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Derby Extra Double Edged Razor bladesDerby Extra Double Edged Razor blades
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Derby Extra Double Edged Razor blades Derby Extra Double Edged Razor Blade Derby Extra Double Edged Razor Blade

Derby Extra Double Edged Razor blades

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The most widely sold double edge razor blade now with FREE UK Postage!

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The most widely sold double edge razor blade now with FREE UK Postage!!

The Derby Extra's worldwide reputation speaks for itself and at this price, is an unbeatable bargain! Renowned for it's ultra sharpness, this stainless steel razor blade is triple coated providing a sharpness that lasts.

If you are from the UK and buy these razor blades on their own then you will not be charged the standard post and packaging charge.

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(50 reviews)  

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50 Most useful customer reviews (see all reviews):
Mr David Cunniffe
Oct 30, 2020
If your new to DE shaving this should be first blade you should use. Derby Extra blades are the smoothness most forgiving blades on the market. I consider myself an experienced DE shaver but when I use a new razor which I’m not confident with I also use a Derby Extra blade. They aren’t the sharpest and you may have to perform a 3 pass shave plus touch ups. But you won’t end up with a blood bath, no cuts or nicks. Highly recommended for new DE shavers or experimenting with new razors.
Mr Andrew Meachem
Nov 4, 2016
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
My first time using my new razor was with these blades, so very careful and with the grain for now! Nice shave and as I didn't receive any nicks, highly recommended
Mr Alan Haydon Cooper
May 6, 2016
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
These blades I like but not as much as the Lord blade. They do the job but for me I have to have an extra pass with them to get a really close shave.If your new-ish to wet shaves they would be a good blade.
Mar 28, 2016
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
I use these blades with both my Edwin Jagger DE89 & My bluebeards revenge "scimitar" they are great blades, I have used other blades which I find are very sharp and on bad day they tear me to shreds, but with the derby blades I don't get as torn up usually so I do think these blades have to perfect sharpness for my face.
Mr Karl O'Doherty
Dec 7, 2015
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Have been using these for a while now with an Edwin Jagger DE89L and they're fine. Much prefer them to Wilkinson but have to admit I've not tried the Israeli.

Main thing is I've a pretty touch bit of stubble and can get absolute max 2 shaves out of them (I shave at most once every two days, so a two day growth).

Very decent performer, but can't say they;re a star performer. Looking for a good replacement. so buying the israeli now
Mr Carl Ward
Jul 7, 2015
I took advantage of Shaving Shacks great free gift offer and received a number of blades. Derby, Blue Beards Revenge and Feathers. I must admit I have been disappointed with the Derby blades. They seem too pull and more drag the hair offf your face rather than cut it.I don't think they cut close and I always tend to get a lot more soreness and rashes with these. Too be honest the Blue Beard Revenge blades are so much better in my opinion and provide a much closer and smoother shave.
Karl Cushway
Feb 24, 2015
Browse the shaving forums and you will hear all the negative feedback about Derby blades. They are milder and not as sharp as some of the other blades and in an EJ89 I didnt think much to them.

HOWEVER, i tried them in my Muhle R41 (a more aggressive razor) and now i appreciate the milder blade and had a good shave with them. good for beginners or people with aggressive razors
Mr Mark Bickley
Feb 7, 2015
Absolutely terrible. They're blunt and my skin is in an awful state after trying these out. Not for me. I thought I'd try them out since my usual Shark blades no longer appear to be available on this site. I won't be using them again.
Dan from The Shaving Shack
I've been using these for a couple of weeks now in my Merkur Progress 570 and am delighted to say that they certainly live up to their reputation! In my opinion they are as sharp as our Israeli Made blades but the shave is quite a bit smoother. I can also squeeze an extra one or two days worth of shaving out of them, which makes them extremely good value for money. Overall, very impressed.
Pedro D.
I tried the Derby's sometime ago - they are surprisingly good for the price.

On my old Gillette FatBoy, they work very well and give me a nice smooth shave - for me, they feel better than the new Wilkinson's (as in smoother, I feel less drag as the blade slices through the whiskers).

Duration wise, they usually last me around 4 shaves of 3/4 passes each (of course depending on your beard is, your mileage may vary).

Overall, a really nice, smooth, affordable blade, that was really much better than what I had expected.
paul ash
hmm a tough one this i have tried both your israeli blades and the derby above and concour with the author above that dependant upon your growth i having a very heavy one find the dont last that long where as it appears on my face and beard the sharper the blade the easier it seems to blunt they are very sharp and you should take great care using them if your new to this game and have a heavy growth stick with the israeli
David Barlow
I want to keep this review rather short and avoid getting into the "engagement ring" syndrome. You know the score, love the first ring you see then spend three weeks trying to find a better one.

When you find something that completely suits you why run around road-testing the entire market?

The Shack's Israeli blades are very good but the (Turkish made) Derby blades are just a cut above; sorry but the pun was intended.

