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Israeli Made Double Edged Razor BladesIsraeli Made Double Edged Razor Blades
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Israeli Made Double Edged Razor Blades Double Edged Razor Blade Double Edged Razor Blade

Israeli Made Double Edged Razor Blades

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£2.99  including VAT

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A razor blade as keen as the price! FREE UK postage.

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A razor blade as keen as the price!

We've managed to source a supply of some fantastic double edged razor blades which we're able to offer you at a bargain price! Made in Israel, these blades are ultra sharp and are comparable to much more expensive blades.

If you are from the UK and buy these razor blades on their own then you will not be charged the standard post and packaging charge.

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(30 reviews)  

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30 Most useful customer reviews (see all reviews):
Mr Ricky O\'Sullivan
May 14, 2020
I have been using these with a straight razor and have to say they give a nice clean cut and glide across the face rather smoothly.
Mr John Peake
Oct 2, 2018
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
I thought I'd give these blades a go as they are cheap. Sadly for me they are not chearful.
I normally use Gillette 7 O'Clock blades as my beard is very tough. These Israeli blade just don't cut the hairs cleanly for me, they drag and chew.
Basically, if you have a tough beard, I suspect these won't be for you.
Mr Peter Dickens
Feb 14, 2018
Got 4 packs of these as part of a starter kit and have not been disappointed. I have strong stubble and shave every other day so a.blade will last 3 or 4 shaves sometimes I may get 5 depending on how much growth it has to contend with.
Mr Alan Haydon Cooper
Nov 10, 2016
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Had these a little while now and rather like them. Not as sharp as the Feather sharper than a Derby but use with an open comb razor you do get a damn good shave with two passes. Got these as a freebie with order but would buy them for sure.
Mr Alex Halliday
May 27, 2016
Used with Merkur 23C Long Handled Classic, shaving every other day. Really can’t get on with these. Even fresh out of the pack I found that they dragged across my skin and pulled at the stubble. Tried all 10 with the same result, so not sure if there was a manufacturing issue as other people have given these good reviews.
Mr Mark Varley
Nov 28, 2015
My preferred blade, almost as sharp as the Feather blades (which are the sharpest I've tried) but keep that sharpness for almost two weeks (I normally change blades weekly), superb blades.
Mr Daniel Gustafson
Jun 25, 2015
I have used plenty of these and can safely say that they consistently do a good job. Sharp but not crazy sharp like Feather. Stays sharp just as long as any other brand that I've tried and a great value. Comes in a plastic container which is great if you travel since it adds a layer of protection to the blades. Give ' em a go!
Sam P
May 16, 2015
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Great blades - good for someone that is still perfecting the shaving technique. More forgiving than other options while still offering a really smooth shave.
Dan at The Shaving Shack
We're very impressed with these blades here at the Shaving Shack. Being in the lucky position of getting to test drive new products, I loaded my Merkur Progress with one of these last week. These blades really are sharp and smooth and comparable to the Wilkinson Sword, Merkur and various Personna blades I've tried. I am pleased to report no cuts and my test blade lasted me a week / 6 shaves.
Paul Jennings
These are good quality blades that give a close shave. I found them comparable in both sharpness and durability to more expensive ‘branded’ razor blades. I averaged about seven shaves with one blade which make them every economic, especially if you compare them to disposable razors.
Seppi Evans
Before my Merkur 34C arrived I bought some Boots DE blades, and comparing to them is like Day and Night. These blades are sharp, stay sharp for days on end and I get no rash at all. When checking the blade after four days with your finger you may well find a plaster comes in very hand.
Andy Finn
Got 30 of these as a free gift having bought a merkur futur. I alternated between these and the 10 merkur blades. You can notice a difference between them but in terms or quality they more than do the job and last equally as long. They are sharp and crisp in the razor really do offer value for the money. At the price and the time each lasts 30 is going to last me nearly 6 months.
Mike Eadie
I received 30 of these blades as a free gift. I get about 7 shaves out of them. Unlike some blades I've tried they don't rust easily. They seem to be as sharp as other blades at a reasonable price.
Matt Smithers
Personally, I found a huge difference between these and the blades that came with my Merkur DE razor. I have very stiff stuble and can't use these blades more than once - the Merkur's lasted for two shaves at least! I will be buying some of the Feather blades as soon as they come back in stock!!!
David Barlow
These blades provide an awesome result when teamed up with the 34C, Omega cream and a little , very hot water and a little patience. Absolutely first class; enjoy!!
Dorian Langlais
This is a good razor blade, but i don't like it so much... Compare to the Derby, they are a little more agressive, the quality of shaving is less good.
But this is only my think.
D. Wotherspoon
These little blades give a really smooth, close shave. I have very fine, dense growth and have always had a problem finding something gentle enough to not irritate my skin, while aggressive enough to cut down each hair without too many passes. These blades seem to be the perfect match for me, gently mowing each hair down in just two passes. My girlfriend says I've never been smoother, and at approximately 26 pence per blade, there's no way I could ever complain.
Mikko Jaakkola
I ran out of the old unnamed Gillette blades my grandfather gave me. I quickly started looking for a worthy replacement.
I ordered a pack of these Israeli blades, Feather blades and Derby blades. I also ordered Treet originals and Gillette 7 O'Clocks.
These, the Israeli blades: three passes, no irritation, result smooth as if shaven by the old unnamed Gillette blades! These blades are sharp enough to cut the hair without problems, but the shave is still smooth as not to irritate my skin. I am well satisfied.
Harry Weatherall
ive tested the israeli blades on my stubble and find they last about 2 days before they return the perfomance of a cheap supermarket brand disposable, for me its got to be the feathers BANZIA.
Craig Carroll
I cannot understand how these blades are thought to be so good. Every one I've tried feels blunt and always irritates my skin. These are going in the bin, that's how bad they have been for me.
Gary Martin
I got a pack free when i bought a Merkur 42 Nickel "1904 Replica" and they seem to work very well together; sharp and very smooth, i'm going to be trying others but the mark has been set high
Chris Maguire
Blades are pretty decent. Not as sharp as feather but what is?
Got about 3 good shaves some times only got 2. But on a whole great blades.
Iain Doherty
Used these blades for the first time yesterday, I have think growth and sensitive skin and was finding it hard to find a blade that worked well with my blue beards revenge shavette, I have tried many blades this last two weeks and this blade was head and shoulders above the rest.
Damian Bloomfield
What a fantastic blade, i dropped one of these in my new merkur slant bar and boy it shaves well. 3 passes with no irritation to my neck, for the money i am very pleased indeed.
George Thompson
Just switched from the Derby to these. Im using them with my Merkur Futur, and think that they are much better, sharper and smoother shave.
Les Brand
These blades came free when I ordered my Timor DE razor and Proraso shaving cream, which I bought these about 2 months ago when I decided to give DE shaving a try. I can’t see me changing back to multi blades ever again now.

