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Merkur Futur Adjustable Safety Razor with Chrome FinishMerkur Futur Adjustable Safety Razor with Chrome Finish
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Merkur Futur Adjustable Safety Razor with Chrome Finish Merkur Blade

Merkur Futur Adjustable Safety Razor with Chrome Finish

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German engineering at an affordable price!
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German engineering at an affordable price!

Made by Merkur in Solingen Germany, one of the worlds finest manufacturers of shaving equipment. This Futur Safety razor has a superb mirror finish, it looks and feels like the superbly manufactured item that it is. The razor can be adjusted to different settings dependent on personal preference or which part you are shaving. The initial outlay will be recouped by durability of the razor and the savings in razor blades. Compare that to your Mach 3! Go on, treat yourself to a great shave!

Comes in a Merkur branded cardboard box with a single Merkur blade.

Important! Before purchasing, please read the Maintenance of Merkur Safety Razors.

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(20 reviews)  

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20 Most useful customer reviews (see all reviews):
Jan 27, 2022
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
A beautiful looking shaver but I'm afraid it didn't suit me. Even on No 1 setting I found it too severe and have put it back in the drawer in it's box and bought a Muhle closed comb shaver which is super.
Miss Pezzetti Cristina
Mar 5, 2019
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Buon rasoio forse un poco pesante ma ben costruito
Nov 27, 2015
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Excellent service & exceptional piece of kit, stop looking at other razors & bite the bullet, zero razor burn
H Weatherall
spoke to dan on monday ,tuesday morn postman on door step sign here please, 5 ins later the most perfect shaving experince in 35 years, why oh why did i ever stop using a safety razor, as for the 761 with the merkur blade,its the dog's bollock's step up dan and take a bow your the man,thanks for everthing regards sandy.
Walter Chan
I first bought this for its great modern look and delighted that it is as good as it looks. I am definitelt converted to wet shaving with a badger brush and this razor from now on. Thans for Shaving shack to bring me back to the delight of shaving!
Thomas Mekelburg
I bought this razor for over a month. I used it first on the 1, and it was a mild and perfect shaving.I used the israeli double edge blades. The razor looks very fine in the chrome finish and everthing looks in great quality. I think the razor works great for a live long, it is a really great investment. Shaving Shack sell it for a great price.
Thanks and best regards
James Sutherland
Purchased this razor on a recommendation from a friend as was I constantly complaining about my Mach 3 and Azur, from my first shave onwards I have never looked back. Offers the closest shave I've ever had, no more stuble rash or ingrowing hairs. Looks great and actually makes shaving a pleasure to do. I've raved about the razor so much my dad and brother-in-law now have one.
Tim P.
Great razor, it changes my shaving habits. I used it with derby blades and it works perfectly, the shaving is smooth and clean. And comare to my old razor, the price for blades is just amazing.
You can tell the quality of the razor is great, and it wall last many many years!!!
Phil Jose
Day1: Ouch!
Day2: Ahh!
Day3: Ooo...
Day4: Wow!!

After nearly a week since making the switch to DE razors and finally seeing the light, the quality of my shave is still improving along with my technique.

My third shave was on a par with my old 5 blade razor ... my fourth closer than ever before.

I am amazed how a single blade is so much better than a cartridge with no drag. I can now enjoy a truly close shave more regularly at a fraction of the cost.
Max Hoskins
Moved onto this model after starting with a Merkur 34c. Nice and heavy, although the grip could use some knurling to save it slipping when wet. Tried all the settings up to 6, and after a few nicks went back down to 3! A quality piece of equipment that looks good, and will last.
Joe Robinson
Very satisfied.

