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Edwin Jagger Double Edge Razor DE89Edwin Jagger Double Edge Razor DE89
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Edwin Jagger Double Edge Razor DE89

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Performance to rival it's looks!
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Performance to rival it's looks!

Edwin Jagger are an established English brand who produce high quality shaving items. These double edge razors are no exception, utilising a chrome plated precision head that rivals the quality of some of the more well known German manufacturers. This lightweight razor exudes class sporting the Edwin Jagger name on the collar of the razor and a stylish chrome handle.

Length: 9.5 cms

Includes a single Double Edge blade.

Press coverage

Mike Sandoval, from

Side by Side: EJ DE89L and Merkur 34C
"Two of the leading double-edge safety razors have a lot in common. First, they are both well made with respected manufacturing and quality control processes by fine European companies. Both are widely available from many shaving retailers and stockists. Finally, they are both reasonably priced so that they are attractive to new and experienced wet shavers alike. However, there are many differences between the Edwin Jagger DE89L and the Merkur 34C Heavy Duty, from the overall design style of the razors to the dimensions and assembly. This article offers a side-by-side look at these high-quality and popular safety razors."

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Mr Ian Jones
Jan 14, 2016
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
I was introduced to DE shaving last year when my wife gave me a Jagen David for Christmas (decent but cheap rebranded Chinese razor brand). Confusing initially, was she planning on us going on holiday to 1917? But once I had my first traditional shave I havent used a modern razor since.

Nevertheless my Chinese razor has started dragging lately and causing quite a bit of irritation so I treated myself to this.

Wow. Firstly out of the box it looks fantastic, solid and shiny. Inserting a blade immediately demonstrated the gulf in quality between this and my other razor. Solid and smooth thread action with everything locked firmly into place.

Shaving is a great experience, smooth, clean without drag or irritation. Combined with an upgraded brus and alum block, I am really looking forward to shaving again.
Mr Bojan Urisk
Dec 21, 2014
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
This razor is the best one for begginers...n1:)
Jonas Cradock
A wonderful English made DE Razor! I cannot praise this razor enough, the size and weight of the razor sits very well in the hand and the chrome plating finish not only looks fantastic but makes it very easy to keep the razor clean. Derby blades that it comes with are perfectly good but am currently trying it with Feather blades.......put simply, I have never looked forward to shaving as much as I do now!!
I actually received this razor by mistake - it should have been the DE89L. However, as the prices were the same and I liked the feel of the shorter DE89 in my hand I decided to stick with it. And I am so glad I did!! My first venture into DE shaving has been fantastic. Only a week in and my shaves are easily an equal to those I had with a Gillette proglide with the added advantage that I can now shave daily (my skin would only allow every other day previously.) the razor is also very forgiving - it would take a lack of attention to cut yourself and I'm becoming more confident with every shave. Would recommend this to any new shaver - great starter razor and at the moment I can't see that there would be any need to change in the future.
S Pritchett
This is my first DE razor, it is a great looking item and provided me with a fantastic shave. My only criticism of it is that the handle can become a little slick when shaving.
Matthew Shayler
This is my first DE razor, it is great so easy to use, I though I would have problems adjusting from a Gillette mach 3 but no problem at all. I would highly recommend this not only is easy to use but its great quality.
Neil F
Great razor at a fantastic price. This was my first DE razor and I've just bought another as a gift for my father.

Outstanding quality and very robust - will last a lifetime. Only slight quibble is that the handle has no knurling or grip so can be a touch slippy when wet.
Iain Sutcliffe
Love it !!! Much better than the Merkur 34C HD i bought on here - less aggressive on my face and allows me an against the grain pass with no cuts or irritation. Never suffered it slipping in my hands even when wet. Delighted is an understatement !!! Use it with a shark blade and its about perfect for me. The merkur doesnt get a look in now
Kev Yates
I was soooo impressed with this razor, I was fed up with the cartridge razors and decided to go DE. No regrets .It is a lovely razor not too agressive, will last a lifetime.I was a little worried a smooth handle would be slippy when wet but I have to be honest I haven't found it so.
Craig Adamson
At 37 I took the plunge into the world of DE razors. I did a lot of research and settled on this razor. It did not disappoint. I wish I had done this years ago. I shave only every 3-4 days and I have quite coarse hair, but this razor (with Feather blades) is superb. No more razor burn, no more ingrown hair. My ONLY niggle is, as others have said, the handle can be quite slippery when wet. Otherwise, a massive thank you to Edwin Jagger!
Craig Williams
This is my first DE razor. I have come to this, like many, after getting fed up with the cost of cartridge blade prices. Now that I have discovered the myriad creams, balms and splashes though I'm not sure I will save much, but that's no bad thing as its value for money that matters to me. If you are on a budget though you could save a fortune!