These are the only make of blades that I’ve used up until now so I can only compare them to when I previously used multi blades. Without doubt I get a much closer shave and in the 2 months I’ve used them I’ve never cut myself at all.

I shave every day and these blades last about 5 to 7 days each so value for money wise they are very economical. I will try another make of blade in the near future but for no other reason than curiosity as I have no concerns at all with these blades.
Colin North
Not for me. After 3 months DE shaving, tried one in my Gillette slim and my travelrazor. They tug and just do not give as good a shave as my normal Wilkinsons. On to Derbys and Feathers in that order!
Matt Mckenny
Bought these blades as the Merkur blades were tugging my whiskers..they are definitely sharper!
But I quickly changed to Feather as I was looking for an even sharper shave...yes I have a course beard and sometimes have to shave twice a pay.
Simon Daniels
Not sure about this one - good shave but not particularly smooth; resulting in a few nicks in any razor, mild, medium or aggressive. Cheap and cheerful though.
Steven McGregor
I didn’t get on with these; I’m not sure if they’re not a good match for my razor or aren’t sharp enough for my beard.

The first shave with a the weekends growth was very uncomfortable lots of tugging and pulling, the next day wasn’t significantly better. I did end up with pretty good results but the discomfort in use wasn’t worth the savings over my normal blades. They may work better for other men with less wire in their beards or who shave every day but not for me.
Earn 15 points (equivalent to £1) for every product review you write that gets published on this website. Please note that we reserve the right to accept or reject reviews and there is no guarantee if and when a review is published. Only registered customers are allowed to add review, please sign in and share your experience!

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