DR Harris Arlington Shaving Soap & Bowl Beech (100g)DR Harris Arlington Shaving Soap & Bowl Beech (100g)
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DR Harris Arlington Shaving Soap & Bowl Beech (100g)

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Solid white soap of the finest quality!
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Solid soap of the finest quality!

This is solid soap of the finest quality and is triple-milled to increase the profuseness of the lather. The lather will soften the beard for easier shaving. The bowl is hand-turned in beech wood.

Wet the beard with warm water, apply the wet shaving brush to the soap, lather up in the bowl and apply to the face.

Size/Volume - 100g

About D.R Harris & CO. LTD
D.R Harris & CO. LTD, one of London's oldest pharmacies, has been in St James's Street for over 200 years. This family-owned business holds the warrant to HRH The Prince of Wales. They are renowned for their range of quality products for men and women. These include soaps, colognes, bath and shaving preparations, skin care and aromatherapy oils. The majority of their products are still produced by traditional methods, being hand-made and packed in their own premises in London.

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Mr Carl Ward
Jun 23, 2015
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
This is amazing soap. The fragrance is crisp and fresh with citrus tones and I can't stop lifting the lid of the wooden bowel and having a sniff! It produces a lovely rich lather and lasts forever. The bowel makes it look premium and that is what this product is. Only downside is that as it lasts so long it's going to be a while before I can try the other fragrances!
Feb 22, 2015
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
My first soap coming from shaving creams. I may never return to creams except maybe for travel purposes.

Nice citrus sent which isn't too powerful and in no way harsh, very pleasant. The dish is great, you can lather right in here then straight to the face, you don't need a separate shaving bowl. Lather is fantastic from both my old pure badger brush and my new EJ best badger brush.

Currently I've used only a few mm of this soap during which time I'd probably be getting low on a 2nd shaving cream, so compared to creams, this soap is going to last a LONG time. For this reason the price is 100% worth it & if it's going to last such a long time you may as well spend a little more to get a fantastic product. Creams are easier to lather and are probably best for travel or as an introduction to DE shaving, but soaps are definitely the way forward after that. You owe it to your face to buy this to be honest.
W. Groenen
The Arlington soap from D.R. Harris is one of my favourites ever. It produces a lot of lather even with softer brushes, and lets your razor glide across your face smoothly. The smell is quite strong (light citrus and fern with a clean soap undertone) but after shaving it won't interfere with any aftershave you're planning on using.

The price might be a tad steep to potential buyers, but this tripple milled puck should last daily users about a year, so definitely worth it.
Leigh Turner
Originally I was looking for only a soap dish, but after seeing the low price (compared to other estores) of this item, I decided to purchase. This product is real quality. It produces a superb lather & smells fantastic. Perfect for sensitive skin also. A quality product at a decent price. Highly recommended.
Rob Lawrence
This soap is one of, if not the, best soaps I've used.
No nicks, my skin feels hydrated and not dried out, good bye shaving rash.
As someone who grew up using 'goo in a can', at 26 years old and only now discovering wet shaving, products like 'Arlington' are a revelation.

Anyway, the soap itself has a citrus aroma whilst being earthy at the same time. The price, well, seeing as it'll easily last a year or more, especially in a rotation with another fine soap, is absolutely reasonable, go buy some of the latest shave gel from any supermarket, it isn't cheap, it's inferior, oh and it lasts weeks.

Join the Revolution!!

Aleksis Gailans
I used to be a fan of the Taylor of Old Bond Street range and although they are still good, this is so far ahead. The Taylor scents smell very synthetic compared to this. It smells beautiful, feels really good, lathers well and leaves my face feeling great. I also reckon I'll get about a years worth of use out of the soap - this makes it a bargain (and even cheaper if you get the refill)!
Robert Jackson
Returning to DE shaving after a long lay off thought I;d give this soap a try based on the great reviews I'd read. I'm really pleased I made this choice - the soap lathers up beautifully and the scent is just perfect for my liking - nice citrus smell but nothing overpowering. This soap facilitates a great smooth shave and is well worth the price you pay,
Daniel Gustafson
Coming into the world of real shaving was a bit terrifying with all the brands of soaps, creams and whatnots being available. Finally deciding on the Arlington variety I have to admit that I did so without having smelled it or even looked at it in real life before my purchase - it simply came down to good reviews, good looks and a tempting description.

It´s very hard to describe the scent but it strikes me as masculine without being aggressive. It´s not a bold fragrance, it´s more of a clean, fresh scent that feels relaxed and confident. I´ve had some female friends smell it and they all love it.

Having used canned gel previously this was a great find. I only need a ultra liberal amount of soap to whip up a thick amount of foam - it seems to last forever.

Having very sensitive skin I´ve come to learn that this works best when I use it with a pre-shave cream such as Proraso. It works well on it´s own though.

Last but not least the packaging is great. It looks superb in my bathroom and you hardly can say that about your regular foam can, right?

A quality product.
Will Goodchild
An Amazing scent and soap. Been a huge Mitchells fan but was easily tempted to Dr Harris after open the box and smelling the soap. Lathers brilliantly and unfortunately for the Shaving Shack it also last forever! Always brings a smile to my face whether its winter or summer with its great smell and sets me up nicely for the day ahead.The wood bowl adds an extra touch of Luxury to. WIshed the Shack would stock more of the Arlington range though.
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