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Shaving Brush Drip Stand (Clear)Shaving Brush Drip Stand (Clear)
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Shaving Brush Drip Stand (Clear) Shaving Brush Drip Stand (Clear) Shaving Brush Drip Stand (Clear)

Shaving Brush Drip Stand (Clear)

£4.49 including VAT

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Increase your brush life with this stylish drip stand!

Increase your brush life with this stylish drip stand!

We all know that a decent shaving brush is expensive, so you'll want to look after it with this stylish drip stand. The stand allows your shaving brush to be kept in top condition by allowing it to dry in the correct position (with bristles pointing down). It can be free standing or wall mounted with the attached self adhesive pad.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: David Benedict (
    Not the most glamorous of accessories but it does the important job of drying your (expensive) brush while preventing water from seeping into the handle and ruining the brush. The gap is approx 26mm across and may not suit small brushes but the bevelled edges make this stand very forgiving of various brush sizes and shapes. Also does a great job of showing off your brush without taking up much extra space. For the price it's well worth picking up one of these.
  • Author: Mike Eadie
    A great value product to keep your brush in good condition by allowing it to dry properly. It has a useful adhesive pad or can be used free-standing
  • Author: M Strand
    Good product, gets the job done. Prolongs the life of your brush inexpensively.
  • Author: Mert Ilhan
    The "clear" look of product gives a style to its appearance, while the neck is large enough to handle most of the wide-spread brushes. And it appeared smaller than I expected, which is good, since being efficient in space is desirable for personal care products.
  • Author: Greg F
    Does exactly as it's supposed to, allow the brush to dry with bristles pointing downwards. Not essential if using a budget brush, but for anything half decent that you want to keep in good condition then it's a must have.
  • Author: Alex Hugall (
    Drip stands are a MUST for a badger brush. They allow the water to drip from the bristles away from the handle, which extends the life of the brush greatly, and with the price of some of the brushes on the market, 4 pounds for a drip stand is a great investment.
  • Author: Matthew Broadbent
    A great product: Does what it says on the tin! Clear variety will fit into any bathroom decor. Adhesive pad to place wherever you may please!

    Thanks Shaving Shack! Another great product!
  • Author: Jon
    The brush i own has quite a rounded handle. So to be honest doesn't fit overly well in the holder. But yet again nor does it in another holder i've found so far.

    The holder is simple and is a generic size to try and fit as many brushes as possible.

    Good enough for its purpose
  • Author: Nicholas Lambert
    Wanted something to store my new badger brush, didn't want to leave it shoved in my wash bag or on it's base in the medicine cabinet! This fits the job perfectly.
  • Author: Andrew Woolley
    What can I say but it does exactly what it says on the tin (or website in this case). Keep your bush in good nick, and can be either stuck to a wall or left free standing.
  • Author: Panos Dionysopoulos (
    It definitely does the job for the price, though I wish the sticky backing lasted longer. Mice lasted just over a week before falling off, I now have it sitting on the sink. Still, my Kent brush fits on it just fine :)
  • Author: Ian Morewood (
    Simple, cheap and rather esential if you want to keep your brush in good order, mine is stuck on the mirror just above the sink £5 well spent.
  • Author: Emil Tihane
    I love this stand, it looks so cool on my bathrooms wall :)
  • Author: F Jarvis
    Looks pretty good, is excellent value for money, my only negative comment would be that the prongs at the top are slightly angled down which means that you have to be quite gentle seating the brush so that it doesn't slip forward and fall out.
  • Author: Patrick Britton
    Looks good. Nice Shave Shack logo and stand can be stuck to the wall with little sticky pad.
  • Author: Grant Letham (
    Absoulttely as described, easy to stick to wall and my Proraso brush is much better dried properly. Nothing bad about this at all.
  • Author: Michael
    I bought this to hold the progress vulfix brush and it really compliments it well.
    If like me this is your first time buying "real shaving equipment" then a drip stand is a must... You need to look after those brushes.

    This stand does what it's ment to and looks smart

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