I have now been using the DE89 for a week now and am a changed person. I hated shaving, I have used all types of multi blade razors and went for the next new one hoping it would be better than the last and not make my face feel like I have just ran a fine grade of sand paper over my cheeks. I have always suffered with a very sore neck, so much so I try to go as long in between shaving as I can often nearly a week (I can get away with it in my line of work) until the dreaded itching came along and off I went to torture my face again.

Not so with the DE, I now positively look forward to shaving, yes there is a bit of novelty value at the moment but my face feels fantastic afterwards. No more sandpapered face and no sore irritated neck in between shaves....

I have been using the DE89 with the supplied Derby blades while I learn my technique. I am very happy with the razor and not disappointed in any way...I was a little worried about the smooth grip but I haven't had any problems. I have only had a few very small nicks and I can feel the shave getting better as I lean the technique over the last few shaves (shaving much more now!)

While this review is of little use to an experienced DE user, I wanted to share my experience with anyone thinking about buying a DE for the first time like me. Go for it!

As it can seem a bit overwhelming getting started this is what I bought (after a lot of research) to get myself going

Edwin Jaeger DE89
Taylor of Old bond street Avocado Cream
Shaving shack Buccaneer best badger brush
Bloc Osma Alum Block
Proraso Aftershave splash.

Very happy with all of them and the great service from The Shaving Shack
Grant Letham
My first venture into DE shaving but safe to say my Mach 3 is now consigned to the bin. Easy to use for a beginner, feels good in the hand, easy to clean and change blades. Difficult to fault at the price really.
Marc Levy
Before making my first purchase of a Double Edged Safety Razor, I spent a long time checking out other reviews and sites before deciding on the Jagger DE89 Razor. Although I can't say how this razor actually compares with others, I can at least say that this razor has proven to be an excellent purchase for me - it produced a shaving result that I have never experienced before having been a life long user (more than 25 yrs of shaving), using disposable headed razors including the so called 'best' razors.
Having now used it for several weeks, I can highly recommend this razor, at the very least as a first DE razor, both in performance and in great looks and quality too.
Simon Lawrence
What a fantastic razor! I started DE shaving a short while ago with an inexpensive razor to see how I got on. I liked it and decided to upgrade to a more ‘serious’ bit of kit. The choice came down to two different razors and I chose this one. From the moment of opening the box I knew I had made the right choice. The razor is heavier than my inexpensive one and has a beautiful finish. The extra weight really makes it shine and even with my first shave, the results were excellent. Don’t worry about the smooth handle looking slippery, for some reason it isn't. This is a super product that performs excellently and looks great!
Steven McNeill
At the time of writing this I have just realised I claimed to use a DE89L in my other reviews!!! Silly me.

Anyway, I started off with a Boots own brand DE razor and then I had one of these for Christmas as a present from a friend with the Derby Extra blades. Wow, do I feel posh now...!

Seriously though now, the razor itself looks very posh, stylish and high end with its etching, patterns and chrome finish looking as though it belongs in a high street barber/ stylists salon.

It breaks apart into 3 pieces easily for cleaning and installing a new blade though it does leave the unsharpened edges of the blades a little over exposed for me. The handle is not too long (I think the L model has that luxury) but the weight and length compliment each other and the razor doesn't require much pressure to give you a good shave. I think if you have big hands though you may need a much longer handle.

I think it is a medium razor (not aggressive) and so far I have not had a bad shave with it (the Boots one was a bit more harsh) and I am now trying different blades in it.

