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Mitchell's Wool Fat Shaving Soap Refill (125g)Mitchell's Wool Fat Shaving Soap Refill (125g)
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Mitchell's Wool Fat Shaving Soap Refill (125g)

(29 reviews)  

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The best lather and skin softening properties, ideal for sensitive skin!
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The best lather and skin softening properties, ideal for sensitive skin!

Mitchell's Wool Fat Luxury Shaving Soap is renowned for its lather and its amazing skin softening qualities. A simple and natural product, Mitchell's Wool Fat Soap is still made to Mr. Mitchell's original formula, based on a recipe from the turn of the century and incorporating lanolin from the wool fat as the key ingredient.

Although no medical claims are made for it, this very gentle soap is particularly soothing to sensitive skins and has often been recommended by members of the medical profession to help alleviate certain skin complaints. This is probably going to be one of the best soaps you'll ever use so stock up now and experience true shaving heaven!


Height: 2.8cm Diameter: 8cm

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(29 reviews)  

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29 Most useful customer reviews (see all reviews):
Mr David Cunniffe
Jul 29, 2020
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
When first starting using Mitchell’s I had problems getting it to lather. I’d heard so much about the thick lubricant properties of lather the soap can produce, I knew I must be doing something wrong and I was. My failing was not leaving it long enough to bloom in warm water. Once I knew the secret there was no going back. I like a slick feeling soap which doesn’t dry out and if you read the packaging, enriches the skin. The smell is nothing to write home about but the quality of the shave is legendary. I must in every wet shavers locker.
Mr Gary List
Nov 23, 2018
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Just bought this soap. Used tonight first run, gotta say looks superb. Great results. Nice simple smell not overpowering. But the beauty is in the smoothness easy to lather. On top looks like it gonna last for ages. Really good buy. Skin feels soft shave was easier than the basic Palmolive I was using although that's not bad. This seems in a different class
Mr Kyriacos Avraam
Mar 22, 2018
MWF is consisted the best shaving soap in my opinion in terms of lathering, nourishing and silkness. The blade just moves through the beard like a hot knive through butter, and it never gers dry, unlike like other soaps. The size of the soap seems to me like it will lust for a long long time. Great customer service and really quick delivery for us foreigners. Really impressed!
Mr Peter Combes
Mar 20, 2018
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Very pleased with this product. Staff are friendly and helpful as ever, thank you!
Mr Phil Townsley
Mar 16, 2018
I've used this soap regularly for months now and have only just got to the bottom of the ceramic bowl I bought it with. It lathers well and gives a smooth shave with no tenderness but it does tend to dry out quickly on my skin, so I'm regularly wetting the brush and re-lathering. However it never loses its lubrication even when diluted in this way. Given the weight of the ceramic bowl I never take this when travelling, using a travel size foam aerosol instead. The difference in quality of shave is like chalk and cheese.
Mr daniel clark
Jan 16, 2018
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
As I've brought a refill you can probably guess what I think of Mitchell's Wool Fat Shaving Soap, well I love it. I'll never go back to a can of cream this stuff is just the best
Mr David Lund
Nov 13, 2017
Very good. Lathers well and smells great and lasts for ages. What more could you want
Mr Neil Hulme
Oct 9, 2016
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Good size soap with a pleasant smell, lathers up easily. Razor glides through thisbetter than the creams I've used previously.
Mr Ross Alcock
Sep 14, 2015
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Very nice to use, I find it easy to face lather even in a harder water area just take you time and don't rush! It does not how ever like being aloud to dry out so use it regularly and it is a dream to use.
Will Wheatcroft
I bought this soap primarily out of curiosity but also because of its claims of skin softening due to the high lanolin content. This soap is without doubt the best soap I have ever used. For a start, the 'puck' that you get is HUGE. I can see this lasting for AGES if used daily, and if used only on a weekly basis...who knows? A year? two years?? The lather produced with my Kent AP12 brush is INCREDIBLE - as thick as the topping on a trifle (yes, really) and SO MOISTURISING. I usually have to use a post shave moisturising lotion with my other soaps ....but after a shave with this, your skin feels incredibly nourished and smooth and calmed. No moisturiser needed at all! Fragrance wise, this has a pleasant, clean old fashioned soapy scent to it (due to it being soap I guess) A nice change to my 'LOccitane Cade soap. In short, this is one classy soap that will please even the most demanding wet shave enthusiast, and has arguably the best lathering and skin softening abilities around. I would definitely pay double if not triple the price for such a good soap.
Douglas Broughton
Excellant soap. Certainly good for my skin. Great lather and all at a good price
Tony Esinov-Jack
I bought this soap as I have very sensitive skin, and this soap, due to its lanolin content is good for the skin and has a high moisturising ability. I have used 4 other shave soaps and a couple of creams. Out of them all, this one is my favourite, and it looks like it will last for ages. It lathers really well (even with hard water), softens the skin, gives excellent glide, smells pleasant. I would recommend it without any hesitation!
Daniel S
Indeed, wonderful soap. Rich nice lather and the moisturising is fantastic. I have about 15 soaps in rotation and the Mitchell's is the best for the skin. Also nice shaving characteristics, good gliding and fine smell. Recommandable!
Ivan Cousins
I wanted to wait until i had used this soap a few times before reviewing it because some soaps start out well with me for the first shave but then start to show some weakness but not this one, i have been using it exclusively all week and it is superb, great lather,good cushioning ,razor glide and moisturizing, my skin always feels soft and smooth after my shave,in my search for the perfect wet shave i think i am a step closer.
David Corcoran
All i can say is wow!
Having now given into the hype i have heard about this soap, i am so glad that i have. This is an amazing product, protective and moisturizing at the same time, plus no dodgy scents. Just a good clean scent. Thanks to everyone who recomends this soap
Joe Robinson
Very soft and elegant smelling soap.

