Boker King Cutter 5/8 Open Razor (Black)Boker King Cutter 5/8 Open Razor (Black)
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Boker King Cutter 5/8 Open Razor (Black) Boker King Cutter 5/8 Open Razor

Boker King Cutter 5/8 Open Razor (Black)


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Boker's best seller is a must-have!
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Boker's best seller is a must-have!

The King Cutter guarantees a royal start to the day! This absolute classic in the Boker portfolio makes men's hearts skip a beat. The King Cutter has been a firm component of the Boker Straight Razor program since the start of the 20th century. With its practical 5/8" blade, it is the ideal razor for every morning, easy to use, and provides a very good shave even for inexperienced users. The carbon steel blade is made from the best Solingen Straight Razor steel and easily handles everyday shaving. The blade is made by hand with an extra-hollow grind with belly. An authentic Boker stamp is etched into the blade.

The King Cutter with black synthetic handle is the best-selling straight razor produced by Boker. The fine Boker tree inlay, made from nickel silver, is manually and painstakingly set into the high-quality, moisture-resistant synthetic handle and then polished. The serration on both sides of the tang of the blue-polished blade provides an especially secure grip.

Boker have been manufacturing high quality razors in Solingen (Germany's "Sheffield steel" equivalent) since 1869. More than 100 years later the new lineup revives the old tradition, with each open razor going through 170 production steps. A guarantor for the highest quality is the successful "finger nail test" wherby only the edge of a perfectly ground blade can be visibly bent on your thumbnail and returns immediately to its original shape when released -cheap blades are too thick to do this. Comes packaged with a certificate of authenticity.

Please note: As with all of our open razors, whilst this razor is factory honed and deemed "shave ready" by the manufacturer, that's not to say it can't be made sharper by getting it honed professionally which is down to personal preference.

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