Dreadnought Bundle- Badger Brush, Drip Stand and Mach 3 RazorDreadnought Bundle- Badger Brush, Drip Stand and Mach 3 Razor
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Dreadnought Bundle- Badger Brush, Drip Stand and Mach 3 Razor Dreadnought Privateer Brush and Dripstand Dreadnought Mach 3 Razor Dreadnought Mach 3 Razor Box Dreadnought Shaving Brush Box

Dreadnought Bundle- Badger Brush, Drip Stand and Mach 3 Razor



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Dreadnought – The Ultimate Shaving Experience For Real Men!


1. A person that fears nothing
2. One that is among the largest and most powerful of its kind

For those of you not aware, Dreadnought is the US arm of The Bluebeards Revenge. We've managed to acquire a very limited selection of Dreadnought 'Privateer Collection' shaving products from the US. The Dreadnought Privateer Collection is an exclusive set of contemporary shaving tools designed for comfort, visual impact and individuality. We've bundled the following items together as a three piece kit:

1. Dreadnought Privateer Collection Pure Badger Shaving Brush

A unique, stylish and contemporary badger hair shaving brush designed for the modern man.

This quality pure badger brush is fashioned from durable high-grade resin, sporting a silver Dreadnought logo against a rich blue.

High-grade resin requires expert craftsmanship, where the material is turned from round rods and then polished. The chrome ring at the base of the hair provides an understated yet elegant modern accent to finish.

Bristle Diameter: 45mm
Bristle Length: 55mm
Overall Length: 110mm
Handle Diameter: 35mm

2. Dreadnought Acrylic Drip Stand

Increase your brush life with this stylish drip stand. This clear acrylic drip stand is ideal for storing, presenting and correctly drying your brush. It fits brushes with 21 mm necks and comes complete with the Dreadnought logo.

Made from clear acrylic
Fits brushes up to 21mm

3. Dreadnought Privateer Collection Mach 3 Razor for the modern man!

This Mach 3 razor is fashioned from durable high-grade resin sporting a silver Dreadnought logo against a rich bespoke blue colour.

Lightweight yet comfortably substantial, the handle provides for a solid grip.

Length: 13cm
Weight: 32.5g with blade attached

This is an amazing deal as it is more than 70% off the usual price of £74.98, you can see The Bluebeards Revenge (UK) equivalents here:

Shaving Brush and Drip Stand
Mach 3 Razor

The brush and the razor are boxed in there own distinctive blue boxes with holographic Dreadnought logo. The Dreadnought drip stand is un-boxed. With a bit of your own gift wrapping this bundle could make the ideal Father's Day, birthday, coming-of-age or groomsman present for the warrior(s) in your life. Snap them up whilst we have them!

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