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Kent BK4 Silver Tip Badger Shaving Brush (White)Kent BK4 Silver Tip Badger Shaving Brush (White)
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Kent BK4 Silver Tip Badger Shaving Brush (White) Kent BK4 Silver Tip Badger Shaving Brush (White) Kent BK4 Silver Tip Badger Shaving Brush (White)

Kent BK4 Silver Tip Badger Shaving Brush (White)

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£64.99  including VAT

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A stunning brush that will treat you to a silky soft and luxurious shave!
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A stunning brush that will treat you to a silky soft and luxurious shave!

The moment you receive the felt lined red presentation case with gold pin stripe detailing you'll know you're in for something a bit special!

Not only is this fantastic brush a real shaver's favourite, but it's also the perfect sized brush for your wash bag, ideal for travel or the man who prefers a smaller brush.

Bristle Diameter: 62mm
Bristle Length: 55mm
Overall Length: 105 mm
Handle Diameter: 33mm

Press coverage

Mike Sandoval, from
Wet shaving guru Mike Sandoval described the Kent BK4 as an "outstanding example of a good-value shaving brush", adding "the comfortable feel of the handle, gorgeous and soft high-quality badger hair, and classy red presentation case all represent what a fine British shaving brush should be". You can read his full review by clicking here.

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(25 reviews)  

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25 Most useful customer reviews (see all reviews):
Mr Joseph Askew
Jun 2, 2019
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Having tried the 'faux' bristle type, was not getting a good enough lather. So plumbed for The KENT BK4 Silver Tip Badger Brush. Have to say it lathers very well, applies the lather smooth and easy and cleans well under hot water, a quick flick or two and it's almost dry! The faux one's after about a week, did have a faint whiff of dampness (cleaned with very hot water and left to dry in the airing cupboard). Expensive, but delivered what you need, no fuss or bother.
Mr George Christou
Apr 15, 2015
The BK4 strikes the perfect balance between size, quality and price. Kent's reputation is very much deserved and this brush is a fine example of premium quality at a very reasonable price. The bristles are extremely soft to the skin making for a very pleasurable shave. There have been no problems with lathering, especially with hard soaps, even though the brush doesn't have much backbone. I considered getting a larger Kent brush, but the BK4 is a good size and holds plenty of lather.
Mr Adam Povey
Apr 2, 2015
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
I have been happily using a kent bristle brush for the last five years but decided to get a brush to match the quality of my 38c. So after doing the usual research around the web I decided on the bk4. This brush is bewitched. How so much lather is produced from such a small amount of cream is beyond explanation and why one would want a bigger brush is beyond me. The thing positively blooms when loaded with lather and is easily big enough to give excellent coverage yet neat enough to allow careful lathering. It has a lovely gentle exfoliating action and a real feel of luxury. My only regret is that I faffed about and didn't by this brush ages ago.
Jakob Elbæk Egegaard Pedersen
The Kent BK4 is known to be the best value for money silvertip brush available. Having tried it now I must agree to that.
The silvertip knot is soft and feels extremely soft and luxurious on you skin, but is still dense and stiff enough to exofoilate your skin efficiently.
The handle is beautifull and very ergonomic, it's weight is a perfect counterbalance to the knot.
I have tried the brush with both soaps and creams - I find the brush equally effective with both. I have heard claims that this is one of the easiest brushes to use, ever made - I know that it is the easiest lathering brush I have in my collection.
All in all this brush is highly recommendable - a well assorted shaving den is not complete without one.
Alexander Scott
I've always trusted Kent for quality and value. This BK4 is better than I thoght possible. I was going to buy the BK2 but for that little bit extra lay out I went for a silvertip brush and boy, am I glad I did. It is very easy to get a good lather up with it and it feels really good on the skin. An excellent shaving brush at an excellent price.
Daniel Kinlan
A little feel of luxury at a very affordable price! The knot on this brush seems to almost caress your face as it applies your chosen cream, or soap and I have now consigned my other brushes to the cupboard. The red case that your Kent BK4 is supplied with adds to the premium feel of this brush and as such it makes an ideal gift to present to someone who is a regular wet shaver.
Mike Eadie
My brush arrived very quickly and I was impressed by the red presentation case. This adds to the quality feel of the product. Initially, I thought that I had made a mistake when lathering as my old brush seemed to produce much more lather. What had happened was that because the tips of the bristles are so soft I had hardly picked up any shave cream at all. With a little more cream loaded it easily out-performed my other brush. This worked extremely well with soap or cream producing a superb lather with hardly any effort.
The brush is very well made and adds a touch of class to the morning shave. I have seen this brush described as "smaller sized" but I can't see that you would need anything bigger.
Roland Carlile
after using a cheap brush for many years decided to go mad and buy this badger brush, what can i say , should have bought it years back , had it for a week now and its been great .. so nice and soft to use . i have used it with shaving soap and whips up a great lather in no time .well spent money .
I entered the world of straight razor shaving last year, and i wanted to change my cheap and unefficient brush. I wanted a silvertip and chose the BK4, known to be very soft and efficient. I confirm it is a very good item, and the fast delivery and good communication of the staff is well appreciated. You won't be disappointed.
Grant Mason
Having decided that DE shaving is definitely for me after a month of using the value bristle brush, and with a bonus coming up, I treated myself to the BK4.

