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Merkur 38C Barberpole Double Edge Safety RazorMerkur 38C Barberpole Double Edge Safety Razor
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Merkur 38C Barberpole Double Edge Safety Razor Merkur 38C Merkur Blade

Merkur 38C Barberpole Double Edge Safety Razor

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Heavy duty, long handled razor from the German craftsmen!
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Heavy duty, long handled razor from the German craftsmen!

Limited stock available - get them while you can!

Merkur have combined the best features of their most popular razors to come up with this fantastic shaving tool! Based on the shorter handled Merkur 34C Heavy Duty Classic razor it features:

- Chrome plated solid brass core
- Long handle (10cm) with stylish barber pole design
- Weighty (120g) and solid design that feels great in your hand
- Two part razor with turning knob at the base of the handle that releases the screw rod for razor replacement
- Comes in a Merkur branded cardboard box with a single Merkur blade

This heavy duty razor is a must buy for those serious about using the very best in workmanship.

Important! Before purchasing, please read the Maintenance of Merkur Safety Razors.

Press coverage

Tried & Tested: The Sun puts the Merkur 38C to the test

David Firth, editor of the Tried & Tested section on The Sun website, puts the Merkur 38C Barberpole to test and is not left disappointed. He said: “It feels balanced when you're shaving and it allows total control. The diagonal thread design on the pole helps you keep a solid grip and I also like that you change the blade by simply unscrewing the base, rather than having to disassemble the whole thing. A great piece of kit." You can read the full article online by clicking here.

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Mr Suhaymath Nasser
Dec 24, 2019
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
I am quite simply very impressed and happy with this razor.

Coming from a razor with a butterfly mechanism, I wondered whether I'd find a razor that I had to take apart more troublesome. Frankly, I don't. The wonderful two-piece design of the 38C makes it so easy to manage, from blade changes to maintenance.

If I could change anything, I'd knurl the bottom of the pommel for a little extra measure of control, but as is, it's it's hardly deficient. It's still very easy to get a good grip on this razor and delicately direct it over yourself exactly as you want. The results, especially paired with a good sharp blade, are beyond satisfactory.
Mr Barry Legg
Jun 26, 2019
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Excellent. In less than a week, I can see that shaving with the Merkur 38c has improved my skin and I am getting a better shave.
Mr Nigel Bramley
Apr 23, 2018
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
This is now my third merkur, I’ve still got the others and they work excellently with my choice of blades, which is the important thing. A good quality heavyish razor that is good for beginners and oldies like me.
Jan 4, 2018
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Merkur 38C Review

Firstly, before the review per se, I'll set the scene in order that readers will have a context in which to view my thoughts on this large, manly looking implement. I've read many reviews of various shaving goods sold on this excellent site as well as reviews of this razor in particular and they have made me feel a bit, well, insecure. You see, I don't have large hands. My string-back driving gloves are a puny size 7/8 and my smoking-pipe stem is sized small to medium. I don't produce thick, coarse facial growth and I don't achieve a Grizzley Adams beard by noon (or even by midnight the next day, for that matter).

Eventually, these inadequaceies were exactly why I opted to take the bull by the horns and submit this review - to fly the flag for others, like me, who don't shave like Charles Bronson on horse steroids. So, all that being said, I have wet shaved for over 30 years, using Gillette Contours initially and Gillette Mach 3 razors laterly to remove my sparse, patchy growth every couple of days in an attempt to avoid looking like an extra on The In-Betweeners. I've never experienced shaving rash in all those years despite shaving every other day, whether I needed it or not. Although I got by over the years, my dad didn't show me how to shave, YouTube did. However, I'm putting this right now by letting my own son see The Ritual in the hope that he will too, someday, shave like a proper man should even though it'll probably be done with lasers or nano-bots or something by the time he's ready.

Now, on to this two piece Razor. Initially I was unsure. Yes, it is built like a tank and finished with robust plating suitable more for utility than for show, lending it the air of working tools - but, maybe this was a mistake; too large, too heavy... Would I rip my face off because my little wrists couldn't wield it with sufficient dexterity, would it break the sink if dropped from a sudsy hand?.. In answer to the above, "no", it isn't too large or heavy and after only a couple of tentative try-outs with Astra "greens" I was very comfortable and finding that I concurred with other reviewers who also noticed this razor managing to provide, simultaneously, a very mild and a very smooth shave. In short, it is a very good razor and performs well at what it was enginered in Germany to do. Before purchasing I had swithered between this and the legendary 34C HD, but I'm glad I got this one as the extra length makes it easy to grip and manouver and probably provides more hand positions. Quibbles? The knurling could be a tad deeper, but nothing can be perfect on the material pane. 9/10.
Mr Andrew Duff
May 2, 2017
Around four years ago, I bought the tiny Merkur 42C and was really pleased with it. (I still am.)

