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Parker 99R Heavy Duty Butterfly Premium Barberpole


Parker’s beautiful butterfly!

(10 customer reviews)

Parker’s beautiful butterfly!

This is the eagerly awaited butterflyopening version of the Parker 98R Heavy Duty Premium Barberpole! Taking styling cues from the exceptionally popular Merkur 38C, this chrome plated razor provides excellent grip, balance and performance.

Length:11 cm
Weight: 100g


10 reviews for Parker 99R Heavy Duty Butterfly Premium Barberpole

  1. Fraser Wilson

    Ordered on the 24th, came on the 27th and was used to shave within an hour of opening the box. Excellent service form the shaving shack. Got my free feather blades to add to the stockpile as well. Got this is in the January sale and at the price it was a steal! I usually use my Merkur Futur with the feather blades and thought this would make a change. To my surprise they shave almost the same. The Quality I have to say is good but not the same level as the Merkur, but at this price point it’s negligible. Decent weight and grip to the handle. This would be an excellent first razor for someone interested in DE shaving or if you fancy something different.

  2. Heikki Jokinen

    I haven`t any idea what kind of razors Parker`s are, these razors look like very much Merkurs and Gillettes e.g 38c and Slim adjustable. I have purchased my 99R, because it is very inexpensive and I read so many reviews from it.

    Today I got this razor, I was very eager to use it right-away. First impression: Very strong made and handle is robust, It`s easy to hold with soapy and wet fingers.. First shave with Indian made WIlkinson blade and Erasmic shave stick… Hmmmm.. I Was little disappointted. First&second pass: blade slipped few times- no nicks or cuts, but it was inexcact.. Maybe I have to try again and I`ll practise with technique for exam different blades/different blade angle. But I think that main reason for that little blade slipping is Erasmic shaving stick. It was quite difficult to lather it. The lather was pretty poor and thin. It dried very fast on my face.

    All in all now I am stubble free and I feel my smooth cheeks;-) But I`ll hope that next shave with 99 R would be better:) I`ll try it with Feather blade and WIlkinson`s shaving soap.

  3. J13MBR

    Bought at the same time as a 38C variant (38S) to see if Parker quality has improved. Well, it has. This is a good quality razor, a little way behing Merkur and Muhle, but a) cheaper and b) the only barberpole to use a butterfly opening. I like it and have it in rotation. I’d recommend it for those on a budget, like variety or prefer butterfly opening razors.

  4. Andrew Owen

    Bought this several months ago, and on the whole I was very pleased with it. I liked the weight, I liked the way it gives a very smooth shave and I liked the price of the replacement razor blades. This is a much better choice than a multi-blade cartridge.
    But – and this is important – the build quality is not as good as it could be. After a few months I noticed that the screw at the base of the handle, which tigtens to clamp the blade in place, quickly works its way loose, often in the middle of a shaving stroke. It becomes all too easy to cut yourself with the blade moving about and having to constantly tighten it soon beomes tiresome.
    Although this is a good razor, I would recommend looking for an alternative that doesn’t have butterfly opening.

  5. Bart

    This is my first DE razor. It is quite nice, decent weight, reasonably well-made. The handle is good and grippy.It gives a “good” and smooth shave, and the blade angle is mild. It isn’t as nice or as well-made as my brother’s Merkur future, but it is half the price.
    Overall a “good” razor. I would recommend it.

  6. David Abram

    I’d first of all like to congratulate The Shaving Shack for their fantastic products & service. I ordered this razor on Friday along with a few other bits & bobs and it arrived on Monday morning despite the fact it was 2nd class postage!

    This is my first order from The Shave Shack and also my first ever DE razor and I’ll tell you something I’m never going back to cartridge razors again! I have acne-prone skin and have just had laser resurfacing to my face almost a month ago and I didn’t nick or cut my face with this once, has a lovely weight & feel to it too.

  7. Robert Davies

    I bought this one as a replacement for a Edwin Jagger razor that had been accidentally damaged. It came a few days ago and I have to say that I am delighted. The weight and balance are just about right for me – my first shaves with it were wonderful. Smooth, easy with no nicks or cuts. I have no problem in recommending this razor.

  8. Brian Pytlak

    Bought this razor as an upgrade from my Timor gun metal razor and I must say it is a huge step up, absolutely love the weight in the razor and how shiny the chrome is, the way it feels is amazing, also a huge amount of appreciation to the shaving shack with there delivery time and excellent packaging, will be buying more from the shaving shack very soon.

  9. Mr John Bradley

    I bought this after my last razor failed, I’m very impressed nice heavy weight in the hand and very well made, excellent value for the money

  10. Stephen Thompson

    I bought this razor a few weeks ago and thought I would use it a few times before saying something. The first thing I noticed when I opened it was the weight, you definitely know you have something in your hand when using this razor. The finish and build quality on this model are excellent, some of the other Parker models are a little disappointing in that area, the twisted knurling on the handle provides a firm and secure gripping surface even with wet and soapy hands. I used this with a Gillette 7 O clock blade and got a very close and smooth result with only two passes, although it did bite a couple of times but that was down to technique. Unfortunately I have no other razor to compare this to as I am just returning to DE shaving after years of using cartridge razors but overall I am very pleased with razor and the shave it delivers.

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