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Journeyman Double Edge Razor (Minor blemishes on handle)


A heavyweight shave from this medium aggressive razor!

(16 customer reviews)

A heavyweight shave from this medium aggressive razor!

This could be your lucky day! In 2015 we created the marvellous ‘Journeyman’ double edge razor utilising our ‘Hammerhead’ closed comb head however, as part of our quality control process we have found a number of the razor handles aren’t quite up to the usual quality and have very minor machine marks/scratches on them. This means that, whilst the handles are perfectly acceptable and a better finish than some other full price razors, we aren’t comfortable selling them at full price. So grab yourself a bargain either for your first, backup or travel razor!

The head offers a shave that is slightly more aggressive than a Muhle R89/Edwin Jagger DE89/Merkur 34C. The modern smooth finish handle is made of brass and chrome plated providing a stunning yet perfectly balanced razor.

Weight: 74g
Length: 95mm


16 reviews for Journeyman Double Edge Razor (Minor blemishes on handle)

  1. Mr Colin Fenwick

    Bought this to replace an Edwin Jagger 89L which unfortunately broke after dropping it to the floor. Thought I’d give this a go as it was so cheap and an opportunity to try a razor that was a little more aggressive than I was used to.
    Have to say, I love it. It looks fantastic and has just a bit more weight to it than the 89L. Despite a smooth handle, it doesn’t slip and is great to use even in the shower. I’ve previously used a Timor butterfly razor and the 89L and this is definitely more aggressive and it did take a little getting used to, but it gives a very smooth and close shave with the accompanying Bluebeards revenge blades. Haven’t tried it with a feather yet, but am very impressed with it, so much so, I’ve just bought a second one to take travelling.
    Not sure I would start double edge shaving with this razor, but definitely worth getting if you are looking for a step up from a mild razor.

  2. Mr Barry Grant

    Bought to take on holiday as at this price does not matter if it gets lost. It’s an excellent razor and the marks on the handle are so small most companies would have sold it as perfect. Shave is more aggressive than some razors like the 34C. Gives an excellent shave even with the less aggressive blades such as the Wilkinson Swords (I can never get a close shave using these blades in the 34C). At this price it is a must have.

  3. Mr Nicholas Morgan

    its Not a terrible razor and price wise it’s a bargain but the shave was a bit sharp for my liking. I’m used to a r89 Grande and this was just much more harsher than I’m used to. Using a new polsilver blade, i felt more tug than I’m used to so I can’t say it’s one for a beginner. It’s to go in my travel bag though so as a second razor it’s fine.

  4. Mr Omer Loonat

    The description is accurate in that it is one step more aggressive than my Edwin Jagger DE86. However after a handful of shaves I can’t seem to get on with it. Too sharp, too many nicks and cuts. Every shave has been a bit rough. Not terrible but just not silky smooth like an EJ or Merkur 34C or even Dorco PL602 (which is amazing for the price). But the Journeyman DE does shave closer than any of those.

    I’m a newcomer to DE shaving so it could be me or my inconsistent technique. However, I keep looking at the blade alignment and it always looks slightly wonky from the top (the gaps don’t look even).

    I’ll try a couple more times with different blades (you never know) otherwise it will get early retirement.

    Right now I’m glad it was only GBP10 rather than GBP30!

  5. Mr Bruce Young

    Fantastic razor for the price, you also receive 10 free razor blades.Gives an excellent close shave. You can’t go wrong for GBP9.99.

  6. Mr John Rogers

    This razor is a gem! It is, as the description states, medium aggressive. I tend to favour a milder razor but the Journeyman never fails to give me a smooth and irritation free shave, regardless of the soap or cream I used at the time. I prefer Gillette Nacet, Silver Blue and Polsilver blades but it worked admirably with Astra SP and Sharks. It’s not light but seems perfectly weighted and allows the razor to do all the work with zero pressure. The handle, whilst largely smooth actually provides excellent grip. I have a good selection of different razors in my collection but this is one of my favourites. And at GBP9.99 for a ‘factory second’ its an absolute steal!