I was worried that it would be a little on the small side, but don't be fooled - the knot fans out very wide and it looks massive on my face as I'm applying a lather. I'm 6ft 3 with large hands, and this brush is the perfect size. Beautifully soft, it whips up mounds of lather in seconds. I've used it with Omega Cream, Colonel Conk Amber soap and Cyril Salter Sandalwood cream and it handles them all without any problems.

I've had it almost a week, used it daily and it hasn't shed a hair. A very worthwhile investment, and one likely to last me for many, many years to come.
Michael Skinner
Research can be a curse, what started out as me checking whether £10 was a good price for a shaving brush, turned into a full-on shaving project. While I can't compare this brush to others, I can confirm that it will exceed the expectations of a beginner! I couldn't find anywhere online that was cheaper than the shaving shack for a silver-tip brush, let alone a BK4. Very comfortable, very enjoyable, very easy to get a quality lather (now that I've got my technique working) - What more can I say? Who knew shaving could be enjoyable? There is something very satisfying about buying a product that will last for years.
Steve Gaskell
I have just started DE shaving and i was lost in the sea of products available, one tip i received over and over during my research was to buy a good brush and the BK4 was recommended over and over. All i can add is wow it's so soft and does the job perfectly I highly recommend this
Steve Caldwell
Approaching 40 I thought I'd look at treating myself to my first shaving brush after years of gel out of a can and disposable cartridges. I opted for the Kent BK4 which I thought would be a good middle of the road option for a beginner into DE shaving. Wow what a difference, I'm completely converted, love the BK4 which arrived promptly and well packaged along with my new shaving cream and pre / post treatments. Love them all but very impressed with the whole brush package. Nice case, great brush, lathers well, feels great, looks good on the stand. What more to say - can't wait for my next shave. I did send the shaving shack an email when I was waiting for delivery as I was so impatient I wanted to get an estimated delivery date - the email was answered almost immediately by Dan and the package turned up next day as promised - great service, great price too.
Jacopo Facchini
First of all at the you can buy this wonderful brush at the cheapest price of the net. (i spend two days to compare the prices (dollars, pounds, euros....) this is the cheapest!
This wonderful brush has the finest packaging I have ever seen!!! I'm a king every morning
The bristle used in Kent Brushes is very very nice and for the mine no bristle loss after the initial use.
It makes a really good lather and it's very soft but not too floppy (like omega badger ones for example).
Definely an excellent brush that can help you to optain an excellent leather even from a simly cup of water :-)

