Feather ones; I didn’t like the Merkur blade that came with it at all, it seemed too aggressive. My beard is quite soft, which probably has an impact on this.

    Last thing: I bought the long-handled version because I thought it would be better/easier to use, more like the Gillette I had before. This limited my choice a bit and in retrospect I needn’t have worried: I seem to hold this further up the handle, so the extra length is wasted.

  2. Mr Alex Halliday

    I spent many years using a Gillette Sensor Excel razor before the replacement cartridges finally got too expensive. For me, the Merkur 23C razor makes the transition to double edged razor shaving easier as the long handle gives it similar characteristics to the Gillette.

    Do your research to see whether you need a closed comb or open comb razor (there are plenty of helpful articles on the Shaving Shack website). I used my father’s open comb razor years ago and reduced my face to a bleeding mess. I didn’t know about the difference then and that experience put me off using them for most of my life, so don’t make the same mistake! The Merkur 23C has a closed comb so is not aggressive and is better for sensitive skin.

    My initial shaves weren’t good because of poor shaving technique: the blade was dragging across my face because I was holding the razor at the wrong angle. I got the angle right and the 23C started gliding across my face with a really good quality shave. The shave gets even better once you learn how to stretch/pull your facial skin in the right direction to provide a smoother surface for the razor.

    The Shaving Shack 10 Feather, 10 Derby, 10 Israeli made razor blade multipack is the perfect introduction as to how a different blade can change your shaving experience, even using the same razor. I find the Feather too sharp/close for regular shaving, the Derby is perfect, and the Israeli made was awful!

    Other products I found that have continued to improve my shaving experience are:
    – Proraso Pre and Post Shave Cream for Ultra Sensitive Skin. Apply to a wet face before your shaving cream/gel/foam etc. This enables the razor to glide over the skin more readily.
    – Osma Alum Block. Apply to a wet face after shaving and it will close the pores, sooth irritation and heal any nicks.

    The latest multiblade razors work straight out of the pack with no skill required but shave too close for me (causing ingrowing hairs) and are too expensive in the long term. So, use a Merkur 23C long handled razor, find the correct shaving angle, choose the right blade and you’ll get the perfect close shave with no irritation, save a lot of money, and your girlfriend will thank you for it!

  3. William Black

    So, I’ve worn a full beard for over two decades but I’ve been to India for a couple of years where you don’t wear a full beard because it’s not comfortable in the summer heat there.

    In India you can get a shave in a good barber shop for about 20p, but in the UK it’s about GBP15!

    On returning home I’d brought proper soap and a brush with me, but the only razors I could get in India were either the single edged ‘cut-throat’ things that take half a razor blade or a ghastly plastic safety razor that wasn’t any good at all and threatened to fall to bits at every shave.

    My old Gillette (a present in 1966 when I was 13) had long since disapeared and so it was time to either go for something complicated and modern or get a decent safety razor.

    I bought the Merkur because I liked the look of the long handle.

    It gives an excellent shave, is easy to control and feel good in the hand. I’d recommend it to anyone.

  4. Nick Pinn

    A fantastic razor for newcomers or old hats at DE shaving. Very mild yet gives a close comfortable shave and is easy to manouver, and very forgiving. I have used it for 2 months and have yet to cut myself. Excellent value for money, a complete steal at just over GBP20.

  5. Peter Gigg

    My first ‘real’ DE razor, having made do with the plastic Wilkinson DE which costs about GBP3.

    The level of quality is unmatched, providing the smoothest, most comfortable shave of my life, and this is only with the included Merkur blade. Have since ordered Derby and Feather blades to see which works best,

    Overall a beautiful to look at, excellent value, excellent quality DE razor – Highly recommended!

  6. Stuart Lamont

    This is an excellent razor. I have been using a quattro for ages now and it does not compare to the double edged razor, i have never had a better shave other than a cutthroat at the barbers. the textured handle is a brilliant touch as wet soapy hands don’t slip. 10/10

  7. Chris Fisher

    I bought this as my first DE razor having got fed up with the price of cartridge razor heads. This gives a great shave, so far I have used it with Merkur, Feather and Israeli blades. It works well with all these, but the Israeli are my favourite and fantastic value. I chose the 23c as I wanted a longer handled razor, and I find it very comfortable to use.

    DE shaving is rather different to shaving with the multiblade cartridge razors so it is worth doing a bit of research into how to shave if you have not used a DE before. It is well worth it, a better shave and for less money.

