Ask Aaron Q/A: Shaving mug vs shaving bowl vs shaving scuttle

By Aaron Wolfenbarger on July 5, 2013

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ask aaron 420 Ask Aaron Q/A: Shaving mug vs shaving bowl vs shaving scuttle

Aaron is asked a question about the merits of shaving scuttles, shaving bowls and shaving mugs

Craig Bishop, from the UK, asks:

“Hi Aaron, I recently started DE shaving and I use a ceramic bowl to lather, I lather up and then float the bowl in the hot water, although still warm for the 2nd/3rd pass I can’t help thinking that a shaving scuttle (double walled) would be better at keeping the heat? What are your experiences with shaving scuttles versus shaving bowls/mugs? Thanks Craig Bishop.”

scuttle vs bowl Ask Aaron Q/A: Shaving mug vs shaving bowl vs shaving scuttle

Shaving Scuttle vs Shaving Bowl


“Mr. Bishop,

Thanks for your question! I have had experience with both shaving bowls and shaving scuttles, and honestly they work out to about even. It all depends on the treatment and getting the water balance right in my opinion. There are gents that swear by scuttles, but in my opinion (and take it for what that is, opinion) you can achieve the same result with water and a bowl. I do greatly enjoy using my scuttle, especially in the colder months, don’t get me wrong. However, do I think it a necessary or superior shaving item? No. I hope this helps!

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 Ask Aaron Q/A: Shaving mug vs shaving bowl vs shaving scuttle
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