Shaving Shack makes The Good Web Guide

By Tom Trueman on December 14, 2010

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The Shaving Shack website has made The Good Web Guide, the definitive guide to life online.

The Good Web Guide is the online guide to the best sites on the internet.

goodwebguide logo Shaving Shack makes The Good Web Guide

The Good Web Guide is the definitive guide to life online

“We have taken the slog and guesswork out of finding what is best about life online for our visitors across a wide range of lifestyle and consumer interests,” the guide says.

“Each of the sites we review is rated according to its unique offering, usability and efficiency.”

So what did the prestigious guide say about our website? “At The Shaving Shack, visitors can browse departments covering all manner of shaving related products, from Aftershave Balm & Lotions, Shaving Brushes and Shaving Cream to Wash Bags, Soap Bowls and Double Edge Razor Blades,” it said.

“All the best shaving brands can be found here with top names including Bluebeard’s Revenge, Dr Harris and Mitchell’s Wool Fat Soap Ltd helping to ensure the high quality of product in evidence across the site.”

You can see our page on the coveted guide by clicking here.

About Tom Trueman:

 Shaving Shack makes The Good Web Guide
Tom, a self-proclaimed 'Real Man', is the manager of The Shaving Shack shop and expert shaving advisor. He has previously been in the Canadian Special Forces (Echo Force) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (booted out for alleged but unproven misconduct). He has also been a lumberjack (developed the 'Human Chainsaw" technique). He relocated to the UK to become an offshore Firefighter (nicknamed "Asbestos Tom"). His interests include diving, self defence and martial arts, survival cookery, bushcraft, arm wrestling, bunjee jumping, white water swimming, watching Steven Seagal films, and shaving with cut-throat razors.

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