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Shavette/Straight Razor Renewable Blades  (Black)Shavette/Straight Razor Renewable Blades (Black)
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Shavette/Straight Razor Renewable Blades  (Black) Shavette/Straight Razor Renewable Blades (Black) Shavette/Straight Razor Renewable Blades (Black) Shavette/Straight Razor Renewable Blades (Black) Shavette/Straight Razor Renewable Blades (Black)

Shavette/Straight Razor Renewable Blades (Black)

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Straight razor maintenance made easy with replaceable blades!

Straight razor maintenance made easy with replaceable blades!

The shavette is a close relative to the straight razor with the difference being that the blades can be changed, just like a safety razor. This means you don't have to worry about stropping and sharpening yet enjoy the closeness of a straight razor shave! In plastic slip case.

Length is 24cm fully open.

Note: This will take standard double edged razor blades. Simply snap a double edge blade in half (lengthways). - click here for the blade replacement guide (PDF)

For guidelines on how to shave with a shavette please see our "How to use a Straight/Cut-Throat Razor" section of our FAQ, remembering that you won't need to strop or hone a shavette!

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(10 reviews)  

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Andrew Kerensky
I bought this shavette as a way of dipping my little toe into the realm of straight razor shaving. Its not quite a traditional straight razor but very similar AND without the need to hone or strop your blade.

The procedure for placing the DE blade (just a normal DE blade split in two) into the shavette is actually very simple. Their is however some skill required and a steady hand to secure a smooth no cuts free shave.

The great thing about this straight razor is its cheap enough to give it a go. After trying it i decided it was'nt for me as i'm a bit lazy and have gone back to using my safety razor.

Worth a try but be carefull.
T. S.
Thank you for this gift!
For me this will be a good addition to my safety razors when travelling and an easy-to-use alternative to my open razors while they wait for resharpening.

Because of the very low price and the easy use/change of blades, I recommend this for everybody who would like to try the feeling of shaving with an open razor.

But attention: Might be the beginning of a further costly passion (but a nice one, anyway).
Jorge Vicente Bermúdez Rico
Heavier than most shavettes and cheaper!!!
I'm still looking for the catch but I haven't found one
In case of doubt read a very good review on the internet about shavettes
Andrew Male
I always fancied having a go but the outlay was too much if I decided it was not for me. I then saw the shave shack shavette at a price I could not, not give it a go. On arrival through the door I went and tried it out. It was 1-0 to the shavette. I have since read a few sites on how to use this type of straight razor and I am progressing quite well. My enthusiasm is spreading as others are giving it a go now. There is somthing quite nostalgic about it. The smell of the shave soaps & creams is fantastic. I am now looking to progress onto a full blown "cut throat". Fantastic shaving experiance.
Lyndon Dudding
Having found the delights of DE shaving last year, it was only natural that I'd strive to progress to a straight razor. This is my first step on that voyage. Well, what can i say. A decent weight, easy to use and the blade locking mechanism is very firm. And at this price, you really can't go wrong! Give it a try!
Fraser Wilson
This little shavette is the proverbial bees knees. It has a good weight to the razor and changing a blade is an ease. Word of caution though when changing blades. Snap the blade in the wrapper. then place the blade in the holder whilst the blade is covered in the wrapper. Saves the bathroom looking like Reservoir dogs. The shave is as you would expect from a shavette, the best blades i found are feather for my coarse dark hair. But found derby to work well when giving a hot towel shave for my fair haired mate. He survived as did our friendship I am glad to say. Excellent gift from my girlfriend and she highly regards the shaving shacks service.
Simon Griffiths
I used my shave points to purchase this in an attempt to try straight shaving. The product itself is excellent. It's well made and the blade fits in snugly. My only problem is the amount of practice it takes but that's down to me. I can't fault the product for the outlay which is easily a little bit of a bargain.
Adam Cockerill
I had seen a review for BlueBeardsRevenge shavette in a magazine and since then I haven't looked back, the price is great and the blades inexpensive compared to cartridge razors. The blades are easy to install and the razor itself is easy to clean and maintain. This shavette is perfect for anyone new or interested in this kind of shaving.
James Riley
Brought this to learn with and see if a straight razor was wrth investing in.

Easy to change blades, gives a great and amazingly close shave. Closer than i have ever had before.

Will take a lot of getting used to though.
Ashley Howell
This was my first shavette that i brought to get into using straight/ open blade razors.
This razor with the Gillette 7 O' clock blades is a fantastic little razor. Simple to change the blades very cost effective compared to cartridge razors and blades. Took a while getting used to the tehnique and handling of the straight razor but now after using it for around 6 months it is a great way to shave especially when used with a pre-shave oil and a good shaving cream.

A great razor and at the low price a cheap way to introduce yourself into the world of straight/ open blade shaving.
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