This razor compliments Derby Extras quite well for the beginner like me and is a definite worthwhile purchase for those new to DE shaving.
Joseph Maytum
First DE razor great feel and weight even for a man like myself with large hands! cut myself once on first shave. has been four months now and no more cuts although I have moved on to the feather blades far more control and superior shave for me with less irritation. The razor is top class though will be investing in a more expensive model in the near future.
Mr. Sachdev
Brilliant razor, I started DE shaving after frustration with the costs and finish of using gillette cartridge razors. This shaver is very solidly built and gives a very nice, close shave. This item is fairly priced and a brilliant item in itself. Thanks Shaving Shack for your brilliant service too.
Craig Kelley
Really good all round razor, the finish is better than any other razor I have. It gives a very nice comfortable shave, very mild on the skin but gives a great close shave at the same time. My go to razor and cheap, win win!!
A great razor. Mild but effective. I have one in my travel bag and one in the bathroom. A real go to.
This was an interesting purchase, Firstly I will say great razor, but somehow I think i've been here before, its got an uncanny resemblance to my bluebeards revenge scimitar razor, too similar it feels like I have paid twice !!, that being said I would recommend to purchase this razor as its well made solid feel and lovely chrome finish. I would recomend
Paul Heron
This is an excellent razor, very well balanced, and gives a brilliant shave. I was slightly concerned that the handle would become too slippery but it feels just right in the hand. The Edwin Jagger DE89 also looks a great piece of kit.
jon metz
Why did I not start shaving with a de razor years ago. Always suffered horrendous razor burn no matter how I shaved, tried the multi blade wonders and electric shavers. Decided to bite the bullet and buy this after lots of research, paired it with proraso cream and just had the closet shave ever. My neck does not feel chewed up as it did when I used the multi blade razors.

At first I was worried with how far out the blade looked, but after a couple of passes I seemed to have the technique down as was shaving very confidently and safely too.

Great service for shaving shack too. Thanks
Chris East
Really like this razor. It is a little short for my big hands, so probably should have gone for the longer version (The DE89L), but with the Derby blades supplied, I have had some of the best shaves I've ever had so far.

The build quality is excellent, with a sturdy bottom plate, super smooth cutting plate, and quality chrome finish. Easy to assemble, which means easy cleaning, have no complaints here. Great for a novice like me!
Andy Blake
This razor is of the highest quality. It has excellent balance and weight. The razor head has a very positive post engagement for the blade. A very worthy addition to any DE shaving stable. So good that I probably will not use any other razor for a long time.
Adam Clish
somebody allready said this is one of the reviews! and i 100% agree with them;) i too over the past year have been very happy (and proud) to have been using the merkur 34c as my daily razor. but decieded to treat myself over xmas (like you do) to a new razor (from shaving shack of course..) the EJ de89. true! like many others, was a little worried about the "pure smoooth" handle (no textured grip like on a merkur ect..) but this a fine piece of english craftsman ship! & like another fellow review'er.... my merkur razor doesn't get a look in now.
well done EJ & SS:()
Tobias Robinson
As a first 'proper' razor after converting to DE shaving the improvement over a cheap plastic DE is incredible.

Razor is well balance and the quality of the finish is sublime, continuing proof of the skill of British manufacturing.

First shave with the DE89 has been my first without nicks or cuts since converting, and as such I have to recommend this to anyone looking to make the switch
Thomas Baverstock
Love it. Looks classy, and easy to clean. The smooth finish on the handle does make it slightly slippy at times though. Great value and a great first DE razor for me.
An absolutely fantastic razor. Have tried Derby, Wilkinson Sword, Gilette 7 O'clock blades and shave has always been excellent. Used with Taylor O O.B.S. Almond cream.
Harry Fry
Ordered one of these razors and am awaiting delivery, I've thought about switching to DE razors for a while now due to rip off prices for cartridges and have finally took the plunge.

I've not even experienced a shave with this type of razor but I'm already telling everyone that will listen the advantages and savings they'll make, my misses says I need to get a grip!!

I am actually like a kid waiting for Christmas is that sad? I just hope I've not bigged it up to much!
Steve Heslop
My first DE Razor which was bought after reading plenty of reviews. The 89DE is a great weight, great size and the chrome finish is immaculate. I've had it a few weeks and used it with various combinations of creams and blades but with sensitive skin I'settled on Derby blades and Proraso cream which gives me a great shave just using the weight of the razor.
Paul Heron
After only using this for 11 months. I'm sad to say it no longer functions because the screw rod no longer does its job. Therefore the razor can't be reassembled after its been stripped down for cleaning. This is a real shame because I thoroughly enjoyed using this item.
Paul Brewin
This was my first step into the world of the DE razor. Shaving was something I would avoid thanks to shaving rash and ingrowing hairs. But since making the move I'm happy to be clean shaven. Gone is the shaveing rash as are the ingrowing hairs.
The razor itself is great quality and have no problems with the smooth handle. Growing in confidence with every shave.
I am fully converted.
The Edwin Jagger Double Edge Razor DE89 (with free Derby blades) combined with the fantastic shaving tips on this website have led me to the best shave I have had in years.

The razor itself is well crafted with a nice natural weight whilst not being too big or small.

I highly recommend this razor for 1st time DE shavers.
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