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Strop Pastes

Strop Pastes

Quality abrasive and non-abrasive strop pastes from Dovo of Solingen

Buy the best strop pastes at from The Shaving Shack. Strop pastes come in different grades with the more abrasive ones being used for a sharpening effect to prolong the periods between honing (sharpening). The more abrasive pastes need a separate strop to your everyday strop to prevent mixing of the grades. Dovo of Solingen make the greatest cut throat razors on the planet so naturally they developed a range of strop pastes to help maintain the sharpness of your razor.


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Dovo Grey Strop Paste


Out of stock

Dovo of Solingen Leather Strop Balm


Dovo Red and Black Strop Paste


Dovo Red Strop Paste


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