No cuts, they feel clean, readily available from Dan & the team and they do a damn good job of work!!

So, all in all, much better value than an engement ring...

I'm thrilled with them.
Henrik Fredriksson
Nope, not for me. Very overrated blades I would say. There are better ones around- smoother as well as sharper. Especially I lack the smoothness in these.
This was the first blade I used. The first shave provided a good result but left my skin feeling rather tight. During the second shave, the blade performed poorly and felt dull. I changed mid-shave to an Asco which was much better for me (and performed well for another 3 shaves).
This could be a decent blade for a beginner or someone moving to a more aggressive razor as it seems quite forgiving. I, however, won't be buying any more of these.
Mikko Siljamaki
These blades seems to work perfectly with my Merkur 34C. I have tried Feather and Israeli but Derby blades are the ones that give a nice and smooth shave.
Alan Guest
I use these as my everyday blade with my merkur 34C. They are great value and give an amazing shave, these last about 3 shaves for me, but I do have heavy growth. Great service as usual from shaving shack!
Elliot Winter
I tried these blades as my free gift. Sad to say, I don't get on well with them. They leave my face irritated and raw.

On the flip side, my friend loves them. My experience seems to be the exception, rather than the rule.
For the price, I can't complain.
I just prefer the Israeli blades from this site.
John Shuttleworth
I've only been shaving with a DE for a few months but was amazed at just how much difference there is in the different blades on the market. So far the Derby blades have given the best performance and I'm getting 5 days wear out of each blade in my 34C.
Ian Morewood
Smooth, comfortable and sharp these blades are a step up from the Wilkinson Sword blades that I previously used and will make a regular appearance in my kit bag.
Peter Summersell
When I started DE shaving, I was using exclusively Merkurs which came with the 34c and getting mixed results and a lot of irritation that I'd never experienced before with any disposable or cartridge razor. I've since switched to Derbys based on advice that they were particularly good for guys with sensitive skin. My shaves are now consistently smooth and irritation free.
Andrew D
I'm new to wetshaving and these are the first blades I went for. They were excellent. Very close shave and very little irritation. I would definitely recommend these.
Daniel Topp
I've been using these blades everyday for just over a fortnight now with no complaints with the blades themselves so far. They offer me a smooth shave with very little pulling and tend to last for 4 to 5 shaves.

The only small complaint that I do have is with the box that they come in as I doesn't have a slot on the bottom to insert used blades like some other brands do but I'm not going to let something as small as that put me off using them.
Fraser Wilson
These are a good blade for the money. I have used them both in my merkur futur and my dovo shavette. These give a good shave with either. I find them to be of the same quality a wilkinson sword classic's but not as good as the infamous feather. But for the first time "de shaver" these make a good bench mark in razor performance.
Allan Mitchell
I got an initial pack of 5 if these, when I got my first DE razor for Christmas. (Parker 90R). I was so pleased with them I then ordered 100 to give me a years supply. I get 3 to 4 shaves out if each blades, with 3 passes on each shave. Good alround blades, and along with Taylors Sandelwood shaving cream, I have no intention of ever going back to cartridge. A years supply for £10, brill.
Allan Mitchell
It was this make of blades that I got along with my first DE razor at Christmas. I was very pleased with them, that I bought 100 from the Shack (great price!). These should keep me going for a year as I normally get 3 to 4 shaves of 3 passes from them. I am so pleased with DE shaving, have no intention now of going back to "multi blade" or "electric". You need a good shaving cream to go with this (Taylor's Sandlewood). These blades are a good all round for sharpness/safety/durability/ price. For disposal of blades I just pop them back in the box under the new blades for disposal. Highly recommended!
I've been using these blades for a couple of weeks now & so far I have not cut myself once despite getting an extremely close shave with no burning.
After trying feathers and Astras I don't use this blade anymore. For my very tough beard this blade is simply not sharp enough and lasts only about 2 shaves...
Mike MacKinnon
Not a fan. I use a Muhle and these blades cause the razor to rasp through my beard.
Sophie Holmes
these are a great blade i found with the derby you get a nice light shave if i can say that. not to sharp and aggressive . a great starter blade to double edge shaving
Daniel Coffey
Derby Extra are a great blade for those of us with lighter beard growth - either younger guys starting to shave or those of us who only need to shave every other day. They give a smooth and mild shave and are more tolerant of mistakes or inexperience than more aggressive blades. They would also suit folks with sensitive skin.

