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Parker Model 22 "Interceptor" Metal Safety Razor with Gunmetal FinishParker Model 22 "Interceptor" Metal Safety Razor with Gunmetal Finish
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Parker Model 22 "Interceptor" Metal Safety Razor with Gunmetal Finish Parker Model 22 "Interceptor" Metal Safety Razor with Gunmetal Finish Safety Razor Parker Model 22 "Interceptor" Metal Safety Razor with Gunmetal Finish

Parker Model 22 "Interceptor" Metal Safety Razor with Gunmetal Finish

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The very closest of shaves with big savings!
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The very closest of shaves with big savings!

Butterfly opening razor for ease of blade change. Rugged well defined grip pattern on handle. A safety razor, rich lather, brush and hot water equals a very close shave and substantial savings in blade refills over Mach 3 blades.

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(18 reviews)  

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Mr Peter Collins
May 29, 2020
As someone who has very sensitive skin, this may not look like the most obvious choice for a good razor. The 22R is known to be more aggressive, and it certainly caught me by surprise on the first try.

But ... it also turned out to be one of the most accurate shaves I've ever had. Good balance, easily steered across the skin and will get as close a shave as you want it to. A little patience pays dividends. The butterfly opening holds the blade well and gives the razor edge a more outright angle than gentler razors.

I certainly had no problems at all changing angles or hand during a shave. Grip is fine too, though the angular design seems odd it works well in the wet.

It's certainly not one for beginners, but I've found it to be a great part of a growing collection and I use it alongside my 37C for raw chopping ability on a beard.
Mr Suhaymath Nasser
Apr 21, 2019
I switched from disposable razors to a DE about a year ago, but being in East Africa at the time, I had to make do with a small, poorly-finished item that didn't even cost the equivalent of a Pound. It was too light, the bottom half of the blade holder had sharp edges that were more likely to give you stray cuts and nicks than the actual blade (and even warped after regular use!), and it rusted easily. If you saw it, you'd be horrified.

To say that the Parker Model 22 "Interceptor" is a massive upgrade is a criminal understatement.

The weight of the razor and the length of that handle make it a joy to use. I need very little effort to get a great, close shave now. Plus, the butterfly mechanism is so easy to use and holds the blade in there perfectly every single time. Although my five-o-clock shadow is actually five a.m. shadow, I've recently started shaving on a daily basis because I enjoy it so much and I love the results.

Finally, gunmetal should absolutely be an optional finish on all razors. It looks fantastic and is a welcome change from ubiquitous, boring chrome. I take just as much pleasure in cleaning the razor simply so I can admire the cool, dark sheen.

Sometimes, you truly do get what you pay for, and given what I was previously working with, this may be the most skewed review you're likely to see. Even so, this is honestly the kind of razor that does a great job and leaves you feeling good. Worth it.
Mr Norman Hall
May 26, 2016
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
What a pity these aren't in the shops in West Cornwall, on first opening the package there it was; long handled, heavy, beautifully engineered, dark, meaner than a Death Row screw!. Beautiful! The butterfly system is smooth and holds the blade tight. As for aggressive, forget it. Positive is how I'd describe this beauty. Combined with Derby Blades a shave made in heaven. Well Shave Shack you're only up the road and the shops' loss is your gain....Well Done
Mr Steven Batty
Jan 2, 2015
Purchased one of these to replace my Edwin Jagger DE86 which broke over the Christmas Holidays. Arrived today (Friday 02/01) as promised and my initial thoughts are:

1. The razor is of good weight and build. Prefer the longer handle.

2. The Butterfly mechanism is so much easier to use and closes up really tight around the blade.

3. Keep seeing the word 'Aggressive' being used, not sure what that actually means, sounds like an excuse for bad shaving technique to me. Found the Parker to be very smooth and gave a lot better shave than the EJDE86.