Different than creams to lather it requires a lot of work but if you wet it before you have a shower then it is simple.

Very smooth shave and doesn't cling to your skin like traditional soaps.
Gary Whittles
I bought this product just before I deployed to Afghanistan with the military. Conscious that it was very arid, I needed a product which would lather easily and moisturise my face. I was not disappointed, this has reinvigorated my daily shaving routine. It's luxurious lather is very quick to cover the shaving area and the Feather blades glide effortlessly across my skin. I have rarely suffered from nicks and cuts with this soap and am excpetionallu pleased. The soap lasted for 11 months and is a definite repeat purchase for me.
Pekka Mäenpää
Wow. Just wow. Incredibly rich and creamy lather, altough I haven't used this for more than a few times, I can say that this soap lasts very long. Mantic59's advice about using a stiffer brush when lathering this is a good one, because the soap is very dense.
Matthew Eagles
Creates a good foam and leaves the skin feeling very soft.
It is also much better value for money than the cremes and spray foams as the single bar of soap will last at least a year.
David Miller
Been using the soap for a year now, found it very good for stopping razor rash as my beard grows in all directions under the chin! No rash at last!
Gavin Forrest
Absolutely lush- the best soap I have used.It leaves my face with no tightness or irritation at all ( my skin is prone to being sensitive with other products).I can't see me using any other from now on.
Derren Jeffrey
When it comes to DE shaving I'm a cheapskate. My razor, a vintage Gillette is a hand me down, I had a nice badgers brush for Xmas last year and my soap is the bog standard Wilkinson Sword (the one in the blue tub) so fair to say I’m getting my value for money. I splashed out on this and I’m glad I did, the soap doesn’t dry out halfway through the shave, it is easy to lather up (just don't use too much water) and has a nice smell to it. With this soap only a couple of quid more that the Wilkinson Sword offering there is a world of difference between the two soaps. When it runs out I could be tempted to splash out the extra for the ceramic pot.
Harry G
I'd been using shaving cream for some time after unsatisfactory results from high street brand soaps. But I was intrigued by the reviews for this so I decided to give it a go. It is very nice! It has a neutral, old-fashioned smell that's quite pleasant and won't overpower your cologne. Despite its reputation for being hard to lather I found it easy to whip up, even using a soft super-badger brush. The lather is very creamy with none of the chalkiness of more synthetic soaps. It helps the razor glide very nicely and leaves me with a nice close shave with no rash or nicks. I can't claim that it's so moisturising that I don't need aftershave balm, but it does feel good for the skin. And... it's just a lovely concept too: a natural traditional soap made by an old, small British company. This is great value for money and I'll definitely buy it again.
Steven McNeill
This is my first purchase of proper shaving soap as up until this week my weapon of choice was Wilkinson Sword shaving soap, which was my first soap I bought 6 months ago and now that I have used most of it up I thought I would treat myself.

The first thing I noticed other than the vintage style packaging was the smell. It immediately hit me with a pleasant fragrance with a mild sweet taint to it and it reminded me of something familiar but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Eventually I came to liken the smell to Imperial Leather soap, though this isn’t a bad thing as it is mild and noticeable but not as over powering as Imperial Leather itself.
The cake of soap is a good size for the price and as a bonus it also fits into the plastic casing/pod that the Wilkinson Sword soap came in so I didn’t have to worry about a suitable soap dish.

Working up a lather didn’t take too much effort or pressure with my brush and it went on my face smoothly without thinning out too much or drying too quickly. I combined this soap with an Edwin Jagger DE89 razor, shaving shack badger brush and Astra Superior blades and had a very smooth and comfortable shave with it. It didn’t dry my skin out as much as the WS soap has done previously, didn’t leave behind a strong smell of soap either but left a pleasant faint smell and soft, smooth skin instead.

I have blemish prone skin but thankfully this soap hasn’t caused any (even though I felt a bit of razor burn during my shave) so due to this, the mild smell, amount you get and it lathering easily, it gets a thumbs up from me.
Michael I
Bit tricky to get your lather right, but once you do this soap is one of the best. A clean, "soap" scent, very lubricating, thick and cushioning. Leaves my skin feeling smooth and nourished. Try it, work it, you won't be disappointed.
Adam Clish
right now the wife is laughing at me! as i couldn't get on the laptop any quicker to let all DE shavers know have errr.... PERFECT! this shaving soap is. and this is only after using this product once. like many others, i brought this soap after allways coming across it when looking up shaving creams/soaps ect.. and decided to give it ago due to never finding any other soap or cream which didnt irratate my skin.
this stuff whips up and lathers beautifully! alowing my blade to glide on my face without any irratation on the face or neck. i dont honestly know what it is that makes this stuff work? but buy god it does. thankyou so much mitchells & SS.
Adam Quin
I bought this soap to try it out as an alternative to TOBS Jermyn Street Sensitive Soap. I now know what all the fuss is about. This soap is so soft and nourishing to the skin and it produces a rich creamy lather with little or no effort. I will definitely be buying it again and cannot recommend it enough. Great delivery and service too from the Shaving Shack. Highly Recommended !
Daniel Tollick
This soap is so smooth and silky I love it. A little goes along way!
Connor Clarke
First time using soap over store brought canned gel, did some research and this kept coming up tops. I can honestly agree with all the hype; creates a thick lather, will last ages given the size of the puck, smells a bit old fashion but isn't overpowering. Has done brilliantly in soothing my skin.
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