Ask Aaron Q/A: Redness & rash around goatee after shaving

By Aaron Wolfenbarger on March 28, 2012

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ask aaron 420 Ask Aaron Q/A: Redness & rash around goatee after shaving

Aaron is asked to provide tips on how to reduce shaving rash around the goatee area after shaving

David Prest, from UK, asks:

“I have a goatee and when I shape it with my razor I end up with red areas and small red spots around the edges of the beard. I try to be very gentle with my razor (single blade) but still get the red areas and small red spots. What advice would you give me? Many thanks. David”

goatee 150x150 Ask Aaron Q/A: Redness & rash around goatee after shaving

Some very nice facial fuzz!!!


“Mr. Prest,

I too have a goatee, and feel your concern over keeping it nicely shaped and having healthy skin around it. I would recommend making sure you are shaving with shaving cream applied, don’t shave without the lubrication it provides! Also you might want to look into using a shaving oil instead of the lather to be able to see more clearly and still have lubrication.

Also make sure you are properly preparing your beard area to shave, and properly restoring your skin with a good aftershave balm. Following these techniques will help improve your shave and your skin.

If you continue to have redness & bumps please write again and we will troubleshoot some more!


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 Ask Aaron Q/A: Redness & rash around goatee after shaving
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