So in conclusion I can highly recommend the Parker Model 22 "Interceptor" (it has a cool name as well).
paul ash
OMG wow no i have not cut my self or copying the scene frm when harry met sally but all i can say for the true beginner and the inexperienced i find the heavier your weapon of choice is the better now i have a 96r nice razor but does feel lite to medium weight now this lil baby yu feel like you have sumthing in your hand and therefore its more precise and you wont be flicking it around your face like a mach 3 and do get the israeli blades excellent n stay sharper longer just proves yu dont have to spend a fortune on a nice razor that gives excellent results
Rob Delahunty
I thought I'd try shaving with a DE razor after reading an article in one of the free London papers and I'm so glad I did. I now actually lookforward to it each morning. The Parker razors were recommended in the article as they have the butterfly opening which is great for changing blades. The Model 22 also has deep grooves in the handle as part of the styling which provides very good grip, reassuring for the first shave. The razor is also a nice balanced weight which made the transition to DE shaving a doddle.
Andrew Webb
Having mentioned my delight with my 91R my brother in law purchased the model 22 and returned to DE shaving after disappointmet with the numerous disposable blades on then market. He was instantley pleased with the quality of the shave and the solid feel of the Parker whilst having a modern look due to the Gunmetal finish. Another convert back to traditional shaving
My first DE razor, and I am very delighted with it. The weight of the unit is satisfactory, it is balanced, and holding it high up near the rotating neck it sits nicely in hand.
The guide bar is perfectly placed to ensure novices get a good close shave without major issue.
The blade change mechanism is the great twist to open, which works well. The final twist to hold the blade in place feels solid.
A great first razor at a great price.
Gary Whittles
The Parker Interceptor is my second foray into the DE Shaving World. My initial purchase was a Merkur Futur, which although a beautiful piece of kit, was too aggressive and I quickly gave up. The Parker is subtly different, perfectly weighted , it feels like the return of an old friend and I feel comfortable in its daily use. Not too harsh it has enhanced my daily shaving experience and has restored my faith in DE shaving. A highly recommended razor.
Simon Newbold
This was my first DE razor and i have i say that i chose well! it's a lovely weight, cuts close but doesn't go too close. love the gunmetal finish, and twisting the handle for the butterfly style blade clasp always makes me smile. I look forward to shaving now rather than putting it off.
After using this a couple of times I can say this about it. The overall look of the razor is nice and the gun metal finish makes it stand out amongst rest of the nice and shiny razors on the marked. The feel of the razor in my fairly large hands is good and I have 100 % control no matter where on my face I shave and in what position the razor is, this is largely thanks to the almost 10 cm long handle that is a huge advantage for us with large hands and the milling gives a good grip when it’s wet.

This is a fairly aggressive razor that is good for people with heavy and thick beards but not so good for people with sensitive skin and not used to wet shaving, so you got to remember that you should not apply pressure when shaving, let the weight of the razor do the work. Overall this is a good razor considering the price, but since it’s fairly aggressive I would not recommend it as a first razor for someone that have never have shaved with a double edge razor before, for a complete newbie I would recommend a Muhle R106 Double Edged Chrome Safety Razor that you can find here in the store, gives a much milder shave that is good for new guys.
Richard Wager
Decided to bin the expensive Gillette now better more improved extra costly cartridges and try a DE razor. After looking at various websites I decide that reviews from this site were well informed and customer feedback was positive so ordered a starter pack containing this Parker 22 Interceptor. Very impressed with service and delivery as for the razor itself? Looks great, feels great in the hand and has so far been very good indeed. I shall not be going back to uber expensive cartridges again.
James Wardroper
Closest shave i have ever had.
Always used modern razors, they never cut close enough, but this razor is the best by far.
I'm not going to lie i did cut myself once or twice, but you just have to get used to it, once you do you'll never go back, i can see myself using this the rest of my life.
Steve Scourou
The Parker 'Interceptor' was my first venture into the DE shaving world. I've been using it for the last year but now feel it's worth reviewing with a little experience behind me ..

At first sight the razor looks fantastic in the gun metal finish, the weight of the razor is great and the groove in the handle makes holding the razor while shaving easier.

My only issue I had with this razor initially, which is more down to my inexperience at first is that I found I some how used to unscrew the butterfly a little which was quite annoying/dangerous. For this reason alone I would recommend anyone new to DE shaving to simply ask questions and watch videos - do not jump into the deep end as there are many wise heads out there to help save you cutting yourself.

Overall I would recommend this razor.
Jim Butler
After many years of electric shaving I decided to reacquaint myself with wet shaving. I hate the rip off cycle of the expensive razors so decided to try a traditional approach. The Parker 22 is a nice entry level razor, good weight, function and look. Coupled with Derby blades I got a great shave the first time I used it although I think I must have tough bristles as I had to shave against the grain all over to get the closeness I was after.
No cuts or burn even after though it was my fist wet shave in years, and yes as many attest to here it was much closer than any shave I have ever had with one of pro Mach Fusion Mark 33 or whatever. Needless to say I won’t be going back!
I will try some Feather blades when they’re back in stock to see if I get a quicker close shave than the Derbys. I also ordered some Ed Pinaud Clubman and Taylors Bay Rum which came this morning., can’t wait to try them!
Overall highly recommended as an entry level razor.
Christopher Winspear
Great razor, my first DE razor and Im pleased as punch, it looks great, it feels nice to hold, as a good weight, the twist locking mechanism is nice and makes for easy loading and unloading of the blades.

I have never known a shave like it with this razor in conjunction to Feather blades, two passes and Im as smooth as a babies bum.

I will never go back to cartridges razors.
Nigel Head
I've been using a double edge razor for a while now due to the cost of cartridge blades. Having decided to buy a new razor, I wanted something a bit more stylish I liked the look of the Parker 22. I can't believe the difference. I feel like I must have been using a tree saw previously (one of the plastic Wilkinson Sword razors you see in Boots etc). The end result is a much smoother shave and less irritation. I'm really happy with it.
This was my first venture into DE shaving, I have to say I’m extremely happy with my choice of razor the Interceptor, it looks and feels fantastic and you are able to grip the handle lightly without fear of it slipping out of your hands. Replacing blades and cleaning the razor is easy with the Butterfly opening system.

A great purchase. It has turned shaving in to a bit of a ritual,
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