  8. Jon French

    My first DE razor for about 20 years. I selected it as I have large hands (ape like is one description!). It arrived very quickly and I couldn’t resist having a go – hey it’s a new toy. It has a very pleasing weight to the head and although described as long handled, it isn’t unwieldy. I went with the grain first off and was quite disappointed if I’m honest, tried it going across the grain and it was better. Finally I tried how I’ve always shaved, against the grain, and yep, a great close shave and no soreness and issues. I now shave against the grain straight from the off and find it to be excellent for me, far closer than the mach 3 and less irritation. OK, so now I’m a sucker for these razors and have just ordered the small travel Merkur to take on my travels with me.

    I think it is a nice looking razor and I am a bit upset that it now resides in the bathroom cabinet rather than on display after my 2 year old son started casting admiring glances at it whilst I cleaned his teeth. Ah well, may be he can inherit it when he’s old enough to shave and I can get another new shiny one – do you think 3 is too young to shave?

  9. Niall McCracken

    Very pleased, bought this as the Heavy Duty was out of stock, but shave is excellent so don’t feel the need to change it. Excellent quality, very easy shave – and while it might be “lighter” the long handle gives it some extra weight and great balance. The only caveat is the long handle can make it a bit tricky around the base of the neck, but thats prob a technique thing. Looks great too – would absolutely recommend.

  10. Brian Greenwood

    Just received my Merkur 23c and had my first shave,useing the Merkur super blade,and had a comfortable close shave.Highly recommended. BG.

  11. Richard Price

    I’ve had my merkur 23c (or 180 as it’s known in the states where I bought it) for about six years now and I have to say I’m impressed with the build quality.

    It has a bit of weight to it (which I like) and the long handle makes it ideal for people such as myself with gorilla hands.

    Although I wouldn’t shave my entire face with a double razor I find them ideal for the hard to reach places such as under the nose and doing delicate work on sideburns.

    Merkur makes probably the best double razors out there so if you like that old school retro feel with a bit of quality behind it i’d recommend a Merkur!

  12. Matt F

    My first DE razor handle and what a lovely item. It’s a great quality thing; easy to handle, the weight’s just right, and it’s nice to look at. You can’t go wrong!

  13. Adam Clish

    After nearly a year using the mighty merkur 34c! i opted in and purchased the 23 c!! not that there was any wrong with the “classic” 34’c! but allways felt a touch short in the hand personally myself. The 23’c feels & gives vertually the same perfect performance as the 34’c! but is much longer in the handle! thus giving more controll.
    i love using both merkurs! but the 23’c is now my everyday razor due to the longer handle.

  14. Mark Pereira

    My very first DE, having previously shaved with cartridge tat for decades.

    Weighty and balanced, and very well engineered. Feels good to put a precision piece up to the face instead of the usual rubbish frankly. A very forgiving razor for the novice DE shaver like me and great results from the word go.

    I actually enjoy shaving now… and I never thought I’d say that.

  15. Paul Atkins

    A fantastic razor, easy to use, the handle is far better to hold than some of the short handled razors out there. I bought this after using a cheap (inferior) razor and now think why did I not make the change years ago.
    I would say the best shave I have had ever.

  16. Scott Dunn

    I’ve just had my first shave with the 23C & have to say I’m absolutely delighted. I found it nice to hold & managed a good close shave. The longer handle makes it much easier to control, very reassuring. So a good shave & something that looks stylish as well!

  17. Andrew Walker

    At the age of 53 I’ve just bought this as my first DE razor. I’m now kicking myself for all the years I’ve wasted using cartridge and disposables. The shave this gives you is incomparably better. It looks good and is easy to use . Handle offers an excellent grip and the head is easy to manoeuvre. Makes shaving a pleasure and is a bargain at the price- even better it works well with the Israeli blades, which are great value in themselves,

  18. Mr Allan Binstead

    Having done a lot of research and reading many reviews, I bought the 23C as a newbie to DE shaving based on the moderate shave and long handle as I have big hands. It is a great experience and I have avoided any major cuts and nicks as I learn this new technique. All I would say is that although the handle is long which is great it is not overly large in diameter and find myself wishing for something a little larger to grip on occasions. Blade change and control of the razor is ll good and the manufacturing quality is excellent along with the speed of service which was great.All round, very pleased with my purchase.

  19. Mr Nigel Tandy

    Have now been using for a week, with the Merkur blade supplied in the pack. After years of using a King of Shaves Azor ( it was good, which is why I kept using it), I have returned to a DE razor. I had forgotten what a good shave you get with a DE, and this razor has a good balance, long enough handle to make it comfortable, and a good shave is virtually guaranteed, providing you let the razor do the work, and don’t press. A couple of nicks reminded me how important it is to let the razor do the work. Overall i am pleasantly impressed with how good this is, and it will be interesting to see how it works with other blades. I now having a properly smooth shave again.

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