If you are looking for a slightly sharper blade to deal with a heavier beard you could look at going up to the Merkur, Israeli or Wilkinson but if you need a lighter blade then the Derby will give excellent results.
Neil F
Absolute bargain, especially if bought in bulk. 100 blades for £10.99 will last you a year at least. Compared that to modern cartridge blades (around £10 for 4 for the newest fangled ones) and you've already recouped the cost of a nice DE razor and badger brush.
Antony Reekie
The best i've tried so far. No irritation, very smooth and very good cut. I have a medium growth and quite sensitive skin. The Derbys are perfect. Got caught out and had to try Wilkinsons. Not in the same league!
John Emerson
I have been using these blades in a Shavette with no problems, however when trying them in my Edwin Jagger DE just don't get as good a shave as I do with Wilkinson Swords.
Steven McNeill
I started using these with my Edwin Jagger DE89L and they are the perfect combination for a beginner. The blades are relatively sharp and give a smooth shave but I think they struggle with thicker hairs or a few days growth and can tug a bit unless you properly prepare your face. I have used 4 out of my 5 and enjoyed using them but have now ventured into Astra territory as they seem sharper and I am getting more confident with DE shaving.

I would recommend these blades for a beginner any day of the week, I have blemish prone skin (not sensitive but it can be tempramental) and have only had irritation with these once, which was when I shaved against the grain.

If you are new to DE shaving then make these your first blades to test the water with, you won't be disappointed.
The first blade out of the pack shaved like a dream. The second was a bit draggy from the start. So consistency seems a little sketchy. These are in a 33c with nothing else changed between blades.
Only a three I'm afraid. Although sharp and good value their longevity is their big downfall for me. One shave of two passes (one with, one against) and the subsequent pulling on the next shave makes shaving a distinct chore. As single use blades they are actually rather good.
James Riley
First chave with these is fantastic! Closest shave i have ever had. Thanks for the brilliant reccomendation and service shaving shack!
Daniel Trainor
Having had a shave done at my local barbers, i asked him what blades he would reccomend, and he told me about the derby blades, and after trying them they are so much better than the 5 blade systems I used before, also I bought them in bulk which was 100 blades for a similar price to 5 fusion blades, can't go wrong.
Ryan Lloyd
Having experimented with a few blades in my early days of DE shaving I have for the moment settled on the Derby blades.
They are well made give a great shave and are incredibly good value for money, especially if bought in bulk.
I have used the widely recommended feather blades and these are certainly much sharper than the derby blades. However for someone like me who is in their first year of DE shaving the derby are far more suitable as I still have a fair few nicks using the feathers. Perhaps with time this will change but for now the derby are great value and keep me relatively nick free.
Andrew Armstrong
These are honestly not as bad as many people make out. Half the problem with these blades is that they are usually recommended to beginners. IMHO, beginners will have a rough shave no matter what blade they use due to poor tecnique...but for many its easier to critisise the blade. Just my 2 cents.
James Lloyd
Being new to DE shaving the range of blades is a little overwelming but after talking to an old school barber he recomended Derby blades as a good starting point and I must say they work well for me, with liitle tugging even on thicker hair. If your new to DE shaving then I'd try a Derby to start with.
I got a pack of these with my Edwin Jagger razor, they give a smooth shave and I did not get any irritation whilst using them. The main reason I took up DE shaving is because of the price of blades: These blades give a brilliant shave for a much lower cost than 5 blade cartridges.
Naeem Patel
Just bought another 100 blades which will last a year. These blades are cheap yet smooth. In addition, they slightly better than the Israeli blades in my opinion.
Ian Vincent
A good blade, while maybe not the best they are by far not the worst. sharp enough but not too aggressive. I use these as a kind of baseline blade when I try out a new razor or any new product.
Ryan Cooke
Gains a lot of stick for not being as sharp as other razors such as the feather. This may be true, but really isn't a problem. The cutting edge isn't as sharp but is extremely smooth, meaning they never irritate, which is great for my sensitive skin.
Phillip Whitehead
I am new to DE shaving, so I spoke to a friend who has been using DE razors for years... He recommended these as they are not overly aggressive to shave with. They give the best shave I've ever had, no nicks... Once I've mastered the ART of DE shaving I will upgrade to something a lot sharper eg... Feather blades.
Tim Bird
I've used these blades for ages in my edwin jagger DE89L and can confirm they're great! I've subsequently bought many different makes of blade to experiment with and to go in my bluebeard shavette but I will always keep some Derby blades at hand because their performance may not be the best ever (although they are very good) it is always consistent, whereas with some makes I found a few rouge blades that didn't make the cut...pun intended
Nicholas Clutten
Good razors. I have heavy stubble and find on long hairs these sometimes drag.
These blades really are excellent for the beginner - they are extremely sharp don't get me wrong, but they aren't sharp enough for the amateur to cut themselves every stroke. They are just right! They last a good 5 shaves also before you need to replace them, obviously dependant on how rough your beard is however.
John Puddy
I've been shaving with a shavette for about a month now (bought everything from Shaving Shack and was great service) and over this period I've used the Derby and Feather blades. I have quite heavy growth and tend to shave every day. I found the Derby blades tugged a bit and left my skin slightly irritated as a result, the Feather blades cut much cleaner and left my skin less irritated. That said, I cut myself less with the Derby blades so they definitely have more margin for error than the Feather blades. I've scored a 3 on the basis of the irritation but can see that for people with less thick growth they might be better suited.
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