Despite that, I occasionally dropped hints to family that I had nearly bought a 38C Barberpole instead. I'm glad to say that the hints worked because a couple of months and one birthday later the wished-for present arrived.

In comparison to the 42C, this is a beast. It is really satisfying to hold and is a delight to use for a close shave. The head is as well made as that on the smaller razor and the handle feels absolutely solid. The blade is released by turning the head of the screw at the base of the shaft and it is clearly machined to a very close tolerance.

I find that the angle at which the cutting edge is held is perfect. I have used Derby, Wilkinson Sword, and Feather blades. The latter are my favourite, the Derbys are fine and the Wilkinson Sword once again demonstrate that their natural environment is in a decorator's paint stripper!

I like the "1904 Replica" 42C but for me the Barberpole is the clear favourite. It just works and feels fantastic doing it. This is a great razor, deserving of its excellent reputation. For the price, it is an absolute bargain. Four years on, I don't feel the need to buy anything else. (Sorry Shaving Shack!)
Mr Robert Harris
Oct 23, 2016
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
I've just got into using a DE razor and was looking for an upgrade from my Wilkinson sword one and I saw this. I wasn't sure if the weight and length would be an issue, but was proven wrong. It feels heavy on my hand but that means I don't need to use any pressure the razors own weight cuts through my board beautifully. It is the beat shave I've ever had. So gar no nicks and no razor burn. The quality of this razor is fantastic. Also the service from the Shaving Shack is fantastic. Highly recommended on both counts
Mr Nigel Head
Apr 8, 2016
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Another great razor from Merkur! I bought this as an alternative to my other razor. I was really impressed. My main criticism of my other razor is that the handle is very thin. The handle on the 38C is quite hefty but very comfortable. The razor is quite heavy which I found I actually prefer. What did surprise me is that in terms of shave the 38C is quite mild and not aggressive. Saying that it is still aggressive enough to get the job done comfortably and not cause any irritation. Its solid and well built. I'm really happy with it.
Craig Hunter
Feb 24, 2015
Ever since beginning shaving 18 years ago I have predominantly wet shaved, since I found electric razors poor both in terms of shave quality and the rash they gave me.

I thought that I would settle with the Mach 3 combo forevermore. However after a brief flirtation with the Fusion (expensive, poor shave and ingrown hairs), I reverted back to my trusty Mach 3 combo. As my beard growth has become heavier, I have found myself needing to shave twice a day; both the inherent cost of cartridges and additional time out of my day proving unwelcome.

I started looking for alternatives and had seriously contemplated a straight edge, but after much research settled on the idea that a Merkur razor seemed like the gateway choice to traditional style shaving…..

Well with the 38C I think I may have found my shaving partner for life. The razor is perfectly balanced. The weightiness of the razor is a joy to use (rather than the flighty feeling Mach 3’s). The machining quality is excellent, and no amount of ‘ergonomic R & D’ that Gillette invest in will ever come close to the simplistic beauty and comfort of the 38C. The shave is of course superb, easily the closest I have experienced. Less is most definitely more.

A truly fantastic product.
Daniel Hartshorne
Feb 24, 2015
after a couple of years trying to avoid shaving due to razor bumps, rashes and just being really uncomfortable no matter what razor I used I did some research and thought that this may be a good option for me.

After reading many reviews I decided to take the plunge and buy this little beauty! Aesthetically pleasing to the eye and to me the best shave I've had to date. It was smooth and easy to shave with and haven't experienced any of the above problems.

As a beginner I was nervous to this but I've now realised that their was no need to be and would recommend this shaver to anyone just starting out.

