Ask Aaron Q/A: The Parker 80R vs The Parker 82R

By Aaron Wolfenbarger on March 19, 2012

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ask aaron 420 Ask Aaron Q/A: The Parker 80R vs The Parker 82R

Aaron answers a question about the differences between the Parker 80R & Parker 82R

David Kennedy, from UK, asks:

“Hi Aaron. I’m interested in purchasing a Parker 80R and just wondered if this has the same head as the 82R which you have previously reviewed? Thanks in advance for your reply.”

parker 80r 150x150 Ask Aaron Q/A: The Parker 80R vs The Parker 82R

Parker 80R Super HeavyWeight Butterfly Open Safety Razor


“Mr. Kenedy,

The Parker 80R and 82R are very similar razors. Both heavy weight and with butterfly opening doors to load the blade. Upon doing some research it appears that these razor will have the same “feel” and exposure. The difference is these razors lies in their cosmetic appearance. One razor, the 80R, has a crosshatch knurling (engraving if you will) upon the knob and handle while the 82R has horizontal lines machined into the handle and knob. I think you’ll get the same feel from either razor, so purchase the razor with the most appealing design to you! Thank you for your question!

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 Ask Aaron Q/A: The Parker 80R vs The Parker 82R
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