The Sun newspaper puts double edge shaving firmly on the shave map

By Nick Gibbens on March 5, 2013

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As you will probably be aware of the UK men’s shaving market is dominated by three big players -Gillete (owned by US giant Proctor and Gamble) and British brands Wilkinson Sword and King of Shaves (the brainchild of likeable entrepreneur Will King).

All three of these companies specialise in providing men with easy to use multi bladed cartridge razor systems, and in Gillette’s case, these products are backed and promoted with billionaire dollar marketing campaigns.

Thankfully there is still a market for traditional double edge safety razors, and its growing as more men get fed up with the increasing cost of cartridge razor blades. A recent study has found the annual cost of shaving with a Gillette Power Fusion, new cartridges and all, is an eye-watering £85.37.

But getting the message to the masses that double edge shaving is not only cheaper in the long run, but also much better for the skin, is a difficult one as the mainstream press favour the Gillette Power Fusion over the Merkur 34C and the Hydro 5 over the Edwin Jagger DE89.

Well that was until we contacted The Sun Newspaper journalist David Firth, who runs the highly popular Tried and Test section on The Sun website. David had previously tested out wet razors from the “big three” brands to see which was the best.

To our delight and slight surprise, he agreed to test three of our top selling safety razors – the Merkur 38c Barberpole, Parker 94R and The Bluebeards Revenge ‘Scimitar’ (which has graced the likes of the Daily Mail, Loaded and GQ).

So what did David think to the razors we sent him?

Merkur 38c
“My favourite of the three,” he said. David praised its balance, control and grip. “The diagonal thread design on the pole helps you keep a solid grip and I also like that you change the blade by simply unscrewing the base, rather than having to disassemble the whole thing. A great piece of kit,” he added. Price: £39.99. Buy here.

merkur38c barberpole The Sun newspaper puts double edge shaving firmly on the shave map

Merkur 38C Barberpole

Parker 94R:
“The big plus-point with the Parker is the grip – thick, diamond-shaped ridges help keep this lodged in your hand no matter how much cream or water is knocking about,” explained David. He added that he liked the light weight of the razor; but found the short pole a little fiddly during the shave. Price £19.99. Buy here.

parker94r The Sun newspaper puts double edge shaving firmly on the shave map

Parker Model 94R

The Bluebeards Revenge ‘Scimitar’
David loved the look of the Scimitar. “It does look lovely, particularly with the laser-etched Bluebeards Revenge skull and cross bones logo on the razor head. As with the other two – it does give a great shave,” he said. Price £34.99. Buy here.

bluebeards scimitar The Sun newspaper puts double edge shaving firmly on the shave map

The Bluebeards Revenge “Scimitar” Double Edge Razor

Overall, David loved the theatre of double edge shaving. “You splash your face with warm water, apply a pre-shave cream to help the blade glide, then apply the shaving cream all frothed up with an old-school brush to exfoliate a bit and lift up your bristles. And then you can shave. It takes time but it’s a lot of fun,” he explained.

In conclusion, David said: “If you follow all the appropriate hints and tips on how to use double-edged blade razors properly – you can find loads of videos on YouTube – you will get the best shave of your life.”

Thanks for taking the double edge shaving test David, and for helping to bring such as a cool method shaving back in to the media spotlight. You can follow David on Twitter at @davefirth.

Read his full review by clicking here.

What do you think think to David’s comments? Let us know by commenting below.

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 The Sun newspaper puts double edge shaving firmly on the shave map
Nick is a wet-shaving enthusiast and men’s grooming expert. He is a football fanatic and supports Arsenal for his sins. He also loves playing cricket, darts, rugby, badminton, tennis and squash. Nick, 31, has been wet shaving for five years and says he would never go back to the "awful" electric shaver. He loves his trusty Merkur 33c Classic far too much!! Follow him on Twitter @nickgibbens

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