Mr Ben Green
Feb 9, 2015
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
First of all I would like to give you my back ground as a lot of the reviews appear to be from people who are new to safety razors, after trying one for the first time, having come from the likes of a Gillette Mach 3 or similar they rave about how good a safety razor is having never experienced them before. I didn't find this constructive feedback as these people are bound to find the razors good. Well I have been using a safety razor since I started shaving in my teens (I am now 33) having inherited the trait from my dad. I can suffer from quite bad razor burn on my neck and a safety razor, shaving brush and shaving soap and shave oil is the only thing that has ever prevented this ( I have recently started using an alum bloc on my neck and this has improved things even further, get one) I have tried every other type of razor under the sun and only a safety razor has ever stopped the burn. Further to this I have tried many safety razors and the Merkur is one of the best by far. For the last few years I have been using my dads 1975 Gillette safety razor which he gave me years ago. This thing is everything I want in a razor, long lasting build quality and good close shave with no burn. In August 2014 I decided it was time to preserve the old razor though, maybe for my son when he gets older and after a lot of searching settled on the Merkur barber pole 38c. Well firstly it's a very well made bit of kit and should last years if treated well, it has a nice weight to it and good balance, not to heavy but not so light that you have to press it into the skin, just hold it lightly as you move it across the skin and it does the work for you, great. It also grips the blade tightly which stops it vibrating as it goes across the skin, this alone can cause me the burn and I have had it happen with cheaper less well made razors rendering them useless straight out of the box. The razor also comes apart into 3 pieces for easy cleaning and after being used every other day since August still looks as good as new. There are really only 2 bad points to the razor, firstly the shaft that slides into the handle has a small metal collar on it set into a grove near its base, when you slide the shaft back into the handle after cleaning you have to really squeeze the metal collar into the grove or it pops out and just slides to the bottom of the shaft which then means you can't assemble the razor, if like me you've got big hands this is quite fiddly and frustrating to do. The second bad point is however more important and is to do with the function of the razor, basically the curved face at the very top of the razor (above the blade) has quite a pronounced curve and I have found that because of this the razor doesn't give me as close a shave as my old Gillette which had a much less pronounced, much shallower curve in this area. At first I didn't like it as I felt like I wasn't shaved close enough but now I'm used to it is fine but it is something to watch out for depending on where you are coming from in the first place shaving wise, if your come from the Mach3 and of things you'll be fine. Overall it's a really good, well made, value for money piece of kit and after over 15 years of shaving one of the best I have come across.
Mr Jacky Tang
Dec 22, 2014
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
This was my first DE razor coming off cartridges and don't think i will ever go back. Surprisingly gentle on the face yet fantastic cutting from the supplied blade. The razor it self has a really nice weight to it and looks fantastic. the spiral knurling looks classy and provides excellent grip and the whole razor has a really high quality chrome finish. Using the razor is really simple, unscrew add blade screw back. Then just follow any video on youtube about technique. My first shave went brilliantly, no cuts or nicks even though my skin is quite sensitive. Would definitely recommend to anyone want to make the switch.
William Wood
I was recommended to try a shaving brush, shaving soap and a Merkur safety razor to ease the discomfort of shaving and I must say it is fantastic and surprisingly a lot easier than I thought. It does take a few shaves to get used to but overall my skin is fairing much better compared to the mach 3 style razors that irritated my skin to a severe degree. This product may seem to be on the expensive side for a razor but you must remember how much you will be saving through cheaper blades and the fact that this tool will last several lifetimes!
Will Wheatcroft
Well, what can I say? Like many I have ditched my plasticky, overpriced, poor performing Mach 3 cartridge razor, and I think it's one of the best decisions I have made. After much research into DE razors, I opted for the Merkur 38C 'Barber Pole'. I can honestly say all the praise heaped onto this razor is well founded. A truly amazing first DE shaving skin felt alive and glowing. With care and NO PRESSURE on the blade I only nicked my neck once. After the extremely satisfying shave, I could run fingers back AND forward over my face and feel no stubble at all...unlike my past Mach 3 sessions. The 38C looks and feels like the high end tool that it is - tactile, weighty and masculine! I know I won't ever need another razor...unless this is stolen by a mate! - in short - one of the best purchases of my life. It isn't often you know that something you have bought will be with you when you're old!
Mark Woodcock
The Merkur 38C is a superb razor. I have been shaving with it for a few months now and have to say it is one of the best razors that I have used to date. I prefer the longer handle that the 38C offers and find that it is very well balanced and easy to use and to change blades. I get a very close shave with no nicks or razor burn. I would definately recommend this razor and am convinced that it will last a lifetime.
Charudutt Thirumalai
I phoned before I placed the order and got indepth brief on what I should be going for and for what reason. Very knowledgeable indeed. Anyway went ahead with Merkur 38C based on suggestions and also on review from this & other website(shaving shack is definitely the cheapest for sure!). Had my first shave and even though this is my first time with a single blade it proved to be a great success. No nicks and clean smooth result! What is even more amazing is that the skin is totally moist and no bumps or red blotches/marks and no irritations. Had to wait till I was 32 to discover this. Merkur is slightly on the heavy side but boy once you get to use it you would never go back to multi blade system. Cost wise it is a investment well made. Perhaps few videos on the website for freshers would be much useful!!!
simon boulstridge
This is the first time I have used a Merkur razor, in the past I have always used a mach 3 razor. I couldn't believe how much closer it felt, and didn't leave any burn. So I am going to get one for my dad for his birthday.
Jakob Elbæk Egegaard Pedersen
I bought this razor because I thought it was beautiful - I simply had to have it in my collection. I didn't really need it as I already have a HD 34C (ok, who am I kidding? Off course I needed it) :)
This is truly a beautiful, well made and highly functional razor. Everyone should have one in their rotation. But, if you are a beginner looking for which razor to buy first I would recommend the HD 34C before the 38C.
Paul Ryder
Name the things you have owned for YEARS ? Not a lot I bet... well, this is a LIFETIME purchase !
A top quality piece of German steel that will outlive you !
Ive spend 30 years looking for this razor... and like ANY quality tool - it needs practice to achieve a decent job, but thats not to say you will bleed on the way... DE shaving isnt as hard as some folk make out, as long as you follow 2 rules:
1:DO NOT "press on" - guide it over you face only.
2: Make sure the blade is touching skin !

