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Astra Superior Stainless Double Edged Razor Blades


A fantastic Russian blade with FREE UK Postage!

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(8 customer reviews)

A fantastic Russian blade with FREE UK Postage!

Made in Russia, the stainless steel Astra Superior Stainless gets great reviews amongst the wet shaving community.

If you are from the UK and buy these razor blades on their own then you will not be charged the standard post and packaging charge.


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8 reviews for Astra Superior Stainless Double Edged Razor Blades

  1. Luke Stanwick

    Very good blades.
    I have contradictive skin, thick facial hair and sensitive skin. I was recommended these blades by my barber, who used these blades when he shaved me. Now I don’t get a shaving rash and they are very easy to shave with.
    They provide a very close shave as if i was shaved at the barbers, plus GBP13.99 for 100 is a bargain especially with the prices of Gillette blades these days!

  2. Iain Sutcliffe (

    GREAT blades – seem to work better for me in the merkur than the gillette yellows. They just seem smother and last longer. I get at least 4 shaves from them and i have sensitive skin and thick stubble so its a thumbs-up from me and the shave shack for stocking them !!!!

  3. Steven McNeill

    I’ve been using Derby Extras with my Edwin Jagger DE89L and I was happy with that combination but I decided I would give these a go. At first I was a bit weary because the blades did look a little more agressive than my Derbys and I am still a beginner with DE shaving, which did show when I was left with a few nicks after my first shave with them……. However, I tried again yesterday and took my time and used better technique and I had an excellent and smooth shave as a result (with no cuts). The blade was not overly aggressive and cut my thick whiskers very easily without too many passes compared to my Derbys. I didn’t go across or against the grain on my face or neck but still had a a very close shave with a bit of 5’oclock shadow left over (I have everlasting stubble!).

    In summary, the blades look good, move over the skin very smoothly and cut very well compared to my Derbys and I wasn’t left with any irritation despite the blade feeling much sharper and me having blemish prone skin. I am not putting Derbys down as they have served me well but I noticed an improvement with these blades straight away!

  4. Stephen J Baker

    The first time I tried the Astra blade, it cruelly exposed my poor (beginner’s) technique and left me with a red face. Since then, I have prepared my face better and taken more time and found the Astras deliver a smooth shave without drama.

  5. Simon Daniels

    I think these blades are the smoothest/most forgiving ever and because they are also very sharp they are almost faultless. They came as a free gift from Shaving Shack and are vying with ASCO to be my favourite blade. If you haven’t tried these do give them a go, they are magnificent!

  6. Mr Nick Sorrell

    Well, what can I say? Quite simply the smoothest shave I’ve had from a DE blade. It is also the blade that has lasted longest for me (5 shaves, with more yet to come). A quality product, the first blade of many I can hand on heart say I would go and buy 100 in one hit. Used in a Merkur 39C, there is no need for anything else! Irritation free shaves for me were a mere dream, that dream has been realised with these blades.

  7. Mr James Johnson

    I bought these and the platinum version. Very sharp and smooth. I used the blades for two to three shave with 3 passes per shave with great results. I prefered these to the platinum as were a tad smoother. My go to blade is feather which i feel give a better shave than these.

  8. Mr Daniel Dorsz

    Nice blades, they last fair amount. Not too agresive but sharp enough for a close shave.The third type of blades I tried other being wilkinson sword and feathers.

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