Men’s grooming tips: A guide to wet shaving (part 3)

When wet shaving, if you try and follow the tried and tested approach we have been talking about, you are more likely to have a pain-free experience that goes easy on your skin. However, there are a few extra techniques you can use if you are a more experienced shaver, while there is also help out there for blokes with sensitive skin.

Immediately after you have finished shaving you will usually rinse the shaved area with cool water. If you find that this approach frequently leaves you suffering from razor burn and dryness, you can always try a final rinse with hot water instead, before dabbing a cloth soaked with witch hazel across your face.

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There is also a number of soothing after-shave treatments available to buy which contain aloe to help calm the effects of shaving and alleviate any dryness. These creams, gels, balms and lotions can also encourage the healing of any minor nicks and cuts. You can apply a small amount of lotion evenly onto freshly-shaven skin straight after shaving.

A few final points
While you are shaving it is important to regularly rinse your razor in hot water.

As you become more experienced shaving with the grain, you can always experiment by passing the razor against and across the grain. These techniques are only really advised for those who are skilled at shaving and willing to try different combinations to find out what works best for them.

Everyone’s hair pattern grows differently, therefore it is often only through trial and error that you can determine what gives you a great smooth shave, by finding the right combination of passing the razor that works for you.

The pressure you apply, the amount of lather used and the angle of the razor are other factors that can influence the quality of the shave.

Again, it all depends on your skin, and smoother shaves often come at the expense of skin irritation.

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