Ask Aaron Q/A: Switching to a double edge safety razor

By Aaron Wolfenbarger on March 26, 2012

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Aaron is asked to recommend a double edge razor for someone who suffers from thick hair growth

James Walthall, from UK, asks:

“I want to migrate away from a Mach 3 to a DE razor but I’m unsure as to what brand to choose and whether to go for an open comb or closed comb razor. I have thick hair growth and suffer with irritation at the collar line on a daily basis. I use a silver tip Edwin Jagger brush with Edwin Jagger aloe vera shave soap. Any advice regarding the type of razor to choose and how to avoid the collar line irritation would be most welcome. Many thanks, James.”

ej de87 150x150 Ask Aaron Q/A: Switching to a double edge safety razor

Edwin Jagger Double Edge Razor DE87 (Plus 5 Derby DE Blades)


“Mr Walthall,

I’m glad to hear you want to make the switch over to a safety razor! Since you are already using other Edwin Jagger products the DE89, DE86, or DE87 are all good razors to look at. The Merkur 34C and the Bluebeards Scimitar are also worthy razors for consideration.

As for the irritation around your collar there are several things your can try: shave only with the grain and across the grain in that area; use a good moisturizing balm as an aftershave not an alcohol based splash; make sure you are wearing the proper collar size and not one that is too tight; and use a light exfoliating scrub to help reveal and open the ingrown hairs.

Also, if you can try not shaving for a few days to help your skin heal and the ingrown hairs time to find their way to the surface. These tips should help you find some relief, and a good starting De to shave with!

Happy Shaving,


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 Ask Aaron Q/A: Switching to a double edge safety razor
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