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Wilkinson Sword Double Edged Razor Blades


Great value from a name you can trust with FREE UK POSTAGE!

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Great value from a name you can trust with FREE UK POSTAGE!

Quality Wilkinson Sword blades for all our safety razors. Sold in packs of 5 individually wrapped blades in an easy dispense pack.

If you are from the UK and buy these razor blades on their own then you will not be charged the standard post and packaging charge.


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16 reviews for Wilkinson Sword Double Edged Razor Blades

  1. Stefan Simader

    In my Gillettes I couldn’t get any clean and smooth shave, so I tested them in my Merkur Progress and there they work perfect.

    Now this blade is one of my favorites in my Progress.

  2. Daniel Gustafson

    The Wilkinson brand should be well known to all shavers, even if you haven’t tried their product range. These are good, sharp blades that so far have been easy on my otherwise sensitive skin. Not as sharp as Feather blades but then again – most of us don’t need the ninja sharpness.

    Also seems to be a little bit more resistant to rust than other blades (something I noticed since I keep all of my used blades until I have enough to fill a glass jar – let’s call it art, shall we?), however I’m not sure that this is very important since most of us switch blades pretty often.

    Finally, they come in a plastic dispenser which is good for frequent travellers like myself that don’t like the flimsy paperboxes most brands come in these days. I’m not too sure how good it is out of a environmental perspective however.

  3. Simon Daniels

    A little while ago I was lucky enough to buy (for the princely sum of GBP1.00 from a car boot sale) a classic Wilkinson Sword ‘sticky’ de razor, from the 1960s, a great bit of kit – a butterfly opening razor that is usually described as mild. Mine is not, it can be very aggressive. Anyway, the W S blade in the above razor – very sharp and slightly unforgiving. I would recommend this blade, but not for the beginner. The premium price? Perhaps, perhaps not.

  4. Angel Luis Sanchez-Guijo Martin

    Hello from Spain.
    repeat purchase when I run out.
    reliable value the price is great.
    The best price we’ve seen!

  5. Dennis Bailey

    I have tried lots of the blades, yes the feathers are super sharp but always come back to these. Sharp, smooth and very high and consistent quality.

  6. Richie Price

    I’ve been using these blades for quite a few years now and I have to say the quality in each pack varies massively.

    To explain further, out of every pack 5 pack two or three will be extremely sharp whilst the remaning ones will be substantially duller.

    I’d say on average i go through a couple blades every week, bearing in mind I don’t use these to shave my entire face (ouch!) but only for ‘delicate’ work on my sideburns in conjuction with my Wahl trimmer, and sharp blades is a must if you want clean lines.
    Overall they’re good value for money if bought in bulk and the quality is reasonably good for your buck, and despite the lack of consistency I still buy them when my supplies run low and would recommend them to other people.

  7. Darryl Davenport

    I have just started using a traditional Parker safety razor after many years using expensive, throw aways. When I purchased the razor I opted for these Wilkinson Sword blades as I was familiar with the company and I have to say I was very impressed. The dispenser worked well and the blades where all perfectly sharp giving me the closest shave I have ever experienced! I have now turned shaving into a ritual rather than a chore and would highly recommend these blades.

  8. Jamie Duff

    These blades are excellent can’t say a bad thing about them, also at a great price 100% recommend

  9. Jon Watt

    i opted for this blade with my first DE razor,
    the dispenser is a brilliant idea saving many accidents and i cant fault the blades.

  10. S Parsons

    By far the closest shave I’ve had, has come from using these blades!

    Having tried several different brands (inc. Derby, Feather, Israeli, etc.), the Wilkinson Sword blades give the closest shave, and seem to be the sharpest edge.

    The only warning is – be careful! These blades are *that* sharp, you can quite easily slice your face, so take extra care guys.

  11. Julian

    Since trying this blade out I have not switched to any others. Nice and sharp – even on my third (and last) shave. Could probably squeeze more out of them!

  12. Mike Howells

    First DE shaving experience ever was very recent so I’m not sure how aggressive they are compared to other blades, but I’ve got some bristles that won’t fit through the foils in an electric shaver by quite a way and these didn’t even notice them. How sharp are they? They’re…um…apologies in advance…(sigh)…razor sharp.

    I’ll probably try a selsction pack next, but these certainly do the trick with aplomb.

  13. William Andrew Hay

    One of the best shaves of my life came from this blade and i am extremely pleased with it. It was very sharp and had no problem dealing with the 4-5mm hair on y chin and neck that i used it on. would recommend this blade.

  14. Aidan Yeomans

    The best blades I’ve used, very sharp and last a good few shaves

  15. Mr Phil Townsley

    I’ve tried quite a few blades in my time, with varying results but have never had a bad experience with Wikinson Sword and neither have I ever been dissatisfied with them. Loaded into an R41 they give a close and comfortable shave, second only to a straight razor. Other (well known for sharpness) blades have been no better but have caused razor burn, so its WS for me in the R41. They are also good in just about any other DE razor I have used.

  16. MarkPk

    Always come back to these. Might not be the sharpest but sharp enough and don’t tear slices off your face.. and they last!

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