After using a Gillette multi-blade type razor since i was 16 i had constant razor burn and patchy shaves.
Shaving became a chore which i liked to avoid so i felt scruffy. I researched the best ways to eliminate my problems and obtain a better relaxing shave.
Everything pointed towards a single blade razor which i reluctantly decided to buy thinking that i needed some high tech 10 blade thing to get a closer shave.
I bought this razor and it has been nothing but enjoyable, relaxing and positive shaving from that moment. I could go as far to say double edged safety razors have changed my life for the better.
Martin Fowler
Best xmas present i've had in years. Have hated shaving with cartridges for the 30 years i have been shaving, now enjoy the art shaving is with a DE.
Used to suffer with ingrown hairs but not now, cuts easier with less passes and a lot closer. Used Mekur blades to begin but now prefer the 'feared" Feathers!
Bradley Prentice
These were out of stock so I mailed Dan to find out when they would be back in, unlike some other companies I have used in the past I got a prompt response saying they were on order for some time in the week, the next day I got another mail telling me these were now in stock.
I ordered mine on Friday & it turned up on Tuesday, extremely well packaged & with my free gift of Bluebeards post shave balm, how about that for service, I get it cheaper than anywhere else with a free gift!!!
Even if you only buy one to hear the noise it makes as it demolishes your stubble it is worth it.
Awesome service & a brilliant razor, I'm now considering using my HD34c as a travel razor as this has taken its place.
Oliver McMullen
This adjustable razor is part of my regular rotation (9 razors in total). I have to say it is the most formidable of all my razors. I like an aggressive shave and the Futur is very very aggressive on setting 6 (far more so than the slant bar). It gives me what I call a "crunchy" shave - which is to say I can really hear the stubble being cut. Most of my beard is removed on the 1st and 2nd passes. For the third XTG pass I turn it down to 4, but still have to be very careful. This razor gives simply fantastic results - but it is the only razor which has ever given me a serious nick. With a Feather blade loaded it simply slices the top off any small bumps. The only gripe I have is the pop off top which does not seem to be a very robust mechanism to me. I wonder whether it will last as long as my 1960 Fatboy. Overall the Futur is a simple stunning razor, and very easy to clean. I'd recommend this for an experienced shaver due to the aggressiveness on high settings.
Robin Hughes
I thought that I would treat myself to the Futur as I have been wet shaving for a while and wanted this razor for most of that time. It took a little while to get use to the weight of the Futur and to find the best cutting angle (very different to most razors). Now that I am use to handling the Futur I get an amazing shave... Ever time.
I have tried the Futur with Feather blades, Lord Premiums, Derby Extras and Astra SPs. I got the best results with the Astras.
Awesome piece of kit. Looks so good in the bathroom. Pure quality.
Craig Kelley
What a great razor, looks the part and gives the perfect shave. Adjustment is great if you have sensitive skin as you can set it low for the against the grain pass, first time I get no irritation when shaving. Postage is really quick and comes nicely packed.
Daniel Gustafson
After 15 years of shaving with a Gillette Mach 3 I was ready to step up to the plater and try a real razor. After scouting the field I fell for the Merkur 34C but was then lured into buying the more expensive Futur model. For me the price difference didn´t matter that much and I felt that the extra money for a neat feature like adjustment was well spent. I also felt that it was better to splash out right away instead of saving a few bucks and then upgrade later (which apparently is quite common).

For a beginner it is really great to be able to start easy and then gradually expose the skin to more and more of the blade by upping the dial. The grading sure isn´t a gimmick - there´s plenty of difference between using each and everyone of the settings. I quickly moved on up to the 3rd setting and have yet to move further.

I love the great workmanship of this product and don´t doubt that it will last for years. You´d think that the chrome would give this a slightly bad grip but I´m happy to say that this isn´t the case.

Solid, built to last and if you gear up and get a matching brush and stand it looks adorable in your bathroom.
John Emerson
Since moving to DE shaving i've always fancied a Merkur, so took the plunge and bought the Futur.
The first thing that struck me was the weight, feels solid without being unwieldly, feels like a quality product.

I was a bit worried about the chrome finish being slippy, but quickly found out that this wasn't the case. The Merkur Futur fits nicely into the hand and doesn't move.

When shaving the weight of this razor does most of the work, all you need to do is to keep it on track, combined with Feather Blades this has given me the cleanest shave for a long time. I thought my Edwin Jagger gave a smooth shave, but the Merkur Futur is a whole new level.
Colin Pocock
Decided to wait a few weeks of use before posting a review of the Futur. It is a great razor nice and weighty but that might not suit everyone. I was more worried about my fingers when taking the blade out of the wrapper than when adjusting the setting mid shave or replacing the blade in the razor !! The polished chrome finish isn't slippery even when wet and it feels really nice in the hand. I get a lovely close shave using Gillette Silver Blue blades with the razor set on 3 and then 2 for the final ATG pass. I don't find that it is hard to shave around the normal trouble areas but you certainly can't rush your shave with the Futur. All in all a great razor for my collection and it's built to last.
ashley higgins
Bought this razor bout 2 weeks ago. Its an exceptional razor. Feels "heavy" in hand, good weight. The dial settings make it easy to control blade. Feather blades and 7 'o clock blades is such a close shave with this razor. Cant recommend highly enough.
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