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Merkur 37C Slant Bar DE Safety RazorMerkur 37C Slant Bar DE Safety Razor
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Merkur 37C Slant Bar DE Safety Razor Merkur Blade

Merkur 37C Slant Bar DE Safety Razor

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A highly rewarding tool for tough beards and sensitive skin!
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A highly rewarding tool for tough beards and sensitive skin!

The Merkur 37C is a serious bit of kit designed for the more experienced DE shaver for an extremely close shave. The slanted head exposes more of the blade at one end and is very similar to the cutting angle of a straight (cut-throat) razor. This means it is ideal for cutting through heavy beards and tough stubble. It is also highly regarded as one of the best DE razors for sensitive skin sufferers because of the way it shaves. It's heavy head means that the experienced shaver only has to use light pressure to get the best shave of his life!

Comes in a Merkur branded cardboard box with a single Merkur blade.

Please note! We weren't joking when we said this razor is for the more experienced shaver! Even Tom uses it with caution but knows that he's going to get a fantastic shave if he treats it with the respect it deserves.

Important! Before purchasing, please read the Maintenance of Merkur Safety Razors.

Please note! This razor is deliberately mis-shapen so before you return it thinking it's defective, please compare the razor to the pictures above.

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(19 reviews)  

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19 Most useful customer reviews (see all reviews):
Nigel B
Apr 8, 2021
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
I've been shaving with DE razors for quite a few years and have always been quite happy with the Merkur Futur Adjustable but thought I would give the 37C Slant Bar a try. Wow! The shave you get from this is super-smooth. I read that the slant bar makes it a little more aggressive but I haven't found that. I have only used it, so far, with the Merkur supplied blade and it's been great. The only thing that took me by surprise was the very short length of the handle (in comparison to the Futur) and had it been available I'd probably have gone for the 39C Long Handle but it was out of stock. Nevertheless, I've already got used to it and am perfectly happy. It might not be the razor for a DE newbie but once you've got the hang of DE shaving I can't praise this razor enough.
Mr David Cunniffe
Jul 2, 2020
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
I put off buy this razor because of its aggressive reputation but I shouldn’t have. If you are using a Merkur 34c or Edwin Jagger DE8x effectively, and providing you give this razor the respect and time it deserves, you won’t have any problems.
The razor has the feel of a Merkur 34c, comfortable in the hand and very manoeuvrable. I prefer a short handle but if you don’t, Merkur produce a long handle slant the 39c. The razor will remove a few days of beard without too much trouble and as always with DE shaving a light touch and patience is a must. The result will be a nice clean close shave. Disobey the rules and I expect it will bite you. Highly recommended, a great step up.
Mr Gari Mclean
May 23, 2017
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Usually shave with a Edwin Jagger DE86 and after wanting to find something a little more 'aggressive' or less forgiving there is a noticeable difference to my DE86 using this 37C. It's a little shorter than I expected and not quite as heavy as the DE86 but does feel very maneuverable in the hand because of it. It does seem to provide a closer shave but the main difference i've had is the reduction in skin irritation as opposed to the straight DE, the alum made no sensation on my cheeks after. I would definitely recommend any one who is interested giving the slant a go.
Mr mark kelly
Jan 25, 2015
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Great razor. Ive used the merkur 37c with a feather blade with no problems just a very close, comfortable shave. Highly recommended.
Mr Aaron Cooper
Dec 13, 2014
The daunting slant shave... This 37c was my first jump into using one and only my second double edged safety razor. I started with a very basic Parker razor that got me used to the shaving technique after a couple of months, then had the 37c as a gift. The first shave was excellent and so has nearly every shave afterwards. Slanted razors are reputed for giving a closer shave in less passes, i.e. less time taken shaving. I personally have moderate to severe acne depending on the time of year and shaving used to be a nightmare due to the threat of slicing up my pimples and causing bacteria to spread at an alarming rate, thus giving more acne. Anyway, I actually chose this razor out for the person who bought it for me for a reason: the less shaving passes required the better. After all, I love a close shave as much as the next man. I started with Derby blades, then Wilkinson Swords. Both great blades in my opinion and both perform well with the 37c. The Derbys pulled/dragged more than the Wilkinsons due to the sharpness difference, but both were satisfactory. I then took a dive and started using the famed Feather blades. Wow. What a combination. Plenty of people say using Feathers in the 37c or other slanted razors is too much, but really it's down to you and your own personal experiences/preferences. For me the 2 pair up perfectly. I love how close the shave is and there's close to no drag whatsoever, and therefore the cut feels slick and straight to business, and doesn't hurt one bit. To compare this slanted razor to my previous Parker straight-sided razor, the straight edge dragged far more, regardless which blades I used. This is the reason I'll never go back to using straight-sided DE razors. The slanted design means the blade slides more than it drags, at least with my stubble it does. It doesn't matter how many days I leave my stubble to grow, it never fails to impress and always gives a comfortable shave- something very important if you have hyper-sensitive skin like mine. On the note of my acne- I went with the sharpest combination possible with the least amount of discomfort (as I said, this razor combined with Father blades) because with my acne it's sometimes inevitable that I'm going to cut through my pimples, so I want the smoothest/sharpest cut possible so healing is much quicker and less painful. So on this note: for any men out there with occasional or ongoing acne issues, try a sharper combination (37c with Wilkinsons or Feathers), not a "softer" combination (like a 34c with Derby blades). It might just be the best thing if you want a close shave you can have every day or every other day. All-round great razor and definitely wouldn't mind picking up more Merkur and other good branded slanted razors.
These Slant Bars have a bit of a reputation for being not for the faint hearted. I took the plunge as I wanted a razor that could cope with my very dense and course beard with as few passes as possible as I’ve got girly sensitive skin! This razor certainly has a bit of blade exposure and its definitely more angle critical than my 38C Barbers Pole – but the upside is that it delivers a seriously close shave. It’s nicely balanced and once you’ve got the hang of it, doesn’t feel quite as scary as you may have been led to believe. If you’ve got your DE shaving technique sorted, you’ll have nothing to fear from this razor and if my experience is anything to go by will give excellent results.
Gary Ward
Dont be scared of buying this razor. It is simply the best double edge razor I have ever used. Gives a really smooth shave with zero irritation if used with applying no pressure against the skin. I have really sensitive skin and a tough ginger beared, and with this razor I have eliminated the problems I had with razor burn and ingrown hairs.
This is my first high quality razor. Comparing it to the £2 Chinese made rubbish I used so far, it is a dream come true. Not a single cut, no razor burns no irritation what so ever. I took it to a 3 day stubble and in just 3 passes it took it all off -- BBS. So far I have only used the Israeli made bonus blades but I don't think it will be a disappointment when I switch to the feathers. Michells wool fat soap goes great with this razor.