  7. Mr Simon Watkins

    A great razor and an absolute bargain at this price.

  8. Mrs joanne shepherd

    Purchased this razor for my son who is new to double edge razors so thought I would try a cheaper one first. Also got one for me too, ladies like smooth legs too. On inspection there doesn’t seem to be blemishes, they look perfect so a real bargain. They are nicely weighted and comfortable to hold. These blow disposable razors out of the water, never known such a smooth shave. My sons face is as smooth as a babies bottom, and closer cut than ever before. A really good purchase, very pleased with it. If your considering trying a double edge razor give it a go, at this price even if you dont get on with it, you haven’t lost anything, and when you do try it, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

  9. Mr Ian Chadwick

    Being new to double edge safety razors, I wanted to try something a touch more aggressive than my Edwin Jagger DE89 and at this low price there wasn’t much to lose. I’ve found it to be a great razor that provides a closer, smoother shave with less passes but without nicks or burn. It has relegated my DE89 back to it’s box! The handle on the one supplied is as far as I can tell unblemished and although it has no knurling or pattern, provides a good grip with a wet or soapy hand. I’m very impressed with the shave quality of this razor head plus the service from the Shaving Shack and I’ll probably buy a Yew stainless razor and keep the Journeyman in my travel bag.

  10. Dr Duncan Rosslair

    This is a great three piece razor with a nice heft and balance. Despite the handle being smooth, grip is not an issue. When you examine the blade gap you can see why the razor is a little on the aggressive side but for me it works well with Polsilver or Voskhod blades. At the price it’s a steal.

  11. Mr Paul Fisher

    Quick delivery great product wish had changed to these razors years ago best shave in years nice weight everything amazing

  12. Cameron Jones

    Absolute bargain! Try and find any DE razor of this quality at this price. Mine arrived and was flawless. Threads were very smooth and the quality is very impressive. Its a great razor for people new to DE razors like myself. After the jump from cartridge razors my skin is now smoother healthier and a lot less irritable. Its a pretty forgiving razor but can shave close. Anyone worried about trying a DE razor try this! I have been using DE razors a while now and not had any nicks or cuts so far! My only thoughts on this is that the handle can become a bit slippy and its quite short for me. Apart from that its perfect.


    Excellent razor, excellent price, I used astra blades in mine, great smooth shave, no nicks or cuts, would recommend this razor to anyone, just make sure you pair it up with the right blade and you’ll have a smooth shave, I should have got this to start with

  14. Mr Nicholas Bailes

    I’m totally new to safety razors, but I’ve been suffering with bad razor burn with cartridge razors. So after a Google I found out safety razors were the way forward. So ended up finding this razor. I thought for the money it was worth a try, it came we razor blades too. Firstly I wouldn’t say it’s blemished hardly noticeable, at 1/3 or RRP definitely a bargain. So when it arrived I used it straight away. Now I used Lidl sensitive gel. I was really impressed with the results! A couple of nicks due to rookie mistakes using a safety razor. The razor burn was very minimal, but after a couple of hours hardly noticeable. When I use cartridge razor noticeable razor burn for 2 days!!! In future ill get the appropriate pre shave and shaving cream. I’m converted to safety razors from now on. A quality at the fraction of Gillette razors.

  15. Mr Noel Jealous (verified owner)

    The weight is good, and so is the finish. I could see no blemish in the handle. A decent shave can be had, but only after some attention. There is movement between the top and lower plate. I almost tighten the handle, put the cap straight, then tighten. The cap has moved. I end up with the blade exposure on one edge being more one end than the other. The other edge, of course, is the same. Such a pity. When I get it right I can get a close shave but not quite fierce.
    The holes in the lower plate are too large, or the two nipples on the cap are too narrow. The blade doesn’t move. There is too much play between the plates.
    I give it 3 stars, but I can’t get stars 4 and five to disappear.

  16. Mr Paul Hawkins (verified owner)

    Nice little razor. Couldn’t see any blemishes whatsoever when it arrived. Nice weight and a comfortable shave, efficient without being too aggressive.

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