The last one sounds obvious, but there are 3 edges to drag along the face - ONLY the middle one is the blade.... its easy to get the angle wrong, and require lots of "passes" - which creates soreness.
You shave with your EARS - you will soon learn the "right sound" then it becomes automatic.
Once you have "mapped" your face, and get the angle right, its as easy as a cartridge razor, only closer.
Plan on spending a month or more to get the hang of it... and you will be rewarded with an excellent shave EVERY DAY.
Try different soaps and blades too - they are NOT all the same, and different folk need different combinations !

A "Rolls Royce" of a razor A+++

N B Panikker
I've been using this with excellent results for a fortnight now, having had it recommended last month by Sam Tellig in Stereophile magazine. The last time I used a safety razor was ~30 years ago - my late dad's! Since then, it's been various landfill-bound disposabes and cartridges. This is a whole other experience. Okay, it requires a bit more care and my shaving seems to have become somewhat more ritualised - I lather and heat everything up much more now - but the 38c works beautifully. It doesn't just feel good in the hand due to its weight, but it gives a much cleaner shave, even with just one with-the-grain pass. Highly recommended, then (by me, this time!), for novices and returnees.
Marius Larsen
Many people recommend the 34C as a starter razor. I say; get the 38C instead!

The head on the 34C and 38C is the same, but the weight makes the 38C superior. You quickly learn to let the razor glide over your skin, and let the heft of the razor to all the work.

The 38C is stunning to look at, and is suited for both beginners, and experienced DE-shavers. You will outgrow the 34C, but the 38C will be a shaver for life.
I ordered this razor as my first DE razor ever a few weeks ago and since then I've been having the best shaves in my life.

First, like many others, I was concerned that this would be a rather "dangerous" experience since I wasn't familiar with safety razors or blades but the truth is that it is very easy to shave with it and since then I have reduced in nicks and cuts by a 99%.

It is aggressive but not too much. This way it offers a well balanced equilibrium.

Another thing I like it's is heaviness. It allows you to slide and glide the razor so easily and gently over the skin without any pressure that it will help you to get a closer shave.

And finally here's a tip I love: The razor is completely made of quality metal, that means that if you rinse it off under hot water and then apply it on your face you get a lovely delicious warm feeling you can't experience with a cartridge razor. Try it out!
Mark Stapleton
My 38C arrived this week and I have officially entered the world of DE shaving.

Along with the 38C I got some Mitchell's Wool Fat Soap and a brush all from here.

Initial thoughts are must try harder, me that is, I guess like many is a new learning curve, but one I am happy to make.

Morning and before I got out are more like a performance which I am beginning to enjoy.

