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Muhle R89 Double Edged Chrome Safety RazorMuhle R89 Double Edged Chrome Safety Razor
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Muhle R89 Double Edged Chrome Safety Razor Muhle R89 Double Edged Chrome Safety Razor Muhle R89 Double Edged Chrome Safety Razor

Muhle R89 Double Edged Chrome Safety Razor

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Stunning and lightweight precision razor!
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Stunning and lightweight precision razor!

The traditional safety razor with replaceable blade is regarded by many as the first mechanical razor for self-shaving. At MÜHLE it is more: a minor miracle of precision, ergonomics and beauty, created for ambitious wet shavers. Muhle's design combines high-quality metal-working (chrome-plating) with an extremely fine engraved finish.

Weight: 66g
Length: 95mm approx

Press coverage

Muhle R89 named 'Best Buy' safety razor by The Independent newspaper:
Reviewer Simon Billington said: "Precise German grooming engineering sees a beautiful, corrosion-resistant, chrome-clad razor with perfect weight distribution and a forgiving cut for wet shave newbies. We were treated to faultless performance every time, which had us relegating rivals."

Mike Sandoval, from, said:
"The head of the Mühle razor is the part I found to be the most impressive. The two-piece cutting head is precision made and fits together perfectly insuring that the blade is centered correctly when secured in the razor. The chrome plating work on the top and bottom of the head is absolutely flawless, and there are no visible signs of unevenness around the edges. The blade exposure on the R89 provides a very comfortable shave."

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33 Most useful customer reviews (see all reviews):
Mr Llyr Mercer
Feb 22, 2018
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Quality in abundance. My old Parker 13r suffered a snapped screw so a new tool was required. This razor is light years ahead of any other I’ve held. Weighty with a comfortable grip. Gives a much closer shave on a given pass than anything I’ve experienced. I used it with the free Bluebeards revenge blade that came with it and that impressed... be interesting to see how the feather blades I normally use fair in it. Highly recommended
Mr Lee Talbot
Jan 30, 2018
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
I decided to make the switch from cartridge razors primarily from trying to reduce my plastic waste. I was a little concerned that I would get to grips with this style of shave, how wrong I was! Both my wife and myself have oticed that it gives a much closer shave than I would previously get. I am so pleased that I made the switch. The only slightly (and it is slight) negative thing to say is that the handle feels a little short in my hand. But on the whole it is a lovely peice of kit to use. Very hapy with the purchase.
Mr demetrios nicolaou
Dec 10, 2017
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
This was my first purchase from shave shack and my first safety razor.
After a lot of research i opted for this model.
Very nicely made and with blades costing 37p (featherlite) i cant fault it.
It does take time getting used to the feel of the handle and letting it glide without pressure is strange at first. I did get some cuts and still do near adams apple but its very good close shave.
Not recommended for styling your beard/moustache as its chunky at the top.
I still use gillette fusion blades but just for shaving my head.
Dec 17, 2015
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Excellent razor. Bewildered by the amount of choice. Finally took the plunge and opted for this. Years ago I tried using a DE razor (a cheap brand in a well known chemist) gave up because of the irritation and cuts. Used cartridge razor and electric shaving. Decided to try again and positive reviews for the razor made me decide. No regrets, excellent razor and a pleasant experience. Not sure why I didn't try earlier. Excellent service from Shaving-Shack too!
Mr Andrew Davies
Oct 24, 2015
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Firstly, fantastic service from these guys, thanks so much! Secondly, don't be put off by the safety information with this razor. I was really worried the first time I shaved, thinking I was going to be a bloody mess on the bathroom floor. With the recommended Derby blades it offers a very forgiving shave. The best wet shave experience for me to date, my only previous experience with cartridge razors. Don't hesitate to buy! You won't regret it.
Dr Duncan Rosslair
Sep 29, 2015
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
The closest shave I've ever had. This is a fantastic looking razor, functional and elegant. Has a great grip and is very comfortable to use. Can't rate this razor highly enough!
Mr Carl Ward
Jun 11, 2015
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Fantastic razor with a great price. I love it and would highly recommend. Buy it!
Mr Baz Khinda
Nov 28, 2014
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Being new to DE shaving I researched long and hard and it came down to this and the Merkur 34c, looking closely, this for me had the better finish in terms of design Both apparently have the same head. Having now had it for a few months, it feels great in the hand. Despite cutting myself numerous times when I first started using this in conjunction with the Feather blades, I now very rarely have any cuts. Very smooth shave and an upgrade from using cartridges or an electric shaver!
John Blades
I like the simplicity of this razor; just three well-made parts which hold the fourth (the blade) very nicely. The handle has good length, diameter and texture, allowing easy control. Since there are only three parts I'm sure this razor will be easy to maintain. Oh...and it works, of course! (-:
Design of this razor suites my taste well: simple and classic 3 piece DE razor, a fusion of Art Deco design with modern crafting technologies and superb materials - finish is just flawless... real piece of art.
Slightly top heavy, but in overall well balanced and gives solid feel in hand.
The grip is not so prominent as those on e.g. Merkurs razers, but certainly offers an appropriate holding ability in wet conditions (handle pattern is not here just for decoration, it is pretty functional).
Very user friendly, refine, non agresive razor, that gives a great shave, and by all means is worth every penny...
btw. delivery was very fast.
Matthew Broadbent
My first DE razor. Wow! A razor which allows for control and accuracy. Feels well in the hand and looks good as well. Simple yet effective. Functional yet stylish. Well recommended.

