Ask Aaron Q/A: Skin irritation and razor bumps on neck

By Aaron Wolfenbarger on November 23, 2012

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ask aaron 420 Ask Aaron Q/A: Skin irritation and razor bumps on neck

Aaron is asked a question about combatting shaving rash and bumps on the neck

Gavin James, from the UK, asks:

“I have a Merkur 34C and have been using Taylors shaving cream and a badger hair shaving brush. I’ve tried numerous different blades but still get terrible rash around the neck and then little spots a day or two later. The hair on my neck just doesn’t seem to want to play nicely. Normally I shave in strokes towards to the ground on my neck then stop about half way and then go upwards. The rash can also last this long. An electric razor just makes me sore for ages and doesn’t cut nicely. It’s also the same with any supermarket sold razor. I’ve tried them all. Would this Bluebeards Revenge shaving cream make that much different? What blades would you recommend for the very sensitive. Please help me be as smooth as a baby’s bum.”

ingrown hair 150x150 Ask Aaron Q/A: Skin irritation and razor bumps on neck

Ingrowing hairs are a major problem for men


“Mr. James,

I completely understand you frustrations, the neck for me is the hardest area to shave and if I’m not careful I get rash and bumps too.

The first thing I would advise is looking which direction your hair grows in this area. Once you determine which direction the hair grows, I would suggest shaving on first pass with the grain, and then across/perpendicular to the grain. Shaving against the grain is difficult at best, and can cause irritation.

The next technique I would advise is to stretch the skin taught (but not overly tight!) creating a more flat shaving surface. This also makes reaching those pesky neck hairs easier. The last thing I would advise is using an aftershave balm. Keeping moisture on and in the skin helps the skin stay healthy and lets the hair grow out easier, especially if trying to grow into the skin.

Hopefully these tips will help you on your quest for the “Baby Bum Smooth” shave you’re looking for! Please let me know how they work!

Smooth shaving!

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 Ask Aaron Q/A: Skin irritation and razor bumps on neck
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