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Boker Olivewood Barberette RazorBoker Olivewood Barberette Razor
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Boker Olivewood Barberette Razor Boker Olivewood Barberette Razor Box

Boker Olivewood Barberette Razor



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Easy blade changes with this stunning Barberette!

Easy blade changes with this stunning Barberette!

The Boker Barberette stylishly unifies the benefits of a forged straight razor with those of a safety razor. The handling is comparable to that of a straight razor, but there is no need to clean and strop it, since the replaceable blades can simply be changed. This newly designed Boker Barberette is not only very popular among wet shaving lovers, travellers, and professional barbers and hair dressers, but can also be found in bathrooms at home as a low-maintenance and comfortable shaving tool.

Thanks to the grooved synthetic surface, it provides a safe grip for fingers at any time. The blade holder is made from stainless steel and moisture-resistant synthetic material and is designed to use both the standard double edge razor blades (snapped in half) and also the longer 65 mm standard blades.

The handle of the Barberette follows that of the forged straight razors made by the Boker manufacturing plant and leaves nothing to be desired.

The scales made from olive wood give this Boker Barberette its special accent and unique grain. This model is further refined with the classic Boker tree symbol which is delicately inserted into the wooden handle.

The Boker Barberette combines professional practicality with the usual handling and balance and aesthetics of a classic straight razor. In addition, it provides a cost effective alternative to Straight Razors for beginners. Delivered in historic Boker packaging with a double-edged razor blade.

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