Angelo Maiorano
Brush extraordinary. In the past I have used other brushes rate but I must say that this product is far superior.
Alan Hurcumb
After using a W/S Brush for years I decided to treat myself to a new DE razor (38C) and a quality brush, and the Kent BK4 is definitely a quality brush.
overall 10/10.Treat yourself to a BK4 from The Shaving Shack (You wont get a better price).
You wont regret it.
Peter Edwards
Having recently moved in to DE shaving and purchased a Muhle R89 (and yes, I'm a DE shaving convert) I decided it was now time to upgrade my brush. It seemded almost as difficult to pick my brush as my razor but eventually, after reading countless reviews I went for the BK4. It feels so luxurious and makes applying either soap or cream to my face a pleasure. Excellent service again from the Shaving Shack!
Douglas Fisher
An excellent shaving brush which produces a very rich lather when used with a good quality shave cream. Presentation box very nice and convenient for travel. Very pleased with this and should last a while
Pardeep Sidhu
I have purchased brushes in the past, but without any proper research, the brushes i brought were cheap with synthetic bristles and would fall apart after a couple of weeks so i eventually went off shaving brushes.

Having recently discovered DE shaving, i decided to venture into the world of shaving brushes again and settled on the BK4.

I now understand why a proper brush can cost so much, and even though this brush sits in the middle of the price range for shaving brushes, it is still expensive. I have to say, though, that i'm mightily impressed and glad i took the plunge. It lathers my cream very well and is soft on the face whilst doing the job of exfoliating prior to shaving. It feels like it will last a long time - and what's more, i enjoy using it!

It's only a month since i started using it, but i don't think it's shed a single bristle yet - at least i haven't seen any if it has!
Ivan Bui
Excellent brush !!! I went from the BK2 to the BK4 and the difference is amazing, both in terms of quality (no hair falls) and in terms of comfort (truely soft). It lathers my creams in no time even with the thicker of them (the CF and the Edwin Jagger). In terms of durability, I hope it will last long but the reasonable price makes it an excellent choice anyway !
David Jones
Received the bk4 this morning and as always super quick dispatch from the shave shack, well packaged too! First impressions where wow talk about quality! It comes in a nice little red case, and a lil booklet that gives a short instruction on caring for the brush. The brush itself just feels right in your hand, the handle feels like a hard rubbery plasticy material with a nice logo printed across the front. The bristles are soft and floppy but it isn't a bad thing as a painting motion feels amazing on the face. After first use the brush has opened up a little and I think it's one of those things that gets better with time! I love this brush and now I wouldn't want anything else. Plus I got a free BBR towel with it which of corse was a win! Just go for it!
Niels Graudal
I have used this brush for 2 months now, it is very soft compared to "cheaper" brushes, it holds water in the hairs better and is really easy to whip up a nice lather with, soap or cream, lathering in a cup or on your face, it doesn't matter, this brush can do it all, it isn't enormeous, but, it is absolutely not small either. It does shed a hair on occasion, but not at an alarming rate.
I highly recommend this brush to anyone who wants a brush that is easy to use and gentle on the skin.
Clive Pepper
This brush is simply divine! I'm not sure if the hair is coated with something but it seemed to take it a few shaves to 'bed in', but once it did, boy was it worth it! The brush whips up a luxurious lather, coupled with my Proraso shaving cream. The brush seems to just keep supplying mounds of whipped cream lather and feels great on your face. As for this being classed as a 'small' brush, well, quite frankly I don't think you need thr brush any larger! Buy, enjoy, you really won't need another brush once you have this one!
Andrew Singh
Pure luxury and I have no doubt that it will serve me well for a long time. I was going to go for something a little cheaper but decided to go for this model and I'm glad I did. Combine with Bluebeards pre shave oil and shaving cream for a winning combination.
Connor Clarke
Brilliant brush, soft and luxurious feel that whips up a thick lather and is a brilliant size to take travelling.
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