Ask Aaron Q/A: Switching from a cartridge razor to a safety razor

By Aaron Wolfenbarger on March 19, 2012

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ask aaron 420 Ask Aaron Q/A: Switching from a cartridge razor to a safety razor

Aaron answers a question about switching from a cartridge razor to a double edge razor

Shaun Lancaster, from UK, asks:

“Hi Aaron! Its about time I switched from a cartridge razor, and started shaving properly, and stopped throwing away cash! What would you recommend for a ‘newbie’ with a steady hand? Maybe something solid, but not breaking the bank? I do have some minimal scar tissue under my chin, so I’m slightly wary of catching it with a DE razor. Is there a starter pack c/w shave stick or some soap you would recommend? Many thanks. Shaun.”

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“Hello Shaun!
We’re very happy to hear you want to join the ranks of wet-shavers around the globe! There are many great products out there to choose from, but for a beginners set I do have a couple of recommendations. The first is the Bluebeard’s Revenge cream & Doubloon brush set. This set gives you a great starter brush and cream to shave with, and allows you to choose your razor. If you’d rather get the whole kit in one shot and not worry about choosing a razor, I would recommend the Bluebeard’s Revenge Gift set, which include their Scimitar razor. This would provide all the basics you need to get you started on your journey. Whatever you decide, enjoy and welcome to smooth shaving!


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About Aaron Wolfenbarger:

 Ask Aaron Q/A: Switching from a cartridge razor to a safety razor
Called a modern Renaissance Man by many, Aaron has many interests including music, science, theology, his family, camping, backpacking, style, grooming, and of course wet-shaving. His love of wet-shaving began as a teenager when he was gifted a brush, mug, and soap set for his birthday. He can be found on many online wet-shaving and men’s forums and on Twitter as @KiltedShaver.


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