The razor is a joy to use with that quality feel about it............wish me luck on my journey.
Michael Skinner
Ah, my first steps into the world of DE shaving. For 10 years I shaved with clippers, maintaining a constant level of stubble. I'd given up on wet shaving due to the horrific rash I would always get the next day, and besides, every time I was clean shaven (weddings, interviews etc) people would always comment that I looked 12 yrs old!! Time moves on....looking young could now be considered a high quality problem. A quick search on the internet might lead you to think that the best shave comes from potions and gadgets, however proper research reveals that solutions for today can be found in products from the past, a good brush, quality soap, a faithful razor and cheap (high quality) blades. I'm 3 weeks in, the learning curve has been enjoyable, and the results are better than I ever achieved in 1 year with a Gillette mach 3, or 3 months with an electric razor. Shaving is now a pleasure, and my Merkur 38C will probably last forever.
Having extensively mined ebay for vintage Gillette's and tried most...also tried Edwin Jagger, Mule etc...I can honestly say that either the Merkur 34c or this one the 38c and the progress are possibly the best razors available anywhere...
KRistian Tippins
I have left it 12 months for a proper unbiased review. The 38C was my first step into DE shaving. I chose it from SS as it was a very keenly priced UK website.

I ordered a selection of blades to go with it, and started with the feather baldes....I never looked back. Firstly they are THE best DE blades about. Patience, research and light pressure means even for the first time user, they offer amazing results without nicks and cuts. Rush or be heavy fisted and you'll know about it though!!

To start with I wasn't getting brilliant results from the DE, but after making sure i showered, used a decent foam and brush, and made 3 passes, I ended up with a fantastic shave.

The 38C is a nice weighty unit, great looking and feels like it will last a lifetime.

Shaving is now a joy, no irritation, a clean shave and it just looks damn cool with the extras you can by :D

My shaving setup, dax and brylcream for my hair, Euthymol for my teeth....I'm like a retro geek, but i get compliments from all who see my setup :D

Just bought my first shavette from SS to have a little play.

Overall. Give DE razors a go, give them a bit of time, don't rush, use feather blades, and you'll have an amazing shave.
Alan Hurcumb
I have just had the most amazingly close shave of my life, after using cheap DE razors I decided to treat myself to a 38C and am so glad I did. The quality of the 38C is excellent as is the service from The Shaving Shack, 24 hours from order to delivery.
Overall. 10/10 Buy one, and some Feather blades and start to enjoy shaving again, you wont regret it.
Ben Wilson
I purchased the Merkur 38C a few months ago, and I am very satisfied with the razor. It has a nice weight, which allows for the razor to glide naturally over your skin without applying pressure.

Additionally, the length of the shaft makes the razor easy to hold in your hand, though the additional length of the razor has required a bit of an adjustment when shaving just below my jaw line because of the direction that my hair grows.

At any rate, disassembly and cleaning are a breeze, and the brushed, barber pole finish gives the razor a nice stands out in radiant glory amidst all the make-containers and brushes that occupy our bathroom counter top!

All in all, I would recommend the 38C as a quality DE razor that is built to last.
First Impressions:

Nice weight and feel definitely built to last and feels just right in the hand. Changing blades is easy and painless you will never go back to a cartridge razor after using this.
Comes with one Merkur blade.


I currently use this with the Merkur blade that came with it and it is very sharp although i plan to get the feather blades later on. I love this DE razor so much that i also use it to shave my head not just my face and it does a wonderful job...providing you are careful.

If you cut yourself or have a difficult time just remember DE razors are much sharper than cartridge razors and requires a skill to use it effectively so have patients and i promise you will not regret it.
This is a great piece of kit. The weight and balance is superb and I can't imagine anyone complaining about the longer handle. It feels more natural than, say, the HD. Trialled it for a week using the supplied Merkur blade and I found it shaved very well without any serious nicks when combined with Mitchells. Now using it with a feather blade and it is like another step up in closeness again. I really can't imagine how much better a slant could be when the 38C performs so effectively!
Paul James Lycett
I have been shaving with a DE razor for 40 years.My wife bought me this razor for Christmas,as soon as I removed it from the box it felt right.The balance is perfect.
The gap ( space between the head and blade) is enginered to provide a shave without tugging or pulling of the beard.The resultant shave is ultra smooth.Makes shaving a pleasure,not an every day chore.
Angelo Maiorano
The Merkur 38C razor is beautiful Barberpole believe a work of art of its kind. I purchased it because the Merkur razors have always intrigued me but I have to be honest I think for my type of beard or for a smoother shave razor is the best free-hand. Again this is a personal assessment, the razor 38C is very nice but is heavy and you need to use it very familiar and so I returned to the cut-throat razor.
Simon Lewis
Just used my Merkur 38C for the first time today, this is my first foray into DE razors. What a great change & an welcome replacement for the Gillette Fusion I have used for many years.

