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Feather AS-D2 Double-Edge Razor (Stainless Steel)


The most beautifully crafted double edge razor in the world!

(8 customer reviews)

The most beautifully crafted double edge razor in the world!

Finished in a gorgeous brushed stainless steel finish, this connoisseur three-piece razor personifies precision and craftmanship.

Includes 5 Feather razor blades
Supplied in a burgundy presentation box
Made in Japan

Handle length: 75mm
Razor weight: 90g

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Don’t forget that you will receive -?10 worth of Shaving Points for spending -?164.99!


8 reviews for Feather AS-D2 Double-Edge Razor (Stainless Steel)

  1. Mr Joseph Askew

    Where to start? If like me, you have sensitive skin and prefer your shaves to be as non aggressive as possible, and reduce the chance of a sore face after, perhaps you should consider the Feather. I use traditional brush and lather and tend to have a hot towel face cloth before applying the lather. Unfortunately to crown it all my hair growth is in differing directions and not uniformed.

    So what about the Feather AS-D2 Double-Edge Razor?

    First off the bad points – expensive, first few shaves was like a step back in time to my first days of shaving and re learning to check my face for pieces of tissue paper before I leave the house!

    Now the good points – coupled with the feather HS Platinum DE blades? My closest shave yet! After re-entering blade shaving (see review on Edwin Jagger Double Edge Razor DE89L). It has taken a few weeks to find the best angles for my face, the new blade to face angle, (Closer to 40/45 degrees as opposed to 30) and getting used to the weight. This is some piece of kit, from the moment you get the box it comes in; one can see and feel the quality! Like the mainstay of their business, Feather makes good medical equipment; this is a simple but well made quality razor. Yes, I did balked at the price initially, but as I am using it more and more and retraining myself using a new DE razor (and some good advice from the troops at the Shaving Shack), this is one dam fine shave, even from the first pass. You guide it and the weight of the razor will do the rest, leaving (if you take your time) no real need for a second pass, however if like me you like to get a close as possible, then two passes and you get a very smooth finish with little razor burn or post shave irritation. To new users considering this, take your time the first few shaves and lather up well, I find 2 shaves and it’s worth changing the blade. One very happy customer & user.

  2. Ben G

    Having read so many great reviews about this razor, I was able to justify the admittedly high price tag on the basis that I was unlikely to ever need to replace it. This comes after having owned an otherwise excellent EJ DE89L for the last 3 years. I was in need of a replacement for my beloved EJ however, due to wear and tear on the thread meaning I couldn’t get a tight fit on the blade any more. The AS D2 has lived up to and surpassed all my expectations. The look, feel and build quality is outstanding. The actual shaving experience is so comfortable, I have to remind myself that it is actually doing its job. As others have noted, it takes a little trial and error to find the optimum cutting angle, but once you have perfected it, you are left with a shaving experience with zero discomfort and (although it is early days) minimal chance of any cuts or nicks (which were becoming too commonplace on the EJ). The price of this razor will by definition limit its appeal, but I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed if you take the plunge. It is an absolute pleasure to own and use.

  3. A Wilso

    I possess one of these rare pieces of engineering. I could wax lyrical about this razor but in the interests of a review I will focus in on the characteristic that I enjoy most about this razor: If you are used to the multi head Gillette monsters and have had a bit of a struggle with DE razors in the form of nicks and the occasional slice, then this razor is the most forgiving on the market. You can be almost as carefree with this razor as a Gillette. The Key is in the sharp Feather blade and the the closeness of the gap on the razor, – it protects you from yourself. If you are like me and need to shave every day for work and rarely have a couple of days stubble, which might suit a different razor, then this one is for you.

  4. Daniel Kittner

    Managed to get myself one of these, then found it was out of stock the next day so they must be in high demand.

    Maybe not a first timers razor but without doubt the best DE shave i have had, not to mention the look of it.

    One very happy customer!

  5. Mr gordon donald

    As this was my first venture in to DE SHAVING I was a little apprehensive about the price and what I was actually going to do when it turned up! But having done some research I was confident with my skin being the way it is, this was the razor for me. Once it turned up you knew instantly it was a lovely piece of machined metal and the feather blades…….I feel cleanly shaved just looking at them! But the prooyf is in the pudding. Having had a few cuts on my first few tries I have now become more used to shaving this way and the results are amazing. Never known such a close shave! So all in all I’m still learning but loving every step of the way with the help of the guys at shave shack.

  6. Mr Garry Hardy

    WOW!!! I have been shaving for over 30 years with cartridge razors and it has always been just a chore. I decided i wanted to have a shaving experience (like a spa day) so I bought the feather AS-D2 as i read it is kinder to sensitive skinned shavers. Had my first DE shave today and it was awesome, i did have 1 little nick which i never even felt, but no irritation or razor burn at all. I did shower first then wet my face and applied shave oil, then whipped up some proraso shaving soap (the green one) done my first pass with the grain, i then applied a second lot of lather and shaved across the grain, rinsed my face in warm water, then in cold water, i then applied my alum block to my face and rubbed it in circular motion, i let my face dry off a bit and then rinsed again in cold water, i then dabbed a towel on my face to dry off, finally i applied proraso pre/post shave cream to my face and it was a lovely cool, tingling sensation that lasted ages. My skin looks and feels superb, my wife even said it looks better than hers lol. I would recommend this razor to anyone who wanted a forgiving DE shave and who has sensitive skin, btw i used a feather blade. I now look forward to my next shave.

  7. Stephen Skuce

    Fantastic – the only way to describe this piece of superb engineering. It looks right and just feels right in the hand. The materials used in its manufacture seem to be top drawer and it is precisely machined so every blade fits just perfectly. The weight and balance are perfect also. Oh, and yes it really does shave very well indeed. Not aggressive, in fact you don’t really feel it is doing anything until you run you hand over your face post shave and feel – well nothing, just smooth nick free skin! Being such a premium price it is a bit of a swallow making the purchasing decision but, on reflection, a no brainer. Dumping those ultra expensive multi bladed razor refill cartridges and moving to this razor and the much cheaper DE blades will pay for itself in 1 year, despite the high initial outlay. And it will last for your lifetime, and your son’s, and his son’s, unlike those plastic 3, 4 or 5 bladed monstrosities.
    And, to make things even sweeter, I got mine on the Shaving Shack Easter promotion so saved a few quid – and got a beautiful Sovereign shaving brush free of charge. Thanks guys.


    Fantastic product, from the minute you start unpacking this razors quality shows, it looks and feels great, I have used it a few times now and am certainly not disappointed. Yes it is a mild razor but paired with a feather blade it punches well above it’s weight, a lovely smooth daily shave with no irritation, for me the only shave that is more satisfying is my relaxing Sunday shave with Merkur 39c paired with the 30c for the final pass and tidy up. If you are considering buying this razor my advice is do it now, it’s pricey yes but you won’t be disappointed, the pinnacle of your collection. And as usual a fantastic service from the shaving shack, ordered and delivered the next day, thanks guys!

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