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How much money can I save switching from Mach3 to double edged razor blades?

Customers are often surprised at the amount of money that can be saved by switching from a Mach3 or Fusion to a double edged razor.

The following comparison is based on an average use of: 1 x Mach3 cartridge a week OR 2 x double edged razor blades a week.


Boots do twelve cartridges for £11.99. So: £11.99 divided by 12 weeks of shaving x 52 weeks a year = £51.96 for a year's worth of Mach3 cartridges.


At the Shaving Shack, we do 30 blades for £5.99 (15 weeks shaving at two blades a week). So: £5.99 divided by 15 weeks of shaving x 52 weeks a year = £20.76 for a year's worth of double edged razor blades.

That's a saving of around £31 a year and less than half the cost of shaving with Mach3s. Even in the first year, where you would have to purchase a double edged razor, this saving is more than enough to cover this initial extra cost.

Dan at The Shaving Shack's story: "I am one of the lucky ones who can get away with using one DE blade a week so my yearly costs are now miniscule. Also, although I don't have very sensitive skin, I used to get a red rash under my chin after using a Mach3. After about a month of using a DE the rash disappeared. We get a lot of sensitive skin sufferers whose skin does not take kindly to having 3-4 blades pass across it. After switching to a DE, they generally notice that the irritation is lessened or disappears entirely."

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