No looking back now, will not be sticking to one blade, who needs x5, when one does the job better.

Took it nice & slow for my first time, no cuts. Also used my new Alun block to close the pores after. Only a little stinging.

Hopefully will work out cheaper in the long run, with the blades being a lot, lot cheaper

Highly recommend to everyone.
Martin Giles
Everything about this Razor is pure class, don't think about it, buy it. It is without doubt the most smooth and close shave I have ever had, and that includes the use of a straight razor. First class service and a first class product. Thanks Shaving Shack!
Ian Bisson
I returned to DE shaving after I ran out of double-blade Gillete cartridges, that I'd bought in bulk. I couldn't believe the price of triple, quadruple bladed cartridges! Then I read in a music forum lounge that people were dissatisfied with the recent quality of cartridge blades and that many were returning to DE razors.

I resigned myself to internet research as there were no people in my immediate circles to ask advice of. Those with experience of DE razors have passed on, while my contemporaries all follow the TV advertising led herd.

Reviews here and on other shaving sites all pointed to one brand in particular; Merkur (or Mercury, as translated). They alone had the reputation built over many years and had a range of razors to choose from.

I have large hands and wanted a razor I could easily hold. The 'Barberpole' 38C fitted the bill (and my hand) with a long stem and beautifully engraving, that means I have no fear of slipping.

I soon learned that those advising a featherlight pressure on the skin were very correct! It seemed so different from my previous hacking with the Gillette twin blade. Still, a little more reading about double and triple pass techniques soon had me shaving to a standard I had never experienced in my, oh, 35 years of shaving.

The 38C looks stunning. The chrome plating (more resilient than nickel) looks superb and after 10 months use looks just as good as it did when freshly unpacked. The bottom of the razor twist to release the head, which lifts of to reveal the blade. Changing the blade is easy, just make sure you are alone in the bathroom when you do it! I speak from experience.

I reckon this razor will see me out and then hopefully be used by my descendants, its that well built. The packaging is a little 'Military' in its plainness, but don't let that disappoint you. At least all of your money is going towards the razor itself. The feeling I have towards the 38C is the same as I have towards my Paul Reed Smith guitar. Its a pleasure to behold and use. Its more capable than I am. That said, I'm getting better!

The 38C isn't cheap and is quite a commitment for a first time or returning DE shaver. Fear not, it shaves close but isn't 'aggressive' as I understand the term used here by people with more experience than me. It shaves close and only needs a light touch onto the skin. It balances beautifully, is easily gripped and looks superb. I'm glad I chose this one. I would have had to get one eventually, so why not save money by getting it first?
Juraj Beger
I bought this razor for my father last Christmas. He used an old wilkinson razor, which is mostly build from plastic; so his first impression was 'wow, thats heavy!'. But then he realised that the weight of the razor is it's biggest advatage, so that he does't have to push at all to get a perfect shave. My father does't like to change things, so i was very happy when he said that he is using his new razor insted of he old ones. I personaly like the elegant and clen curves of the shaft and I am thinking to buy me the same piece (I am using the 34C).
Christopher Williams
Bought 7 months ago as art of change in shaving regime, together with a Merkur 34c. The 38c is weightier, and easily glides through the rough! Used for those times when I haven't shaved for a few days, however, since shaving has become much more of a pleasure this razor hasn't had much use as the 34c is my daily shaver. Thoroughly recommended, with great service from The Shaving Shack!
Robbie Farrance
I bought one of these superb razors after hunting around forever, trying to find a razor that didn't fall apart after a couple of uses, the construction is second to none and to get over any issues, I use a little dropper bottle of olive oil to put a tiny smear on the thread about once a week, a totally outstanding piece of kit, with very impressive pedigree.
Sean Crowcroft
The absolute Dogs. Chunky, heavy and hefty, this razor made mincemeat of my rough even after a few days growth. Would 101% recommend to anyone, either novice or experienced DE user.
John. Mercer
This razor surely must be the best piece of de shaving kit in the world having been a wet shaver for over 40 years i have used a lot of different razors in my time This is the most well made and comfortable razor i have ever owned i use 7 oclock blades with proraso shaving creme and i get the best shave i have ever had thanks shaving shack for keeping real mens wet shaving alive
Stephen Engwell
Smooth, elegant, sophisticated and so handsome looking! Well enough of me, let’s talk about this razor. When you pick this beauty up and hold it to your face, you will know that this is true quality. The sheer weight of this stylish razor does the hard work for you ….no extra pressure needed as it glides the contours of the face. This German precision coupled with a Derby blade is an awesome combination.

