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Pure Badger Shaving BrushPure Badger Shaving Brush
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Pure Badger Shaving Brush

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Happiness is Pure Badger!

Happiness is Pure Badger!

This shaving brush is filled with the highest quality pure badger hair, which has been carefully graded for use in hand filled brushes. Pure badger hair is regarded as the quality benchmark by many shaving brush manufacturers, and the hair used in this brush is dark and silver in appearance which immediately identifies it as being pure and above average standard.

Slightly firmer to the touch, this grade of hair gently exfoliates the skin prior to shaving, it has excellent water retention properties and will provide you with quality shaves for many years to come.

We feel this brush is an excellent introduction to quality shaving brushes.

Bristle Diameter: 45mm
Bristle Length: 50 mm
Overall Length: 100 mm
Handle Diameter: 35mm

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Average customer rating:
(10 reviews)  

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10 Most useful customer reviews (see all reviews):
Mr Ronnie Bradley
Jul 24, 2016
Bought this brush as a replacement for a foreign import brush which kept losing hairs this brush create s a great lather and loses no hairs skin feels great after shaving with this brush and holds its shape
Mr Mirko Maksimovic
Dec 8, 2014
The Shaving Shack verified purchase.
Using this brush almost a year what i want to say that is to i want to recommend to all who want to start with wet shave like me. I dont loose to much time to make perfect foam for 3 or more passes using shave cream or soap. Brush are lost only few hair but trust me i am not gentle :)

T Elliott
I use one of these along with some TOBS shaving cream, it gives a great lather and really helps to bring the hairs up from your face making your shave easy
William Wood
Being new to using a brush and soap for shaving, I was pleasantly surprised to find just how much of a difference it made to the canned variety. I have previously tried on two occasions to use a pure bristle brush which was not to my liking.

Using a badger hair brush with any type of razor this will greatly improve your shaving experience.
Martyn Jones
Having decided to go for a facial hair remodel after two years of a full beard I thought give a shaving brush a try. This brush is well made and seems a nice size to use. Tried it so far with two types of cream works brilliantly with both. Currently still using the old Mach3 but it definitely improves the shave and the feeling of the skin afterwards. Next step to add a DE razor into the equation.
Mike Eadie
This is my first Badger brush and having used it nearly every day for 6 months now I am very impressed. It has not lost a single hair since I've had it so on that basis it should last a very long time. It is a good size and easy to use. I always put it in a drip stand (purchased from Shaving Shack) after use so it never stays soaking wet. Considering the price and quality I think this is a bagain.
Jabbar Mahmood
this is my first badger hair shaving brush and its excellent. it lathers up really quickly and retains water very well. i brought a drip stand from here aswell and it fits nice and snug in it. it looks very cool in my bathroom. great product
A great value brush. I've used it for 5 months and it's still as good as the day it arrived. Mind you I've got my eye on the Plisson horn handled pure white high mountain badger brush!
Daniel Trainor
Does a great job, for a low price, perfect for someone just starting out!
Jake Dougal
When I bought this brush 6 months ago, it was my first shaving brush ever. I have been happily and enthusiastically using it several times a week since.

A good lather is formed, and I find the density and thickness of the hair to be perfect for my face. It only seems to get better with age. These is minimal shedding in the early days of use, but this, of course, is natural and to be expected. There is also the words "The Shaving Shack" on the reverse side to what you see in the picture, just in case you forget where you need to go for future supplies.

I will no doubt upgrade in the next 6 months (but only because I'm greedy), but this has nonetheless served perfectly as an entry level brush for myself, and I'm sure, many others.
Earn 15 points (equivalent to £1) for every product review you write that gets published on this website. Please note that we reserve the right to accept or reject reviews and there is no guarantee if and when a review is published. Only registered customers are allowed to add review, please sign in and share your experience!

Tips on caring for your shaving brush

  • Use warm water! Hot or boiling water can cause damage, ultimately resulting in shedding. Hot, in brush terms, is usually considered to be anything above the 50 degree Celcius mark.

  • Go easy with your brush! The core of the brush is where the magic happens and mashing down with your brush can twist and break the core hairs and over time cause hair loss and a dimpled effect in the center of the brush.

  • Rinse and dry after use. When you are done using your brush shake or flip it hard a few times to remove all the water and hang upside down in a stand to dry. If you don’t have a stand dry the brush thoroughly on a towel.

Why is my brush shedding?

  • Intermittent shedding is quite normal across all makes of brush. Please read our magazine article that explains the issue, its causes and how you can prevent it happening: Why is my shaving brush shedding hair?!!

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