Thanks Shaving Shack!
Steve George
Bought this as I wanted something less aggresive than the 38c. It sure fits the bill. Very light, well balanced and easy to hold. Now I have quite sensitive skin but coupled with a feather this razor glides across my face.

Very forgiving razor and an excellent first choice for anyone new to de shaving especially if like me you have sensitive skin.
Alexander Persson
I bought this instead of the Merkur 38c as first razor. I find it very gentle and smooth at the skin.
The build quality is perfect and it is very easy to maintain. The only problem now is that I want to shave myself all the time.
Neville Filar
Like so many here I have begun shaving with a DE razor, after a lifetime of cartridges, and this is one of the two I started out with. It is superb in every way.
After viewing classic Mantic 59 videos on Youtube, and a dodgy first shave, evrything has been increasingly smooth sailing. This razor looks great, feels great, and by golly shaves you great.. As with all the most important activities in life you have to get the angle right ( of the blade to face, in this case) and with Bluebeard or proraso, hot towels, and proper prep, my brand new Proglide is redundant. Ousted by a Timor and this fantastic razor
Ole Færø
This is my 2nd DE razor, my first one being a Parker 22R. I find the quality on this one alot better, the finish is outstanding. The 22R was a little too aggressive, but this one is perfect! It's also very forgiving compared to the 22R, and I think it would be an excellent choice for a beginner. Think I have used the 22R less than a handful times just to compare after I got this one.

This one is now my daily razor, and has been so for months. Couldn't be more happy with it!
Peter Edwards
I decided to switch to shaving with a DE razor when my wife bought me the Vulfix Scilian Lime shave cream from Shave Shack this Christmas. I started with the Wilkinson Sword Classic and whilst that (after the traditional novice nicks and scrapes) was an improvement on any cartridge razor I soon decided to upgrade. Intensive research eventually gave me a short list from which I chose the Muhle R89. The quality is outstanding and it feels like a much more expensive piece of kit. The plating is flawless and the design attractive. The razor, even in my inexperienced hands, feels nicely balanced and has given me a smoother and more comfortable shave than I thought possible.
Spiros Zois
At this price it's the best razor you can get. I own this 2 years and I admire the details and the quality of the product every time I have to clean it from lather residue. It's look and quality compare to razors double and triple the price of it.
it doesn't slip off the hand and it secures the blade really tight.
Its perfomance is really good and one can confirm that by taking a look at the reviews
in the net.
A really must have, especially for new wetshavers
Anderson Coleman
This is the first DE razor I have ever bought and I must say I am impressed with the standard of workmanship and finish on the product. The weight distribution feels good and there is a great grip on the handle - this is a solid piece of German engineering!! In use the razor provided a comfortable shave and no significant problems with nicks or cuts. Overall I am very satisfied with this razor and recommend it to anyone who is unsure what model to buy.
Robin Hughes
Well made piece of kit with a great finish. It has a nice weight to it and the design is both attractive and functional, providing a good grip. It is quite mild and after a few passes it leaves a great shave without being too aggressive.
Lassi M
My first DE razor i ever had and it's easy to use, very comfort to skin. I used it with Derby blades and it gives a nice close shave. Iv'e used it only 2 times for now and i think sometime in future i switch to Feather blades and i bet it's eaven more awesome. It looks great, stylish and the quality of finish is so good. I love this razor and i think i wont be needing any other one any time soon.
Matjaz Jemec
This is a beautifuly crafted razor that is recommended to beginners and experts as well.
For me, the combination of this razor and Feather/Personna Platinum blades results in a fantastic and irritation-free shave.
Andrey Samarkin
This masterpiece is my second DE razor. First was Merkur 34C. When I got it in my hand I thought - hmmm, looks almost like 34C in head part. Hand of this razor seems to be not so comfortable as Merkur. But! I tried to shave with Derby blade from complect. Wow!!! This razor really more forgivable, than 34C, you can shave faster with same comfort. I started to use r89 in the morning, but Mercur 34C stayed for some evenings and holidays, when I can spend more time for the process of shaving. I think that R89 is great for the persons trying DE razors. Great look, great shave.
My first DE razor and it's been a pleasure to use. I've tried it with a range of blades but for me the combination of Derbys and the Muhle give a comfortable, consistent shave with next to no nicks or irritation. Great!