If you have a hectic lifestyle and everything runs at a frantic pace, then you may want to stick with the dull multi blade razors, but my Fusion is now relegated in favour of a more leisurely and enjoyable shave…’cos I’m worth it!. Well, if this approach to shaving system is good enough for Daniel Craig in ‘Skyfall’, then it’s good enough for me!

Following the friendly advice given so readily by the Shaving Shack team over the phone, I actually went for this more expensive 38C Merkur option. I agree that with such quality ‘you get what you pay for’, and yet isn’t it good to know that you’ll not only have an enjoyable and close shave but also save money in the longer term thanks to the wide variety of inexpensive DE blades available from Shaving Shack.

I could tell you this is one of the best DE razors available, but I would rather leave this for you to find out yourself. If you don’t end up with a super smooth face then the chances are you may not be using the shaving process to your best advantage – thankfully you’ll find many Youtube videos to guide you through a new experience.

As if this wasn’t enough, you’ll then find yourself lured into the Aladdin’s cave of shaving goodies to supplement the Merkur as you obsessively peruse the Shaving Shack website!
Mr Rayban
Wow! A 38C+Feather blades+Taylor Of Bond Street Sandalwood cream = Bliss.

A smooth shave, closer shaves can be made with multiple passes but 3 passes seem to be good enough.

I love shaving everyday now.
Michael Gates
Recently I had been suffering from an increasing problem with ingrown hairs, which I concluded were as a result of shaving. While searching for a solution I found this website and realised the world had moved on, ironically ,with regards to the advantages of traditional shaving. The 38C was my first DE razor purchase.

I bought the 38C as I liked the idea of the longer handle, it fits in my hand well and does not slip. The blades are easy to change, it feels good quality and I expect it will last a lifetime if looked after correctly. I was however disappointed with the throw away cardboard packaging box.

Having never used a DE razor before I had a very tentative first shave but with no cuts. Each shave now gets better and I greatly appreciate the weight in my hand. To be honest I now feel rather silly that I had been using 3blade cartridges (bought for convenience with the weekly supermarket shop) for the last 20 years. With most things in life I research and then do some more research, so how the disadvantage of multi-blade cartridges and benefits of single blade razors escaped me I'll never know. At least I can pass this knowledge down to my son.

I have now been shaving with this for around 3 weeks and haven't suffered from an ingrown hair since. I haven't suffered with a cut or nick yet but I haven't attempted any really close shaves as I do not want ingrown hairs to return. I am shaving a little closer each time, waiting to see if I develop any ingrown hairs then moving onto a closer shave. It seems easy to control the angle and I look forward to improving each shave. I am also looking forward to trying some new soaps and different blades.

I bought wilkinson sword blades to use with this razor as I believed they were middle-road, they do a good job for me. I came back to shaving-shack to purchase some feather blades and also some woolfat soap and decided to stop by and write this review in the meantime.
Keith Drummond
I am learning to shave at the age of 57.After using various Multi blade razors and a few electric razors plus many years of razor burns I found Shaving shack.This razor gives me the best shave ever,a smooth close razor burn free shave.I like the heavy feel and the quality of this razor and the way it glides over the skin.Using the recommended oils and soaps I dont think I could get a better shave.Thank you Shaving shack.Shaving is now an absolute pleasure
Robert PITT
I'm now hooked on real shaving. I already had the 1904 copy but decided something with a longer handle would suit me better. A look on this site revealed a gem of a tool in the 38C.
This is a nive weighty razor and it's nicely made too. The machine turned shaft gives a good grip even when wet and soapy, so top marks there. Fitted with a Feather blade this razor just glides effortlessly over my face with no hint of nicks, two passes and I'm done, and it's a very smooth close shave too.
There is a down side though, I want to try some other shaving products so doubtless I'll be back (Arnie!) to buy creams, balms etc.
I would recommend this razor in a heartbeat to anyone not sure where to begin, go ahead, you have nothing to lose but your stubble.
Mark Warner
After some 25 years of shaving with cartridges, I decided to try out the Merkur 38C Barberpole after seeing my friend's DE razor. He put me on to Shaving Shack, I looked through and put what I needed as a basic kit together (I already had a brush).