Roland Carlile
After using all sorts of razors over the years decided to try the slant out .I am really pleased ,really close shave ,looking at it close up looks quite scary with the blade showing a little more at one end ,the handle is a good weight with plenty of grip.Finish is of top quality as well , With no pressure at all took off two days growth.i used the free merkur blade that came with it .Will now try out a few differant blades over the next few months.
Matthew Moran
I started using this razor recently and yes it is fairly aggressive and will take me some time to adapt to especially using feather blades (the sharpest blades I've ever used).
It is a worthy investment but beginners should work there way up to using this type of razor from a more standard merkur or parker de safety razor.
My verdict buy it!
Spiros Zois
I just got my razor. I couldn't wait and started my preparations for shavng.
I used feather blades, loaded my brush (simpsons chubby) with lather (dr harris lavender soap) and started the process.

I've got very sensitive skin, so I had 3 passes: 1st pass with the grain, 2nd&3rd cross.
Although I was afraid that I would end up full of cuts and knits nothing happened. The razor performed really well and I expect more from it as it was my first time with a slant bar DE.
I didn't get that baby smooth face but I can't blame the razor since I didn't shace against the grain.
It weighs as much as my muehle R89 but it lacks in terms of quality and finish. I would call it cheap but it shaves really well.
Matjaz Jemec
This is an absolute beast of a razor. A lot of sources tend to qualify slant bar razors as aggressive. Sure, they are not reccommended for a beginner, but I would qualify them as extremely effective as well. I have no problems shaving with a Feather blade and it provides a BBS shave time and time again.
I would also highly reccommend this razor to men who have trouble with their neck area. Sometimes my Mühle R89 just wouldn't cut it - no problem for the Merkur 37c.
Dimitar Pavlov
Best razor I have ever owned. I have in my collection 3 straight razors and 3 DEs. On daily base I use this one with Feather blade and the result is always one and the same - perfect shave. I have sensitive skin and on the first shave I was very cautious. But hey, it was like walking in the park - zero burns. Just don't forget to apply no pressure at all, only slide the razor on your skin. Enjoy!
Damian Bloomfield
As others have said, this razor is not to be feared. Smooth finish on thick stubble and thinner stubble in your more sensitive area's alike. Pair this with a quality blade and i doubt you will ever need another razor, need being the appropriate word, there will always be that habit lurking wanting more so it is a good job the shack is here to cater our needs!
Colin Waller
Having read a number of reviews on this Razor , I decided to give it a go and I must say it was eventually a very good shave, I must admit that having used my previous razor for quite a long time you get complacent and the fact that you know how to handle your preferred razor with regards to pressure and blade preference it was a little difficult to get used to. What I would recommend is trying out a few different blades, and don't forget you should apply as little pressure as possible. overall very pleased
Adam Ford
I have been DE shaving now for a month, then decided to buy a slant to my collection. Having my first shave with it last night, taking extra care with the slant it has given the closes shave I have ever had with no burn. Very pleased with the purchase and glad I got one in my collection.
Leslie Howard
after using a slant bar among my stable of 6 razors,after 3 years, I must say that this one is a 5 star rated one.When some razors can nt cope with a less than perfect one blade the slant takes them all in its stride and carries on. I do like to vary my razors and blades but the slant is a must have I.M.O.H.
Chris Coop
This is a seriously good razor. I bought this as a change from the straights I usually use and for when I'm in a bit more of a hurry. Teamed with a Feather blade, Prorasso Pre Shave and a good soap it is really easy to get a BBS. This thing really shaves!!
Be careful, treat it like a straight, use no pressure and you'll have the best shave ever with a safety razor.
I will probably end up using it more than I thought
Chris Maguire
Got this razor a few weeks ago. At first I had problems. But then i realised I was lining up the blade with the safety bar which is incorrect. It has to line up with the top cap, so then when tightened up the blade exposure will be even.
Since I sorted that out I have been getting great shaves, I got better results from a feather blade than anything else that I have tried, with out knicks too.
So I would deffinately recommend this to someone who is confident with there technique.
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