My only slight negative is that the handle can feel a touch slick sometimes but I don't think I've ever dropped it.
Bought this after using a Murker Futur for a couple of years. Wasn't happy with the quality of the Merkur, after a while the blades sit at a different angle on each side due to the seat corroding, Murker exchanged on free of charge though to be fair. Anyway onto this, at first I thought it wasn't as good as the Merkur, much less aggressive but I found it to give a much better shave with much less irritation after a bit of technique changing. Brilliant and well worth the money.
After having shaved with a variety of cartidge and disposables for almost twenty years, I thought it was about time I invested in a proper DE razor. The R89 was an easy transition, with a great result from the first shave. Comfortable in the hand, a forgiving shave and a pleasure to look at, this is an ideal first razor. It's going to be some time before I start looking for something else!
This was my first de razor and I think it's superb. The level of workmanship on it is amazing for the price. It's a nice weight and requires zero pressure as it just glides perfectly. Easy to change the blades and to clean. I use it with Feather blades and find it gives a very close shave once the technique is perfected. Highly recommended for beginners and I won't be changing any time soon.
Excellent build quality as always with Muhle a bargain at this price and a very easy razor to shave with great if your starting out with DE shaving.
Recently won the Muhle R89. I want to point out a great production razors and aesthetic appearance. Razor good in the hand and it is convenient to use.
Razor Bree is very clean. After two passes of the skin is smooth and, most importantly, no cuts or irritation. As the blades used the Shark Super Stainless Double Edged Razor Blades (bought as a bonus to a razor).
I advise everyone, even though the price seems high, but considering the quality of the shave and have fun with it just fine. I recommend.
Chris Steward
My first DE razor, the Muhle R89 is a delight.
It's well built, and looks lovely. Don't be fooled by the knurling on the handle - it's more of a 'ripple' effect and still quite smooth to hold.
Very good weight, and a nice smooth shave; especially (for me, anyway) with Derby Extra blades.
Overall very happy and will be buying this same razor for all male family birthdays this year!
The Muhle R89 is my first DE razor and I found it excellent in every aspect (building quality, user friendliness, the feeling of the shaving etc). I'm still astonished about the feeling of the shaving with a DE razor. I would recommend this for beginners just like myself. I would also recommend especially for the good packaging and fast delivery all the way to Sweden.
Julian Fiorentini
a great beginner's razor and I can't really fault it except I would've preferred a longer handle. That's my fault though, and it certainly doesn't mean I can't use this razor as it's excellent and the shave is so much better than a standard cartridge razor (OMG, what a triumph of marketing over performance those plastic things are!). Highly recommended for beginner or anyone else that wants a nice easy Shave. Works very well with Derby razor blades.
Evgeny Vdovin
Perfect razor Muhle R89!
I purchased this razor on Sunday evening, it was delivered yesterday (Tuesday) really quickly. Having never enjoyed shaving I thought I'd splash out a little and buy this little beauty. Tonight was my first ever shave with a DE razor and I can honestly say it was an absolute pleasure. Perfectly weighted and most of all a cracking shave. Overall this is a fantastic razor that will stay with me for years.
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