I wasn't sure how I'd get on and was expecting my first DE experience to result in lots of cuts etc. I also had a bit of length in stubble, so also expected some pulling.

What I actually got was the best shaving experience I can recall. It was an absolute pull and cut-free shave. no burn or irritation either (I used an Israel blade but have Feathers and Derbys' to try as well).

The Merkur 38C Barberpole not only looks beautiful, but the solid build means that the weight of the tool does a lot of the work for you.

I have never liked shaving... until now. I cannot wait until the next shave.

One more thing; there may be an initial investment in the razor, but the cost of DE blades compared to cartridge refills means that the investment will soon pay off.

Highly recommended.
Andrew Cleeves
I returned to DE shaving about 3 weeks ago and am using the Merkur 38C. I spent a lot of time reading all the reviews of all the razors I could find and settled on this on. Some have said it's a little heavy but I find it OK. I can't compare it to other DE razors but I can honestly say that I happy with and I won't be looking for another for some time.
james _Death
What can be said about this razor that has not already been said?

Nothing im sure, Its a great Razor.
For me having done a good deal of research i went for this model for the extra length to the handle and the weight.

The razor is still not longer than my hand but is a good fit and well weighted.

Quality finish and feel and so fast to strip and clean at the end of each shave.

This and My Century old straight Razor are my weapons of choice in the continued war of man versus facial hair.
Hi all after reading all the reviews i went for this bad boy,was going going to buy the 34C glad i went for this has the handle to me felt a normal size!,just had my first shave with it i thought i would shred myself to bits!! but i didn't i used with the free blade it came with may go for Gillette 7'0 clock blades next time,still went through my week old beard like butter,when before using a cartridge multi blade it would just simply clog up,i felt so grown up too!!,Age 39 lol
David Abram
Having upgraded from a Parker 99R to this was like upgrading from a Volkswagen Golf to a Mercedes E Class! A bit more aggressive than what I've previously been using but that's not a bad thing at all, just means it requires a lot less effort to get a close shave. I absolutely love the weight and feeling of the barberpole grip on this too and it feels like it'll last me a lifetime! Quite possibly the best £38.99 I've ever spent in my life!
Chris Waters
I bought this DE razor a few weeks ago and so far it's been one of the best purchases I've ever made...why have I waited so long?!

It's the first safety razor I've used, coming from mostly electric shaving and the odd disposable razor shave when I wanted a 'closer' shave.

I obviously didn't know what 'closer' really meant until I first used this! I did one pass with the grain and was instantly smoother, easier and more pleasurable than any wet shave I've ever had.

The weight and feel instantly felt right. I was a little nervous at first thinking I would cut my face to ribbons, but didn't at all!

I have quite dry, sensitive skin and am usually quite red and sore on my neck after shaving. Not with this!

I have gone onto two and three passes, with, across and against the grain and I am almost speechless at how smooth, and I mean smoooooooth my skin felt afterwards! Yes, after the first few times I did three passes I did have a few little nicks and a little soreness but that was just my skin getting used to it.

I now LOVE shaving and make the extra 'me time' to do so!
Jake Dougal
This razor is absolutely wonderful. My first ever DE razor, I bought it 6 months ago to replace those atrocious plastic cartridge affairs. I will never look back. I can't understand why anyone would NOT use a straight of DE razor for shaving. "You don't get nicks and cuts with a cartridge razor!" They'll say. I have never had a single cut or nick in the past 6 months with my Merkur.

For 20 minutes, several times a week, I allow myself to be transported into heaven, and this razor is at the center of that experience.

I have large hands, so the extra length is perfect for me, and the substantial weight allows the blade to effortlessly slice through the hair without exertion or pressure from your hand.

This remarkable piece of German engineering is a pleasure to use, and I will get many years (and possibly decades) of enjoyment from it's services.
Chris Theaker
This was my first DE razor and it really is a thing of beauty. It feels great in my hand and is nice and heavy with great balance. As a novice shaver, I have found the 38C really easy to use with only an occasional cut. Highly recommended
Stephen Ansell
Great razor, it looks stunning and the manufacturing is spot on, a real work of art. The shave it provides is also outstanding as you would expect from a razor that has the same head as the 34c HD. Pair this with a feather blade, add good prep and a good technique, and your in for the shave of a lifetime ENJOY! :-). Great service as well from shaving shack, items arrived quickly and were well packaged. I'll be using them again for sure.
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